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  • Photo: Photo/Jim Thrall

    Photo: Photo/Jim Thrall

    By the numbers: Anthony Cassioppi

    Anthony Cassioppi (Photo/Jim Thrall)

    Earlier this month, Iowa incoming freshman Anthony Cassioppi picked up gold medals in both freestyle and Greco-Roman at the Junior Pan American Championships. The event appeared to be an end to a busy summer for the heavyweight, but with his schedule it is really hard to tell for sure.

    Since finishing his high school wrestling career, Cassioppi has competed in eight tournaments and 57 matches by our count. He has competed in all three styles, freestyle, Greco-Roman and folkstyle, while maintaining a high level of performance.

    Out of 57 matches, Cassioppi has picked up 54 victories. His only three losses came against the top recruit in his class Gable Steveson (Minnesota) and the second-highest ranked recruit in this year's class Colton Schultz (twice). In those 54 wins, the Iowa wrestler picked up 24 falls, 25 technical falls and only five matches went the full distance. During this summer, his average victory lasted only one minute and 34 seconds.

    *Note: The dataset is missing time for three matches at the Illinois Freestyle Club Cup which only published limited results.

    In freestyle and Greco, Cassioppi was an offensive powerhouse. He averaged 9.37 points per minute. In freestyle, he outscored his opponents collectively 192 to 20, while in Greco, he outscored them 166 to 25. The following tables includes points scored in matches that ultimately ended via fall.

    While many incoming freshmen compete sparingly prior to getting on campus, Cassioppi decided to go a different route. Since he will likely redshirt his first season, he will have plenty of time to rest and recuperate.

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