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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 7/22/2022

    Austin DeSanto before the 2022 NCAA Semifinals (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Here we are, at the All-Star break and do you know what that means? Good, neither do I.

    It doesn't mean anything, other than that it's going to stay scorching hot for at least a few more weeks. I hope all of you Fargo'ers enjoyed your week in North Dakota.

    Before we get started, I just want to throw out a big thank you to all the coaches who have worked your butts off coaching all these girls and boys throughout the week. Your dedication and selflessness to the sport is unparalleled. To be running around the FargoDome all day getting these kids prepared for their matches while nursing a constant hangover from all the nighttime beers is truly an inspiration to guys like me. It's you coaches who keep the sport going while passing down decades of knowledge to the next generation so they can pay it forward when it's their time to stumble into a hot arena to sit in the corner with a fresh cup of coffee. The sport is in good hands with the men and women who lead these teams and I couldn't be more proud of you all.

    Even the Flo crew deserves praise for working their tails off all week to bring you all the matches at home for the folks who couldn't make it there. It's a gigantic tournament and I know the Flo crew has worked tirelessly to bring you the best product that they could. For all the criticism I give, I'm not sure there's another wrestling company out there that can provide this kind of coverage for such a large endeavor. Kudos to you. Okay, on to the important stuff.

    Would you rather fight:

    1. One Earl-sized Willie
    2. 100 Willie-sized Earls


    I don't know how you guys do things in Austin, but we at Intermat HQ do not discriminate by size. Nor do we fight each other. That being said, I'll take one Earl-sized Willie. Have you seen the last episode of Games of Thrones season six? Those little kids absolutely swarm on Maester Pycelle at the end. I don't need that kind of madness going on with me.

    Will the fallout with Ferrari force John Smith out? @LMRMock

    I certainly hope not. I'm in no position to really speak on this situation from a legal standpoint, nor am I privy to what went on behind closed doors over there, but I hope the GOAT can walk away on his own terms and not be stained by this sickening situation that we've heard so much about.

    Do you know any legitimate dialogue between Northern Iowa and Iowa for a dual? Can they meet at all this year? I'm a dumb-dumb; are there National Duals? @MTorriero

    I know nothing of any such dialogue or what the problem is with scheduling a dual between these teams. I do know that there are National Duals again and they will be taking place in New Orleans.

    What's the best world-class chain to wear? How do you feel about Austin DeSanto after his international debut in Poland? Seth Petarra

    Can't ever go wrong with the classic rope chain. It worked at my seventh-grade dance in 1991 and it works now. Just a timeless piece of New Jersey jewelry. I am absolutely thrilled with the return of ADS to the mat. His high-motor style that relies heavily on takedown is tailor-made for freestyle and I'm glad he's decided to give it a shot. Always a lightning rod for controversy, Austin became not-so-liked outside of Iowa City in these last few years. Now we all get to cheer for him on the international scene where we can appreciate how talented he really is.

    The best Jersey-style subs are in Iowa. Any thoughts? @colinsonofmike

    That's a bold statement. As Lance from Pulp Fiction said, I'll give our subs the Pepsi challenge against that Iowa sh*t any day of the week. Anyone can throw a bunch of meat and cheese together, but it's the bread that makes the sandwich. We here on the east coast specialize in bread. I'm not sure that midwest water has the proper pollution to make a perfect loaf. It takes centuries of proper dumping into the river to perfect it and I'm not sure you folks out there are careless enough to pull it off. One day I'll make my way out there and see what all the talk is about.

    Any new bold predictions to make that will come true? Pelikan Head

    I predict that before the 2023 season ends you will reveal your true identity

    Which active NCAA wrestler has the best physique? Old School Wrestling Clips

    Is Boo Dryden back? There's nothing I appreciate more than a seven-foot 133-pounder. As a bean pole myself, I can appreciate the effort it takes to maintain that kind of physique.

    Finally, my guy @jkos11 would like to know how I feel about time zones.

    Yes, we need time zones. Get earth to stand still for a minute and maybe we can talk about eliminating them. Until then, keep getting up in the middle of the night to watch freestyle tournaments from the Eastern Bloc.

    Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Stay cool, stay hydrated, and don't worry, there's plenty of wrestling on the horizon to whet your whistle.

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