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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 6/3/2022

    A Columbia/Stanford dual from the 2019-20 season (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    June is here and starting today world team spots will be earned. I'd wish the best of luck to the thirty wrestlers competing, but only fifteen of you can win, so I'm wasting fifteen lucks on the rest of you. Instead, I'll wish one good luck per weight and you can wrestle a best two-out-of-three to see who gets it. Can't wait to see where my best wishes go! For now, you asked some very urgent and important questions so let's get to it!

    Why doesn't Jagger answer any of my questions? Is he afraid I'll sue him?

    I've been advised to plead the fifth on this one.

    WTH is USA Wrestling thinking by trying to single thread Final X on one mat? Do the math. These events will be insufferably long. @Eagle_Fan

    If every match goes to three, plus the two third-place matches, that's 47 matches! Spread out over two sessions! Ten more than 37! Look, what are you going to do? This is what happens when you reduce it from three locations to two. Now we know most weights likely won't go to three, but it still seems like an overload. But, if we can watch a random tournament from Tajikistan all weekend that starts at four in the morning, we can afford to watch our best men and women do their thing. Yes, it will be long. Yes, we will complain. But all the athletes deserve the spotlight and all that comes with it. For some, it will be a bitter end to a dream. The least we can do is sit our lazy asses down and watch the damn thing all the way through.

    Have you convinced the Intermat boss, @MatScoutWillie, to get a pair of cut-offs yet? @luke_w_wise

    He actually just said he will rock a pair if Jamison Taillon tosses a perfect game for the Yanks right here. Oh, there goes that out the window. Speaking of the Big Cheese...

    When you're in the office at Intermat, who do you prank the most? Willie Saylor

    We at The "Mat are all about having a good time. Put salt in the sugar shaker. Change all the computers to write in comic-sans. Change the bathroom bulbs to black light. You know, stuff like that. But the greatest trick that this devil ever pulled was using a DNA test to convince Seth Petarra that he was actually one hundred percent Irish. I let him flip only four cars over before I told him it was just a goof. What a day.

    Which team should do another big outdoor dual? @PelikanHead

    None if you ask me. I hate the whole idea of it. The lighting sucks whether it's day or night. The mat gets slippery. The fans are too far away and the noise drowns out in the open sky. That being said, I'd have to pick a team who's somewhere reasonably warm. North Carolina is a good candidate. Maybe a dual against Duke would have a little juice to it. Rock Harrison can throw out the first pitch.

    What do you think about the influx of college eligible guys making deep runs at Senior National events? @SethPetar

    I think it's a product of the advancements in school-affiliated RTC"s and clubs. With the rebirth of American freestyle wrestling in the last decade-plus, the growth has expanded into better environments, better coaching, and more advanced athletes at an early age. The constant debate is that wrestling folk hurts our freestyle training for the younger wrestlers and I disagree. I think it's good to have a change of pace here and there. These kids are bound to wrestle year-round now. I don't think it's a bad thing to train multiple styles. The results are now starting to show that you can compete with the best fresh off a grueling college season.

    Will we see a repeat of the '86 Mets in our lifetime? @EricAsselin74

    Stay alive until October and find out Bubba.

    If you could travel to any big International tournaments, not Worlds/Olympics, what ya picking? @wiems19

    Probably the Yarygin, so I can smoke butts inside and experience hypothermia outside.

    Do you have good stories of wrestling in hot weather? If not, just skip this question. @oldestgreatest

    Skipping this question.

    Enjoy the show today, folks. Don't forget Bo Nickal fights tonight! Same time as the second session! Great scheduling!

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