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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 7/8/2022

    Yianni Diakomihalis at Final X NYC (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Hello there, friends! I hope you all had a happy and safe Fourth of July. I've seen, heard about, or been in enough accidents on the fourth that I just stay at home now and avoid catastrophe. Well, it's early July and nothing's going on, so I'm just going to rattle off some things I'd like to see in the near future.

    I want to see the return of RTC events. What the crap? You think because regular events are back you can just bail on new ventures? You can't. Who wouldn't be excited for some killer matches at a random event this weekend? Let's bring it back.

    I want to see Iowa wrestle Northern Iowa. Will Iowa win? More than likely. But who cares. Fans like seeing Iowa schools get feisty with each other. Come on Tom Brands, there's an Adam Fellers 27" brim in it for you if you take the match.

    I really need to see Yianni tear it up at Worlds. We all know the US hasn't medaled at 65kg since the flip phone and I predict that streak ends this year.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Bishop McCort freed this year. We get it PA. You made your point. But now you're in danger of losing some of your state's best talent for their whole careers.

    Alright, I have to answer questions about Matt Finesilver's facial hair so let's get to it.

    Which transfer are you most interested in following this season and why is it Handsome Matt FInesilver? @Rhino184

    How's about no! He spurned Rutgers and robbed us of a Rhino/Jagger Night at Jersey Mike's Arena. I'll never get over this betrayal. I am interested in seeing what Stevo Poulin is up to at Northern Colorado. Some potential post-hype breakout there if you ask me.

    Follow up: Will he have to go with more facial hair to move up a weight? @coach_wendell

    And ruin his homage to Rhino's ridiculous profile pic? Sounds like Vice talk to me.

    Thoughts on the Phillies 11-0 victory over that team from DC? Did you also have a dream about The Movement like Earl Smith? Kevin McGuigan

    Brother, I got The Movement in my Twitter bio. It's always on my mind. Thoughts on the Phillies? Can't say that I have any. Atlanta is where my attention is.

    Is all this madness with the conferences gonna be bad for wrestling? New Hampshire Wrestling Fan

    I don't watch any other college sports, so I don't pay much attention to them. I don't think we will lose programs over it, but you can never trust these schools. I'm in favor of throwing away conferences and going to a regional-type qualifier anyway. Or maybe just one giant NCAA tournament where everyone goes and it takes three weeks to complete. Bring the round of 128 to college wrestling!

    Is Avril Lavigne still alive? @WorstYoungest

    Gotta ask a guy in West Virginia about that. Maybe the Mothman abducted her.

    Potatoes or pasta? Is Cornell not getting enough appreciation for the depth of the freestyle roster they have? Seth Petarra International Correspondent

    To avoid excommunication from the group I'll say pasta, but I do love a good baked potato with butter and bacon bits.

    I think they get enough appreciation. Just the other day, I overheard some dude in a deli say, "Yo T, I don't know what a Finger Lake is, but Cornell just churns out studs in freestyle." Then he ordered a veal parmesan for breakfast because….. New Jersey.

    As a dog person, what is your opinion on late, loud, obnoxious, fireworks? My dog hates them, so now I do, too. Jkos11

    I hate them, but there's nothing you can do about it. Let's just keep it to one holiday a year. You don't need fireworks for Memorial Day or Labor Day. Give 'em an inch, and they blow up a mile.

    Is there a non-Power Five wrestling team you always keep your eye on? Wiems19

    I love the Ivy schools. They have loads of talent and are easy to watch since they have a lot of Saturday afternoon matches on ESPN Plus. Any random dual could have a rematch of a New Jersey state final.

    How fast can you run? Oldest & Greatest

    I drive a car. Gave up running when people couldn't make me do laps anymore.

    And for how long without stopping. Joe Kania

    I can drive all night, baby.

    Would you rather fight Henry Cejudo or @worstyoungest and @oldestgreatest at the same time? Batting gloves are optional. No rules or weapons. @Gut_Bench69

    And hurt my two favorite Jagoffs? Bring on Triple C and I'll wear batting gloves for some reason.

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