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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2023 Who's Number One Results

    For the 11th straight year, the FloWrestling’s Who’s #1 dual meet took place, this time on the campus of Wisconsin-Parkside. Who’s #1 is a dual that features matchups between the top two wrestlers at a particular weight in order to determine who is the best in the nation at that weight class. If we want to get technical, that wasn’t necessarily the case at some weights, but still, there was plenty of great action up and down the card. 

    Also, for the third straight year, there was a full girls card, as well. Prior to 2021, there were girls matches sprinkled in dating back to the 2017 edition. The 2023 version had ten matches. 

    Below are the full results from Saturday night’s Who’s #1 card. 

    Boys Results

    113 lbs - Christian Castillo (Arizona) over Paul Kenny (New Jersey)  4-1SV

    120 lbs - Anthony Knox (New Jersey) over Leo DeLuca (New Jersey)  9-3

    126 lbs - Jax Forrest (Pennsylvania) over Jordyn Raney (Kentucky)  18-15SV

    132 lbs - Ben Davino (Illinois) over Kyler Larkin (Arizona)  4-2

    138 lbs - Daniel Zepeda (California) over Bo Bassett (Pennsylvania)  Fall 6:27

    145 lbs - Pierson Manville (Pennsylvania) over Kollin Rath (Pennsylvania)  2-0

    160 lbs - Joe Sealey (Pennsylvania) over Will Henckel (New Jersey)  4-2

    170 lbs - Angelo Ferrari (Texas) over Ty Eise (Colorado)  5-1

    195 lbs - Aeoden Sinclair (Wisconsin) over Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin)  5-1

    220 lbs - Cody Merrill (California) over Sawyer Bartelt (Florida)  14-3

    Girls Results

    94 lbs - Audrey Jimenez (Arizona) over Anaya Falcon (California)  11-0

    100 lbs - Madison Nieuwenhuis (Michigan) over Rianne Murphy (Indiana)  2-2

    112 lbs - Gabriella Gomez (Illinois) over Clare Booe (Florida)  7-1

    117 lbs - Isabella Marie Gonzales (California) over Karlee Brooks (Arizona)  4-4

    122 lbs - Everest Leydecker (Arizona) over Aubre Krazer (Pennsylvania)  6-2

    127 lbs - Taina Fernandez (Maryland) over Carley Ceshker (Wisconsin)  10-0

    132 lbs - Haylie Jaffe (Pennsylvania) over Cadence Diduch (Illinois)  10-2

    138 lbs - Kaidance Gerg (Idaho) over Valerie Hamilton (Illinois)  6-4

    144 lbs - Nebi Tsarni (Maryland) over May Prado (Georgia)  10-4

    164 lbs - Naomi Simon (Iowa) over Alexandri Alli (Ohio)  Fall 1:12

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