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  • Photo: Marion Stein/Sam Janicki

    Photo: Marion Stein/Sam Janicki

    Re-Ranking Recruits from the Class of 2018

    Gable Steveson at the 2017 Junior World Championships (left) and the 2022 NCAA Championships (photo courtesy of Marion Stein/UWW (left) and Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    One of the longstanding traditions at InterMat is the re-ranking of high school recruiting classes five years after the wrestlers enrolled in college. Wrestlers are re-ranked based on the accomplishments racked up during their collegiate tenure. During normal circumstances, this would encompass almost all of the wrestlers in the Class of 2018. But we aren't in a typical stretch of wrestling seasons. Due to the extra year of eligibility after Covid, a chunk of the wrestlers below have at least another year of competition on the books. With another season's worth of accomplishments, there could be some shuffling on this list were it to be revisited a year from now.

    Looking over the Class of 2018, it was quite a good group. The top-two wrestlers back in 2018 ended up finishing in that same order five years later. Nine of 2018's top ten wrestlers ended up earning All-American honors at least once in their collegiate careers. As of 2023, seven of the wrestlers from this class ended up winning national titles. That number could increase in 2024. This class has seen three wrestlers earn multiple national titles, with that feat in play for two others next season.

    Below are the wrestlers from the Class of 2018 re-ranked after five years in college. They have been re-ranked from #1-50. After those 50, you'll find the original rankings of this class, from 2018. Wrestlers with a * also may have another year of eligibility to use in 2023-24.

    1. Gable Steveson (Apple Valley, MN) - Minnesota * (High School Rank: #1)

    2020 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x NCAA Champion, 3x NCAA All-American (1,1,3), 2020 1st Team All-American, 3x Big Ten Champion

    2. Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown, MD) - Penn State * (High School Rank: #2)

    3x NCAA Champion, 3x NCAA All-American (1,1,1), 2020 1st Team All-American, 4x Big Ten Finalist, 3x Big Ten Champion

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