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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 8/12/2022

    2019 Hodge Trophy winner Bo Nickal (photos courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    I told Lady Jagger that I was going into the other room to write the mailbag and instead I'm just sitting here listening to Guns and Roses. Dudes rock. But women rock, too. We in the mailroom (it's just me and Pepe Silvia) support all the women in wrestling from the athletes to the coaches, and the media to the moms. My mom was the sports dad in my family for us when we were growing up. I don't even think I ever agreed to wrestle when I was seven years old. I remember my brother being on the team and then some time seemed to pass and I was doing it, too. When we realized my younger brother had some real talent, she was the one who drove him all over the Eastern Seaboard for various tournaments and camps. Pushing him to cut from 58 to 56 pounds because, why not? You crazy, ma. Thanks for igniting my love for wrestling at a young age. Alright, enough about the old battle axe. Let's get to some questions, It's been too long.

    Should Bo Nickal have received a contract or did Dana White make the right choice? Billie Sims

    The wrestling world was all a buzz this past week with the sort of soft opening of a Bo Nickal UFC debut on Dana White's Contender Series. I bounced this question around my MMA friends as I'm no expert in the field. The consensus is that Bo is making a mistake by even being on the show at this point, at least from a monetary aspect. I'm told he has much more earning power at the moment going to other promotions and the chance to hone his skills against better competition. Now, the allure of going straight to the UFC and working his way to a title match instead of just trying to earn money might be more important to Bo at the moment. Quite frankly, I find that refreshing. Along with telling everyone else to grab whatever hundred grand they have laying around and bet on him, he's also betting on himself.

    Clearly, we're all familiar with his talent. I believe his talent transcends all styles and he'll find great success in the octagon. Did Dana make the right choice? Well, yeah. He's trying to build this contender series and now he has the hottest prospect in the game headlining his next one. Right now he's more valuable to the brand by bringing eyeballs to that show than he is being the second fight at UFC 1066 at whatever weird time Richard Mann watches these things.

    Do you approve of this bat flip? I'm thinking it's a little excessive but if a Met did it, would you be all in? Jkos22

    For the record, this is about a clip from the Korean Baseball Organization where a guy flips the bat about as far as he hit the ball. I love bat flips! As long as it's meaningful in the game. Walk off? Flip it, baby! Revenge for getting buzzed? Flip it and glance while you walk to first base. Just don't go flipping bats on a solo shot down 7-2 in the eighth.

    With Top Gun smashing the box office this summer, is this the season of the mustache in college wrestling? Jersey Hokie

    I sure hope not. As a man who grew up in the non-ironic mustache era, I just don't get it. You poor guys beat your faces up enough over the season. Why would you make yourself look worse? If I had to pick one guy I want to see it on, It's Hoagie Hidlay. The big man is now in the second half of his college career. Time for a gimmick tweak.

    Who will be the next wrestler to come down with the dreaded red skin syndrome? Richard Mann

    Sir, this is a mailroom.

    Now onto a flurry of questions from the King of Italians and Twitter Spaces, Seth Petarra. Do you see Michael Beard making a deep run and placing high for Lehigh?

    I do. I think he's a potential finalist.

    What about Pitt's loaded full-blooded Italian team? Top ten potential at NCAAS?

    I need to see them in action first before I make that call. Don't get Ed Gallo's hopes up just yet. I did hear they're changing their name to the Petarra Panthers for a few duals this year to pay tribute.

    Do you have any plans for my birthday on Monday?

    At this point, I feel like I'm driving with Thurman Merman from Bad Santa with these questions.

    Rumor has it that a second run of Philly Wrestling shirts and a possible particular senior athlete is coming soon. Are you the same shirt size as last year or have you been hitting the gym? Kevin McGuigan

    I'm proud to announce that I have stepped up to a medium-size shirt. I'm a big boy now! I think a Tyler Berger shirt might look just fine on me. What a loaded collection of talent at the PRTC right now.

    I finally had to retire my favorite work pants but I made them into jorts. (much to my kids' horror) What is the proper length? Keep in mind this is the west coast and not Jersey. LMRMock

    Apparently, we've hit the fashion portion of the mailbag. First off, there's no wrong length for a pair of denim jean shorts. As we all know, I like ‘em high. But if they're for actual function then I recommend right above the knee. There's nothing worse than kneeling up and down while your knee gets chafed by some denim that's been around since the gold rush.

    Who are your favorite and least favorite burner accounts? Oldest & Greatest

    If I leave one legacy on Twitter when I'm gone, it's that I'm the undisputed king of being followed by all random burner/parody/accounts. Some are strictly to snoop around, some truly try to run with the gimmick, and some are there just to tell you to go have intercourse with yourself. Either way, they all seem to follow Jagger712. They hit all the recommended follows then they hit up me and Rhino. I don't really know why. We must be the Kings of Trash. Hey, it got me this far. I love all my burner friends except Criteria over OT.

    Have a good weekend, all! Let's go Mets!

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