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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 6/30/2023

    Good morning, Jagamaniacs. I hope you’re all still here after a brief hiatus. A Jagger June Swoon if you will. But fear not! We have some questions and we have some answers. Jagger is back on the bowl with you! Let’s get to it! 

    Every year the question begins to float around that USAW should move Fargo to a different location. If you had it your way, where would you move the U16/U20 National Championship? Christian Olanowski 

    Are they trying to give Jason Bryant a heart attack? The man moved from beautiful Virginia to cold Minnesota just to get that Fargo vibe all year. I can’t say I’m privy to the nuances of the Fargo experience, but I can’t see why it’s worth moving. I get that it’s a bit far but it’s kind of equally far for everyone. It’s also in the dead of Summer so going as far north as possible isn’t the worst idea. Also, it’s more than just a location. It’s a brand. It’s Fargo. In wrestling, everyone knows what that means. To start referring to it as Dallas or Topeka wouldn’t have the same feel in my opinion. But, if they were to move, I do think somewhere near Austin, Texas would be a good location. Basically due south from Fargo on the southern part of the Country. It doesn’t really make travel any worse for all the East and Western states while still maintaining a centralized location in the Union. It also couldn’t hurt to build interest in the sport amongst the people of Texas, which is a state that should be a monster, but isn’t. The biggest pro in all this would be the production that Flo could provide by having it in their backyard. That being said, let’s keep it in Fargo because JB told me he doesn’t want to do the Austin Almanac. 

    What is one dream matchup, in your hometown, that might get you to venture into a large crowd? Mat Jerms Media 

    That’s easy. Give me the best college version of Zain Retherford and Jason Nolf at the same weight. I really need to know who was better. Three years together and the only blemish in dual meets was one Nolf injury default in a highly entertaining and highly aggressive dual against Rutgers in 2018. Cael even got out of his seat a few times because it was so exciting. But I’m getting away from the point here. College Zain and College Nolf. That’s my dream matchup. I also wouldn’t turn down Kyle Snyder and Gable Steveson. John Foster just had a heart attack reading that. Speaking of Jason Nolf... 

    Will Nolf head for a different setting after his loss to Dake? Seems like a change in scenery might help? Steven Ruhf 

    This has been a question ever since Kyle Dake took his talents to Happy Valley. I simply don’t think it will happen. Sure, you’re the number two guy in the land and your club brought in the number one guy. But if the number one guy came to your club to get better, then I can’t see somewhere else being able to make you better than him. It’s a bit of an awkward situation, but I'm under the impression that 2024 will be the last hurrah for the Dakes and Taylors of the world anyway. If so, you only have one more year of your main competition in the room before you ascend to that spot. I don’t think Jason has hit his freestyle prime yet and that peak may just coincide with the post-Dake era and maybe a couple World Titles for the Courteous Killer from Kittanning. 

    How does comrade Jagger feel about the entire Ferrari family of vehicle and wrestling operations moving to Iowa City? Fred Bear Bulldog 

    You sure do have a way with words, my friend. You want my opinion on the Ferrari/Iowa angle? I have many but I’ll keep it at this, they’re not going to change for anyone. Not for you, not for me, not for John Smith, and not for the Iowa fanbase. When they win, which they do plenty of, they're gonna let you know they won. You can do that when you win. Some walk off the mat quietly and some have a six-part celebration routine. Some fans prefer the former and other fans prefer the latter. All fans prefer winning so those who will benefit probably won’t be bothered that much by it. As far as off-the-mat stuff, if there are issues, then I assume it will just take care of itself. They’re exceptional wrestlers. Some are going to love them and some are going to hate them. They know that and they don't care. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show and you should, too. 

    Now that you are an international criminal and likely on the Interpol watch list, will this have any effect on the Jagger Bag and will the Bronx Attorney represent you at the Hague? Jkos11 

    Why do you think I haven’t done a mailbag in two weeks? Had to keep a low profile after one of my German Jagoffs complained that I said they cut off Kendall Roy’s head in the first five minutes of the Succession finale. Luckily, my esteemed lawyer, Will Forrero, aka The Bronx Attorney, was able to prove that it was just a bit by displaying multiple tweets as evidence that I’ve claimed many heads were removed in various shows and movies that didn’t actually happen. Once the judge realized they did not cut Luigi’s head in the first five minutes of the Mario movie, she threw the case out and now I have returned. I’ll tell you whose head they did cut off in the first five minutes, the friggin’ New York Mets. Ruined my entire summer.

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