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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 4/15/2022

    Duke 174 lber Matt Finesilver (Photo/Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Spring is in the air and Freestyle/Greco season is upon us. Leave the headgear and ankle bands at home, we don't need 'em. It's always fun to see what changes every year.

    Who got better? Who got worse? Who grew a beard? Who's making a comeback? Can anyone explain what exactly Titan Mercury is? Why am I watching Bridgerton while writing this? Oops, wrong chat.

    Anyway, it seems like forever since we've had a proper World Team qualifying process and I'm excited for it. Where else can you get national champs
    hitting in early rounds at tournaments? The best of the best. Seth Petarra won't get much sleep in the next few months. Speaking of the Italian Devil...

    Do you think there should be an Intermat Masterchef? If you answered yes, why do you think I would win? Who are your All-Italian American first-teamers after NCAA's?

    A little-known fact about the CEO of Italians is that he loves to cook. If you think his articles are in-depth, you should see his recipe for pork shoulder. Give me the Brain, the CEO, and DiMarco in a cooking competition and I'll judge the crap out of it. You pick an All-Italian team and come meet my All-Jagger team for a dual meet.

    But seriously folks, our guy Seth churns out the best Freestyle content on the interwebs and nobody has a deeper knowledge of international wrestlers ready to break out. The guy follows Kyrgyzstan cadets.

    Which Intermat employee would be the easiest/hardest to strike out? @IndianaMat

    I thought about this one for awhile. The toughest might be Willie. I can picture him just being a nuisance at the plate. Small strike zone, probably crouching over the plate spitting juice between pitches. I'd probably just bean him in the ass to great applause. Then I'll just strike out everyone else while huffing Bogey's in the dugout.

    If Handsome Matt Finesilver is on the move, what places does Jags think he should consider? @Rhino184

    It's going to be quite strange to see a Finesilver not wearing Duke blue, but this is the world we live in with an infinite amount of Finesilver's and eligibility. How about Northern Colorado? Taking that last year and coming home seems to be a trend and Matt can put a little notch in his belt by being the only brother to represent his home state.

    Which programs do you see winning #WrestlingShirtADayinMay this year? @DutrowJim

    Nobody does a better job of marketing than Allyson Schwab. Get on the Panther Train before they run out of stock.

    Do I still have to ask questions in off-season? @PelikanHead

    Of course, you still have to ask questions. There's no offseason here at Intermat. I rely on you for half my content and can't have you showing up in November all out of shape asking dumb questions like if Penn State can repeat. You don't see Rhino taking a break. The Michigan Ref is asking questions in the room right now. Iron questions sharpen iron questions.

    Is PKHead's question's use of 'offseason' actually a troll of Yianni and/or freestyle? @JpPearson71

    I think every Pelikan Head tweet has a hint of troll to it. The man is a Picasso with 280 characters and you should all be following him.

    Jags, you're the manager of Mailbag right? Will you pull yourself out of the mailbag after 7 questions? Or would you advocate to finish out the final two? @MichWrestlinRef

    Told you the ref was asking questions in the room right now. Seeing as this is the seventh question I guess we'll find out. For the record, I've maybe missed five
    questions so far in my time writing this column. I know what it's like to be left on read.

    If Intermat did a documentary on Jagger, what would the documentary be named? @AustinSommer

    Smoke Rise: The Jagger Chronicles

    Well, that was only eight questions, so no perfect game, but the good news is I get another chance next week. Happy Passover today and Happy Easter this Sunday. CadburyCreme Eggs are my jam.

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