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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 6/21/2024

    Welcome all to the start of the summer mailbag season. This is where we put in the work that pays off in the winter season and maybe wins us an award or at least gives me a chance to nominate myself for something. My man Burger King of Kings got me out of a tight spot last week when the questions were light and he just had an anniversary so we shall lead off with his wackiness today. 

    As "Iowa's No. 1 Official Hater ", I'm having a hard time cheering for Spencer. He seems genuinely nice & I was sick when he lost going for 4...but how do I get more excited for him? 

    You get to see one of the most talented wrestlers in American history attempt to reach the pinnacle of the sport. And that goes for all the wrestlers in this golden age and that goes for men and women. Most of us have never seen Dan Gable compete. Many are too young to have seen John Smith during his run. Half the youth population is named Cael, but they've never actually seen him wrestle. We are now privileged to see greatness everywhere at all weights. 20 years from now when this group are the living legends of the sport, do you really want to say you weren’t rooting for them in Paris? 

    I see you’re a blue-collar guy. Which trade? I’m an insulator in Local 12 NYC. What trade has the most ex-wrestlers? When can we get Jagger U? A trade school with a wrestling team. Not sure why we don’t see any of those. I’ll hang up and listen. Coach Sganga 

    I’m blue collar but I’d rather not be at this point in my life. It was fun when I was in my 20’s but sitting here in the AC and writing this stuff seems a lot more enjoyable at this stage in life. Another day of drilling holes in stone while it hits triple digits out there has me really rethinking my life choices. And you’re right. We need more wrestlers in trades. Not to sound too cliche, but wrestlers do know how to put the work in, but I can’t blame them for deciding to try and be a YouTube star instead. One day we will all be watching our favorite influencers do dumb stuff on the internet while our pipes are bursting and our roofs are leaking but who cares. It’s all about that brand. 

    Editor's Note: If any high school wrestlers are interested in a trade school with a wrestling team, check out the Apprentice School in Newport News, Virginia

    Christian Carroll to Iowa State: Boom or Doom? Celtic Rhino 

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Let me tell you something, my first year of following the college scene was the year Iowa State hired Kevin Dresser and watching this team grow

    through the years into a powerhouse has been one of my favorite things to see. KD was also the first coach to follow me after I made some joke about him years ago, so the Cyclones will always have a special place in my heart. He just makes things more entertaining and he’s one heck of a coach. 

    Who does Pritzlaff bring in as assistants at Columbia? Are the rumors true that you were offered a position? Austin Sommer 

    I was offered the head gig, but declined because I’m committed to bringing you this mailbag every week. I’m not sure we see any staff changes yet. This wasn’t a cleaning house situation and Coach Pritzlaff may rely on the familiarity of the staff on hand. But 

    here's a fun fact: between 1995 and 2006, New Jersey had at least one state champion who is now an Ivy League coach except for the years of ‘98 and ‘99. Now, if we can start a program at Yale and lure Damion Hahn, that problem would be solved. 

    I had to pivot on shirts that I create and sell to raise money for various charities. What are your thoughts on a shirt featuring this pic with the caption “Matt Returns”? Kevin McGuigan 

    I must have it. If it weren’t for Valenti, my brother might have made it out of the old super region and qualified for states way back in 2001, but I hold no grudges. A Jersey Italian cheering for the Mets and coaching in Philly. That’s what we call having grit. 

    Should Baby Gronk try out for wrestling? Will it be “good for the sport?” Clips 

    Would be great for the sport. I say it all the time. What this sport needs is a ten-year-old kid with a crazy dad just rizzing and grizzing and fizzing all over the place. But seriously, soon enough some dad will call his kind Baby Yianni and say he’s the best preschool wrestler in the world. 

    The White Sox have a (slim) chance to break the '62 Mets record for losses in a season... Do you want to see the record fall? Salty Walkon 

    I don’t, but not because it’s a Mets record for futility. For those unaware, the 1962 New York Metropolitans christened their inaugural season with a record of 40-120-1. Yes, there were

    ties and I don’t know why. But that team wasn’t expected to be good as they were an expansion team made up of washed up former stars and castoffs from the rest of the league. Deemed the lovable losers, they actually took pride in being that team and laughed along with it. Winning a World Series seven years later certainly made it easier to laugh at. 

    But this White Sox team isn't that and we live in a different era. There’s nothing lovable about a professional franchise in big-money sports possibly being the worst team of all time. People will lose jobs over it. Players will face a ton more scrutiny than the ‘62 Mets did now that we’re all constantly frothing at the mouth to destroy someone on social media. And you’re right, there’s a slim chance it happens and let’s hope it doesn’t. The ‘62 Mets were always fine with being that team and those who are still with us are still fine with it. The ‘24 White Sox just doesn’t have the same charm to it when you want to discuss the worst franchises that ever existed. Would be nice if we could get at least one tie game again.

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