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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 9/1/2023

    Recently I’ve done something I never thought I would do. I quit fantasy football. Never thought it would happen. For over twenty years I’ve been doing this. It’s just become too much. I don’t have the time to keep up with everything and I’m not the player I used to be, so maybe it’s time for a break. Perhaps I’ll return but for now, I want to enjoy my Sunday without the aggravation. But what will football be like for me without any skin in the game? Will I care? Do I dabble in daily fantasy for a bit? Only time will tell. People always say the last thing someone wants to hear about is someone else’s fantasy team. Even more than that, nobody wants to hear about someone quitting fantasy football. So let’s get to the mailbag! 

    What MAC wrestling preseason content has you most fired up? Also, any Big Ten storylines you are excited about in early September? Kevin Claunch 

    All of it? With football now out of the way, I can devote more time to reading all the great previews and insights that this site provides. I have to be honest, I don’t have the slightest idea what goes on in the MAC other than that Zeb Miller loves it. I will try to remedy that this year. In the Big Ten, it’s all eyes on Iowa. After a whirlwind offseason where they got in with the Ferraris, dabbled in Gable, and had a gambling scandal, they also revamped their roster with a ton of transfers. What will the Hawkeyes look like post-Spencer Lee? Iowa seems to have had the same team for a decade. It will be very interesting to see some fresh faces out there but I will miss Max Murin’s bruised and battered face. 

    What country would you like to see have a very sustainable wrestling team? Mat Jerms Media 

    I often wonder why England doesn’t have a legit team. I don’t even know if they have a team at all. One would think that a country so rich in the history of combat sports would field a legitimate wrestling team. From Queensbury Rules boxing to Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling, You would think the lads would have a rich history in Freestyle and Greco-Roman. Well, they do have a rich history but it’s just that. History. England needs to fire up the Snake Pit in Wigan and get in the game so we can just kick their asses like we always do. 

    How many tournaments do you think Journeyman Wrestling could run in one full calendar year if he didn’t have to tend to the animals on his farm? Kevin McGuigan 

    All of them? Although I worry the alliterative names of the tournaments will quickly jump the shark with overkill. It’s not easy to do proper alliteration. Armbar At The Armory? Excellent title. The Scrap In Sicily? Not so much. Maybe Sizzle In Sicily works better. Either way, you can’t deny the work that Frank Popilizio has put in. A true man’s man, who could kick my ass. I only have one question. When do we get Fury On The Farm? 

    You get out of your time machine in 1986. You have enough money for one ticket. Left field line, nine rows up, five seats in. Do you buy Game 6 or Game 7? Salty Walkon 

    Game seven, easily. I was already at game six so I know how that goes down. Unfortunately, a time machine is the only way I’m gonna see the Mets win a title. Just a brutal season.

    And now, all I hear about is how Phillies fans, who claim to be so tough that they boo Santa Claus, yapping about how they saved Trea Turner with juice boxes and belly rubs. What has this world come to? 

    Ok you Jagoffs, it’s September and the wrestling is about to start heating up. Who’s Number One is this weekend and it should be good. Also, in case you were wondering, I’m number one. It used to be Nelly and now it’s me.

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