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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    The 2024 Offseason Coaching Carousel (5/7/2024)

    The 2024 college coaching carousel is in full swing and was sort of turned on its head last night as the Oklahoma State job was filled by David Taylor. There are already plenty of rumors regarding Taylor’s potential coaching staff. Should those come to fruition, they could create even more movement on the coaching front. Taylor’s arrival should also put a handful of qualified ex-Oklahoma State coaches on the market, as well. 

    Though Oklahoma State has been filled, there are still two active head coaching openings. Hofstra joined the fray after Dennis Papadatos stepped down to pursue an administrative position with the school. Also in New York, Columbia has not been filled. 

    Pay attention to InterMat as there should be an announcement either late this week or early next week regarding both of Princeton's openings. I'd expect news regarding Pittsburgh's, as well. 

    The first set of coaches have already accepted new positions during this hiring cycle. Even though the Esposito/Hall moves were announced during the regular season, they are still relatively recent and will spend their first season on a new bench in 2024-25. 

    The second group is current openings that InterMat has been made aware of. If you don’t see one listed that needs to be please let me know earl@matscouts.com . 

    As with the transfer portal feature, this is a fluid situation that will be monitored and updated regularly throughout the spring and summer. There will be no timetable for updates - just as more movement occurs.

    The links below are to the recent interviews with these new coaches.

    Offseason Coaching Movement

    Binghamton: Louie DePrez - Assistant Coach (Binghamton athlete)

    Buffalo: Donnie Vinson (Cornell Associate Head Coach)

    Campbell: TJ Dudley - Assistant Coach (Brown Assistant Coach)

    Central Michigan: Ben Bennett (Central Michigan Associate Head Coach)

    NC State: Zack Esposito - Associate Head Coach (USOPTC) 

    Oklahoma State: David Taylor - Head Coach (USA Athlete)

    Penn: Matt Valenti - Associate Head Coach (Penn athletic administration)

    Princeton: Cody Brewer - Head Assistant Coach (Virginia Tech Assistant Coach)

    Utah Valley: Adam Hall - Head Coach (NC State Associate Head Coach)

    Utah Valley: Andrew Hochstrasser - Unannounced Role (Utah Club Coach)

    Virginia Tech: Zach Tanelli - Associate Head Coach (Columbia Head Coach)


    Current Openings

    Army West Point: Assistant Coach

    Binghamton: Assistant Coach

    Brown: Assistant Coach

    Buffalo: Assistant Coach(es?)

    Campbell: Assistant Coach

    Central MIchigan: Assistant Coach

    Columbia: Head Coach

    Cornell: Assistant Coach

    Edinboro: Assistant Coach

    Hofstra: Head Coach

    Pittsburgh: Assistant Coach

    Princeton: Assistant Coach (x2)

    Stanford: Assistant Coach

    Utah Valley: Assistant Coach(es?)

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