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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Cody Brewer: Joe Dubuque's First Call

    New Princeton head assistant coach Cody Brewer stops by to talk about his new position. He and second-year head coach Joe Dubuque developed a mutual respect when their lightweights (Pat Glory/Sebastian Rivera) clashed in 2019. That led to a friendship and Dubuque claiming Brewer would be his "first call" if Dubuque ever got a head coaching position. A few years later, they are teaming up to lead a young Princeton squad that is looking to bring the program up to new heights. 

    Brewer also talks about his experiences on the coaching bench and his own career - how it has helped him relate to wrestlers he's coached and how he's at peace with his career ending, from a freestyle standpoint. 

    On a lighter note, we also discuss his hometown, Kansas City, as an NCAA host city, his love for New Jersey dining options, a fantasy bracket between him and other Oklahoma lightweight greats, and the possibility of ending up in a Reece Humphrey dance video. 

    All that and more:


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