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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 9/8/2023

    I was going to celebrate my 100th mailbag this week then I realized I’m still nearly a year away so scratch that for now. Labor Day is in the books and results will start trickling in. Who’s Number One was a great opener and next up is the Senior World Championships. The granddaddy of ‘em all. I’ll never be up at the right time to watch, but I’m sure it will still be fun. Alright, there are plenty more words for you to read below this so get to it! 

    If Gable skips Worlds but wrestles college this season, is it the ultimate troll job to make the greatest heel turn ever? Thicccholas 

    I have no idea what it is. And quite frankly, I don’t even care anymore. If I had my druthers, Gable would dominate the world for the next decade. Looks like I’m all out of druthers. 

    Should/will the Illini bypass redshirt for any of this year’s unbelievable recruiting class? FSL Illini 

    I think the trend of true frosh starting and having success will only be enhanced in the future simply based on the lawlessness of the transfer portal. And that’s not to say anything will happen at Illinois, but I think most coaches now have to think about how long they may have certain guys on the roster. You can’t just assume you have five years for four seasons anymore. Add to that the five-date rule or whatever it is and you’re now able to give guys a soft opening and make the best decision that you see fit. Is a guy like Kannon Webster ready? They basically have the first two months of the season to find out. Levi Haines and the redshirt-pull had a whole will they/won’t they for months last year and he ended up in the finals. 

    Has it been released what duals will be on the Jagger Night slate this season? And what promo items will Rutgers be giving out for those nights? Fantasy College Wrestling 

    I don’t choose Jagger Night. Jagger Night chooses me. That’s actually true. Many things have to fall into place for me to get down there. Plus, they only had like four home duals last year, so it was slim pickings. This year, I’m happy to report that Coach Goodale saw the power of Jagger Night and that they never lose when I attend so he went and loaded up the home sked this year and is tempting me to buy season tickets. Do I try to make a few more duals? Do I risk the streak a little more than normal? Does Tom Ryan want to see Jagger walking through that door when they do their East Coast swing? Was Swing the worst music genre of the last thirty years? Is anyone still reading this? 

    Which NCAA wrestler most reminds you of the Detroit Lions? This question is going to age very well or very badly by Friday. Kevin Claunch 

    I’m not sure I even know how to answer this. At least without insulting many of our fine college athletes. For answering purposes, we will use this current Lions team and compare them to a current team. Detroit is a young team with talent that is finally ready to prove that they are serious about hanging with the big boys. With a fairly new first-time head coach in the fiery Dan Campbell, Detroit is ready to run through a brick wall. This reminds me of Alex Clemsen, also of the fiery variety, and the Maryland Terps. Coach Clemsen has now had the time to put his stamp on the team and just like the Lions, had some very exciting battles last season. Perhaps this is the year they both breakthrough? 

    Who is wrestling’s most insufferable gatekeeper? Jeffrey 

    I also don’t know how to answer this without insulting anyone. But it’s probably Rhino. 


    Do the guys at Spectrum think I’m just some dumb hick? Rhino 

    For those not aware, Spectrum and Disney are in a spat. Apparently, Disney pulled all their channels right as the college football season started. Basically putting the horse head in the producer’s bed. What are they fighting about? I have no idea. I just know it will cost you more money while Disney starts a sportsbook through ESPN in the near future. That's right. Mickey Mouse is your new bookie. Don’t pay up and Goofy will break your legs. 


    How far down the list of Jersey greats did they go when attempting to rename the Colonia service area before they realized nobody wanted their name attached to that Wawa? Salty Walkon 


    Buddy, that is John Poznanski Country and you need to treat it with respect. Perhaps I’ll lend my name to the rest stop if nobody else wants it. Let me check out this Wawa first. 


    I’m not very good at math. Can you please explain Kyle Schwarber’s baseball stats? I can’t tell if they’re good or bad. Kevin McGuigan 

    He's quite the anomaly. He can't hit his own weight yet his OBP is more than Daniel Vogelbach’s weight. And that’s about all the baseball stuff I care to discuss. McGuigan, I got a feeling your whole team is going down.

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