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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 6/2/2023

    NC State's three-time NCAA All-American Trent Hidlay (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Welcome all to the first mailbag of the month of June and that means it's a glorious time for all the Freestyle and Greco marks out there. I'm still more of a folkstyle guy and even I can't think of a reason why I should be. Maybe I'm just more used to it and enjoy the slower pace. Maybe it's the structure of a season with teams that I prefer. Maybe I have a sick fascination with headgear. Perhaps I just like a good ride. But for now, I'll let you FS and Greco buffs have your fun. Come November, we are putting in double boots and watching that clock tick up for that sweet riding time. Enjoy all that high-paced action while you can. Ok, let's get to the questions.

    If wrestling had a skill-based tiebreaker like a penalty kick shootout in soccer, what would it be? Regular Guy

    Not the ball grab, that's for sure. I'm thinking something like the old pro wrestling test of strength. Give me a dramatic clasping of the hands where you have to bring your opponent to his or her knee for three seconds in order to win. Think about that pop when Trent Hidlay starts rising up on a two-count and hoagies up for the win. The place would erupt!

    Have you ever been to the Betsy Ross House and do you know what vexillology is? Kevin McGuigan

    I have not but I know they have a Betsy sewing a flag at all times. I actually went to prom with Betsy Ross and she made her own dress. Such a showoff. Of course, I know what Vexillology is. It's the study of flags and their meaning. What's vexing to me is why anyone would admit to being one but our buddy and head coach of the Ursinus Bears, Joe Jamison, has recently admitted to being a massive Vexillophile. The message boards are saying he's being recruited by Flags of the World (FOTW), The Flag Research Center(FRC), and of course The North American Vexillological Association (NAVA). With Sheldon Cooper as their bagman, I don't know how NAVA misses out on this prospect.

    Since baseball is in full swing, who is the greatest team of all time? And why is it the 1986 Mets? Little Pun

    Because they won 108 games and the World Series on zero sleep for the season. Did they have a little powdery help? Sure they did. But we're talking about no sleep at all from April through October. What does this have to do with wrestling you ask? Well in 1986 Mark Schwab finished fifth at 118 pounds for Northern Iowa. That same Northern Iowa is now coached by his brother, Doug Schwab. Doug is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. Who did the Mets beat in that World Series before they slept for four months? The Boston Red Sox. What does it all mean? It means I searched way too hard to find something wrestling-related in all this.

    How's Joe Heskett doing and what can the wrestling community do to keep supporting him? Burger King of Kings

    I can't say I'm privy to any information that's beyond social media but I believe he's doing well. His original GoFundMe is no longer taking donations.

    Favourite Helter Skelter cover? Eric Asselin

    Well, I only know the one by Motley Crue so there's your answer. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube were supposed to do an album called Helter Skelter, but nothing came of it much to the chagrin of one, Earl Smith. Earl and Willie will also be at whatever age group qualifier they have this weekend. I believe it's the group formerly known as Juniors and also Seniors, but not ones who are that old. Like no older than 23. Probably 27 for some other countries, but that's their business. Anyway feel free to say hi to them and tell them how much you love me. Or tell them how much you hate me. They'd probably agree with you.

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