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  • Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 8/19/2022

    2022 U20 World Champion Ben Kueter (photo courtesy of Kadir Caliskan/UWW)

    Plenty of questions to get to this week and most are wrestling related! Your old friend Jags took a little heat for dealing in off-topic drivel lately. That's alright. I don't mind a little heat. I can't control the questions I'm asked, and I try to answer every question. So once in a while, you get some nonsense here. We're all just having some fun. Let's not get too serious. The sport is serious enough as it is. The good news is that we at Intermat provide a vast range of content to suit your needs. Earl kills time between Nationals games and Harry Potter conventions to bring you all kinds of fresh content. Do you have an affinity for the fighting careers of former wrestlers? What about deep dives and stat breakdowns? Richard Mann has you covered there. Interested in news from your favorite college conference? We have an entire team for that? Turkmenistan cadet rankings? Ok, nobody does that but Seth Petarra can give you everything else. Are you starting to get into fantasy wrestling and Fantasy Fight League? DiMarco can handle that when he decides to show up. Not to mention a bevy of freelancers to give you all kinds of interesting stories. But enough about them, let's try an all-wrestling version of this thing for once.

    Did you wrestle in college? Toby Keef

    Nope, went straight to the pros.

    Is there really unfinished business between Downey and Nickal? Richard Mann

    Lol, no. The wrestling mat business between the two is completely wrapped up by two dominant wins. Now, can there be new business in the octagon? Sure, why not? Fighting is a whole different ball game and anything can happen. Will it happen? Who knows. As of now, PD3 is just starting out in Bellator and Bo is headlining some Dana White fight for your supper show. Don't get me wrong, I, and probably every other wrestling fan would love to see it. Maybe one day.

    Is the Indian National Team truly on the rise or just a blip from the lack of Russians?
    Jersey Hokie

    They have a guy named Jaglan. If I were Russia I'd just take up another sport at this point. Or get a Jagger variant of their own to counter the rise of India.

    Follow up: how much do the Yankees suck? Pelikan Head

    (Nodding in agreement)

    Ben Kueter. Can he really do both? Has anybody recently been able to compete at a high level in football and wrestling in college? Phil S

    Well, he can physically, sure. But can he sustain success doing it for multiple years? Will he even get the chance? Let's say he gets drafted into the NFL after three years of college. Most stud wrestlers are only beginning the second half of their college career after year three. Football players are already going pro. I'm afraid that if he has legit success on the gridiron then the chances are slim that we see him on the mat in Iowa City. Also, Josh Hokit scored nine touchdowns as a senior for Fresno State before going 24-4 on the mat before the 2020 season got shut down. Now he's starting his MMA career. Josh Hokit can probably kick my ass.

    Where is Mike C. and why is it in the basement of an Arby's in Limon, Colorado? Jason Bryant

    Mike C? The frequent mailbag inquisitor from the halcyon days of my esteemed predecessor Tim Foley? Nobody really knows what happened to Mike. Some say he never existed. Others say he stopped reading when the mailbag went behind a paywall and never returned.

    Personally, I think he's a bozo.

    I see you. Mike C.

    (pulls down shade)

    Would you rather see Cenzo, Pat Lugo, Mark Hall, etc, get their fourth year or be subjected to these 17th-year seniors? Jkos11

    As in do I wish the entire Covid situation never happened? Yes. I would very much prefer we not have a virus that killed millions, shut the world down for over a year, and forever changed the way we live. The only way the world can make this up to me now is to give me Matt Kolodzik's senior year back. The rawest of deals in a season of raw deals. F 2020.

    U20 world team member you're most excited to see wrestle in college this season? Rhino184

    I have to go with Maryland's Jaxon Smith because he'll be in the lineup. Fresh off a world fifth, the big man should make some noise in a very competitive 197 class this year.

    Phew, an entire wrestling mailbag. I didn't think I had it in me. If you don't hear from me next week, tell the cops to look for a guy named Mike C.

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