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  • Photo: Mark Lundy

    Photo: Mark Lundy

    Final X Stillwater: Round One Results

    Daton Fix wins match one in his Final X series with Seth Gross (photo courtesy of Mark Lundy; LutteLens.com)

    Final X Stillwater Round One Results

    63 kg GR - Jesse Thielke over Sammy Jones 4-4

    76 kg WFS - Dymond Guilford over Yelena Makoyed 10-5

    130 kg GR - Cohlton Schultz over Tanner Farmer 5-1

    70 kg MFS - Zain Retherford over Jordan Oliver 8-3

    72 kg GR - Patrick Smith over Benji Peak 5-3

    59 kg WFS - Abby Nette over Lexie Basham 12-4

    82 kg GR - Ben Provisor over Spencer Woods 8-0

    57 kg MFS - Thomas Gilman over Vito Arujau 12-2

    55 kg GR - Max Nowry over Brady Koontz 1-1

    61 kg MFS - Daton Fix over Seth Gross 5-5

    55 kg WFS - Jenna Burkert over Jacarra Winchester 6-4

    92 kg MFS - J'den Cox over Nate Jackson 4-2

    65 kg WFS - Mallory Velte over Forrest Molinari 9-1

    97 kg MFS - Kyle Snyder over Kollin Moore 11-0

    68 kg WFS - Tamyra Mensah-Stock over Sienna Ramirez 14-3

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