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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2024 HS State Tournament Results for Wrestling Recruits (2/18/24)

    This weekend, high school state tournament season really went into full swing. States like Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa held their much-anticipated season-ending tournaments - along with plenty of others. As these tournaments conclude, it begs the question, "how did my favorite team's recruits fare?" In some smaller states, it's almost a given that your college-bound studs are collecting another state title, while in the power states, with the deepest talent pools, such achievements are not guaranteed.

    Either way, we've combed through results from all of the state tournaments that have taken place thus far to find out how everyone's recruits have finished.

    We will update this article each week as more results become official.

    If you do not see a recruit that should be added, please fill out our commitment form or email me at earl@matscouts.com .

    Adams State

    Royce Uhrig: Gunnison, Colorado (150 lbs) - 3A State Champion

    Air Force

    Lincoln Gregerson: Ralston Valley, Colorado (132 lbs) - 5A State Champion

    Anders Kittelson: Osage, Iowa (144 lbs) - 2A State Champion

    Charlie LaRocca: Center Grove, Indiana (120 lbs) - State Champion

    Chance Mathews: Cherokee Trail, Colorado (138 lbs) - 5A 4th Place; Class of 2025

    Tanner Spalding: Woodward Academy, Georgia (132 lbs) - 6A State Champion

    Karson Tompkins: Midlothian, Texas (190 lbs) - 5A State Champion

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