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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Introducing the New DI Head Coaches for 2023-24

    It’s finally over, right? Isn’t it? I think it is. Technically, the 2023 Coaching Carousel is still spinning; however, the head coaching portion of this ride is likely over for the year, and what a wild one it was! 

    Within days of the 2023 NCAA Tournament, there were questions regarding Lou Rosselli’s status at Oklahoma, but that situation lingered for a few weeks. Once Rosselli was out, plenty of contenders had their names thrown out for the Sooner head coaching position. After some twists and turns, North Dakota State’s Roger Kish was hired. 

    For a few months, the carousel went quiet, as far as head coaches were concerned. Then a series of events kicked off by James Green returning to Nebraska (which led Zach Esposito to take his job, leaving a vacancy on the Oklahoma State staff) and led to three head coaching vacancies in August and beyond. 

    So, with the 2023-24 season less than a month away, let’s take a look at all of the DI head coaches who are in the midst of their first year leading a “new” program. New is in parentheses because there are a few coaches who are with the same team but have been elevated to head coach. 

    Chris Ayres (Stanford) 

    The author of “The Greatest Turnaround in College Sports” is headed west and steps into a situation that is much less daunting than when he took over the Princeton program.

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