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    Super Match 1 Results


    Casey Swiderski over Jesse Mendez 10-4
    Caleb Henson over Hunter Garvin 8-6
    David McFadden over Mitch Finesilver 6-2
    Erin Golston over Emily Shilson 2-2
    Evan Henderson over Seth Gross 13-10
    Amar Dhesi over Derek White 12-7
    Kennedy Blades over Victoria Francis 14-1
    Kollin Moore over Nate Jackson 4-4
    Match 1 - Kyle Snyder over J'den Cox 5-5
    Alex Dieringer over Isaiah Martinez 4-1
    Kayla Miracle over Emma Bruntil 8-2
    Mark Hall over Myles Martin 2-1
    Alec Pantaleo over Jordan Oliver 4-1
    James Green over Zain Retherford 4-0
    Sarah Hildebrandt over Ronna Gross 10-0
    Match 2- Kyle Snyder over J'den Cox 7-1


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