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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 4/5/2024

    It is awards season and here at the mailbag we’re no different. The third annual All-Jagger team is here! What does it take to make the team? Beats me. I’ve stated multiple times that there is no criteria other than you’re somebody I enjoyed watching. So, without further ado, let’s get to it! 

    125-Richard Figueroa 

    I try not to put the actual champs on the list but the Figs win was special for me. Not only was he my first champ in our fantasy league, but the win helped my team go from last place a year ago to finishing in the money. Win Jagger money and you easily make the list. It’s likely the top criteria. 

    133-Dylan Shawver 

    Dylan lost his spot in the lineup last year. Then he got injured. He could have left Rutgers. He stayed. He moved up a weight. He got better. He won a Big Ten title. He got on the podium at Nationals. Dylan Shawver is everything that is good about college athletics. He made a commitment and he’s honoring it. Just don’t leave now and make me look like a fool. 

    141-Brock Hardy 

    What else can I really say here? The guy literally showed his ass to the whole country then came back to take third. As a fellow displayer of ass, I have to respect it. 

    149-Quinn Kinner 

    It’s been a journey for Big Q that's for sure. From North Carolina State to Ohio State then back to his home state and Rider, the former Kingsway star got himself onto the podium in his last chance. We’ll always remember 2020 when you went both 133 and 157. Seriously, who wrestles Brady Berge and Micky Phillippi in the same year? A Jagger Guy, that’s who. 

    157-Peyton Robb 

    This is the second AJ award for the Cornhusker. The first was for placing sixth on what we would later learn was a nasty infection that nearly cost him his leg. This time it’s for coming back after all that and placing seventh. A year ago we were just hoping Peyton would make it out of surgery unscathed so it’s an honor to once again put his name in this space. 

    165-David Carr 

    It seems impossible to not like David Carr. It also seems impossible to not like Keegan O’Toole. Their rivalry of great matches and great sportsmanship is the kind of stuff that marks this sport great. Let’s face it, most of us assumed KOT had the upper hand at this point after two

    dominating wins. But that did not deter the Cyclone as he once again got the upper hand in their semifinal rematch before finishing the task against a tornado in Mitchell Mesenbrink to bookend his career in fashion with his second title. It was a pleasure to watch this guy compete for the last five years and lead Iowa State back to relevancy. 

    174-Shane Griffith 

    We all know the impact Shane has had on the sport as he nonchalantly placed four times, won a title, and saved a program. This is more about motivating Jackson Turley to come back for one more year so he can fill this spot in 2025. 

    184-TJ Stewart 

    It was a slow start for the redshirt freshman as he took a few early season losses and was out of the lineup for the first two months of the season. Then the Blair product turned it on during the second half and captured his first ACC title. Not satisfied, the young Hokie then went and placed seventh in Kansas City and now sets his sights on being the third VT wrestler to be a National champ after the great Mekhi Lewis and Caleb “The Hitman” Henson. Small potatoes compared to being named All-Jagger if you ask me but it’s good to still have goals. 

    197-Trent Hidlay 

    Yes, I’m going to write about Hoagie some more because I’m free to do what I want here and it’s my last chance to praise one of my favorite college wrestlers. Shockingly, this is Trent’s first appearance on the team, but not the first Hidlay, as Hayden made it back in 2022. If I ever do a football version and need a power running back then I assure you that big brother Heath will also get the honor. And not only is Trent a member, but he’s also my captain. 

    HWT-Yaraslau Slavikouski 

    Oof, this didn’t age well. I get it. The guy has a Harvard degree and a year of eligibility left. I can’t blame him for cashing in on that AA performance. But the pizza anywhere else in the country isn’t as good and you know that. 


    All-Jagger coaches edition 

    Cael Sanderson 

    Tony Robie 

    Sean Bormet 

    Am I seeing triple with these three?


    All-Jagger announcer edition 

    Nick Kosko 

    Rock Harrison 


    Just give me this three-man booth in the NCAA finals and my man Mason Beckman won’t take so much heat. 


    All-Jagger mailbag edition 

    Burger King of Kings 

    Salty Walkon 


    I seriously want to thank you guys for being loyal readers and always keeping me on my toes with great questions. Without you guys to ask the important stuff, I have no reason to be here. And that goes for everyone who reads this whether on the toilet or elsewhere. I never thought in a million years I’d get an opportunity like this or at least not fail completely at it but three seasons have gone by now so something must be working. Thanks again to everyone out there for making this possible. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy for it, but knowing I get to come into your bathrooms in the morning keeps me motivated. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to use mine.

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