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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    College Choices for Super 32 Placewinners

    The 2021 Super 32 (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    The 2021 Super 32 is officially in the books. This year's tournament returned to Greensboro, North Carolina and was as good as ever. The entire event was filled with future collegiate stars and coaches roaming around looking for diamonds in the rough. Here are some of the superstars from the Super 32, ones that have already committed to compete at the next level.

    Arizona State

    Michael Kilic (GA) - 6th at 152 lbs

    Kaleb Larkin (AZ) - 7th at 145 lbs

    Army West Point

    Gunner Filipowicz (GA) - 6th at 160 lbs


    Logan Shephard (OH) - 2nd at 220 lbs

    Cal Baptist

    Mitch Mesenbrink (WI) - 7th at 152 lbs

    Cal Poly

    Dominic Mendez (CA) - 6th at 113 lbs


    Cole Cochran (GA) - 8th at 160 lbs


    Richard Fedalen (MD) - 4th at 145 lbs


    Christian Carroll (IN) - 1st at 220 lbs (Class of 2023)

    Kanon Webster (IL) - 3rd at 126 lbs (Class of 2023)


    Mickey Griffith (IA) - 7th at 182 lbs

    Nate Jesuroga (IA) - 1st at 120 lbs (Class of 2023)

    Little Rock

    Brendon Abdon (FL) - 8th at 152 lbs

    Keith Miley (MO) - 2nd at 285 lbs


    Rylan Rogers (ID) - 1st at 195 lbs


    Cody Chittum (TN) - 1st at 145 lbs (Class of 2023)


    Zeke Seltzer (IN) - 5th at 132 lbs

    Clayton Whiting (WI) - 2nd at 182 lbs

    NC State

    Jackson Arrington (PA) - 2nd at 145 lbs

    Chase Horne (GA) - 1st at 285 lbs

    Matthew Singleton (GA) - 1st at 170 lbs

    North Carolina

    Danny Nini (FL) - 3rd at 138 lbs

    Northern Iowa

    Cory Land (AL) - 2nd at 126 lbs

    Ohio State

    Gavin Brown (OH) - 6th at 145 lbs

    Nic Bouzakis (FL) - 1st at 132 lbs

    Rocco Welsh (PA) - 2nd at 170 lbs


    Martin Cosgrove (NJ) - 2nd at 195 lbs

    Penn State

    Levi Haines (PA) - 2nd at 160 lbs


    Kole Mulhauser (NY) - 6th at 182 lbs

    Ty Whalen (NJ) - 3rd at 145 lbs


    Joey Blaze (OH) - 8th at 145 lbs (Class of 2023)


    Hunter Mays (NJ) - 3rd at 160 lbs


    Brian Soldano (NJ) - 3rd at 182 lbs

    South Dakota State

    Kail Wynia (MN) - 6th at 195 lbs


    Jack Darrah (MO) - 4th at 220 lbs


    Michael Gioffre (CA) - 6th at 138 lbs

    Virginia Tech

    Mac Church (PA) - 6th at 132 lbs (Class of 2023)

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