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  • Photo: Tony DiMarco

    Photo: Tony DiMarco

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 3/10/2023

    3x NCAA champion Yianni Diakomihalis (Photo/Tony DiMarco)

    I didn't really start watching college wrestling until 2017 and didn't fully dive in until the next year. The same year a couple kids named Spencer Lee and Yianni Diakomihalis made their debut. Now, in what seems like a decade later, the books are about to close on these legendary careers. I almost think it was better that both careers were spaced out and staggered over six seasons. It's like we were able to really sit back and fully enjoy the greatness over a prolonged period of time. Will they both cap it off with number four? There's no guarantees in this sport. Yianni, in particular, has a slew of hammers that would love nothing more than to be the one to stop it from happening. Spencer has a guy in Pat Glory waiting for years for another shot at him and to play spoiler. No matter what the outcome is next Saturday, I'm grateful to have gotten in at the right time and to watch these two do what they do on a regular basis. Let's hope for many more years of success at the world level.

    Congratulations to both of you on spectacular careers and for doing it the right way and with class. Only about ten more years until every other high school wrestler is named Spencer and Yianni and their coach is named Cael Something. I just hope there's some jerk kid named Jagger in the background making fun of it all.

    Will this be the year Purdue ends my suffering? Nathan Wynn

    Yes! Matt Ramos will be on the podium! Currently the fourth seed, Ramos will be looking for another shot at tossing the aforementioned Spencer Lee and making the finals. Not sure that will happen but a spot on the podium looks highly likely.

    Does Iowa getting bad seeds put them in position to place lower than second? Matsquatch

    It can't help much, but I don't believe it's much to worry about. Spencer is basically worth two guys. Teske has an outside shot at making the quarters as a 24-seed and should at least get some backside points. Woods is fine where he is. Murin is primed for an AA run and a massive ice pack for his face when he's done. Siebrecht has the ability to make some noise. Patrick Kennedy doesn't have the worst path to the semis, if he can get past a red-hot Julian Ramirez. Brands and Assad I have no idea, but Warner has a meat grinder of a weight regardless of seed and Cass is Cass. It'll be fine.

    Can we get Jagger Night at the NJSIAA finals and if so, what would be the itinerary? Old Dirty Baffert

    It's just so tough for me to make it there. Falling on conference weekend also doesn't help. But if I did, the real Jagger Night would take place later at the cheapest Blackjack table complete with endless Screwdrivers and failed double-downs.

    If Rocky Jordan makes the podium, Should Dan Ransick hand out the awards at 174? Rhino

    Unbeknownst to most of the free world, former St. Paris Graham star Rocky Jordan has run out to a 19-2 record while manning the 174 spot for Chattanooga. You have to feel for our good buddy Dan, first he lost "he who shall not be named to the NLWC." Then Echemendia never happened and now the last Jordan has left Columbus. A run to the quarters seems feasible and then he's just one more away from getting on the podium. I expect Dan to be planning a parade immediately.

    Most ideal location for hosting NCAA's? Baby Grajales

    That's a tough one. You want a place that is at least equal distance for everyone in the country. Good weather is also a plus. I can only think of one place. Jerry World in Dallas where the Cowboys let their fans down every year. To get the tournament there would be an epic experience.

    (Editor's Note) Organizers in Texas would like for Globe Life Stadium, site of "Bout at the Ballpark," to host NCAA's at some point. Globe Life Stadium is the next door neighbor of Jerry World.

    How did Clay magically get the brackets before the end of the selection show? Richard Mann

    Bro Bible has sources that we at InterMat can only dream of. The truth is that he fast-forwarded through the show and spoiled it for everyone, for clout. Clay Lautt, not the Clay Clout, Bubba.

    Szuba snub of the century? Pelikan Head

    Sir, this is a Wendy's.

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