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    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Who's Number One Tests New Scoring Rules

    Prior to a few years ago, I had never seen a single Harry Potter movie. The wife eventually wore me down, and we embarked on a quest to binge all of the films. For the most part, the overarching narrative is solid young-adult fantasy. Sure, there are a variety of absurd things like dancing chocolate frogs, but for the most part, viewers can accept these absurdities as part of the wizarding world. However, there is one aspect that is simply too preposterous to handle, and that aspect is Quidditch.

    For the uninitiated, Quidditch is a game similar to hockey, but the competitors fly around on brooms. While most players are trying to score goals, one select competitor from each team tries to track down something called the “Snitch.” Goals are worth only 10 points, but catching the snitch nets a team a whopping 150 points. Naturally, this makes very little sense, and Harry Potter creator JK Rowling even admits that she created a sport with an unrealistic scoring system partially to infuriate men since she was having an issue with her boyfriend at the time.

    Believe it or not, people actually try to play Quidditch in real life. Of course, the rules needed to be slightly adjusted since flying brooms are not actually a practical reality. The scoring was also modified to make it a somewhat sensical competition. Under Major League Quadball rules, catching the snitch is worth only 35 instead of the ridiculous 150.

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