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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 2/18/2022

    2x NCAA champion Ben Askren (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Let's get down to business this week!

    What are your thoughts on single champ states vs multiple champs per state in high school? @Obrats

    Being from a single champ state, I'm clearly not for it. But I do see the benefit of it, even though I have no idea if it's even a reason for it. I imagine having twice as many. Or sometimes six times as many state champs, as a single state, raises awareness to all areas of some very large states, therefore keeping the participation levels up. Maybe I just made that up. I don't know. I suppose two classes isn't the worst thing, but anything beyond that is a bunch of malarky.

    With the tremendous success of the Jagger Bag, might we get a Jagger Podcast in the offseason, or perhaps next season? Give the fans what they want. @Obrats

    A double dose of Dan here, who also doubles as the guy who sneaks me into Rutgers matches. The main reason is simply that I don't like the sound of my voice. In the right setting, I'm no stranger to the gift of gab. But something about being on some kind of recorded show flips off a switch instead of on. Don't get me wrong, I like doing them and have no problem saying yes if asked, but I can't see ever having my own show. (Immediately trademarks the name Jaggin' Off)

    Should high school and college folkstyle have identical rules? @coachbiskits

    I bounced this around my mates Richard and Clay and they both think they should be the same. Personally, I like the idea of having to adapt to new settings as you move up. Plus, the logistics of doing stuff like riding time may be too much to handle at your average high school tournaments.

    Would Shane Sparks dominate Ben Askren in anything else besides wrestling takes? @BVillaD2wrestle

    Proper television grooming? Come on Ben, you host a show with some of the most dapper men to grace a screen. Let's get some product in that wild mane.

    Who wins the NC State vs. VT match? Should they also start at 197 pounds? @Rhino184

    It's the first Sunday without football and we've been blessed with the unsanctioned makeup of the doomed Hokie-Wolfpack dual that we all wanted. It doesn't bother me that it isn't for the ACC title. In fact, I prefer that it's just a grudge match between two great teams and fanbases who are not fond of each other. Even better than that, it's on a Sunday night with no competition as opposed to a packed Friday night.

    It only seems fitting that you start at 197 and close with the Brothers of Destruction vs the Hokie duo of Lewis and Bolen. Think about it. 12-12 after eight matches. HH-Mekhi. Nobody knows what will happen there at all and possibly the most intriguing match of the season to date. Then you have Hoagie-Hunter. You assume it has to favor Trent here. But he's only 1-3 against Bolen with an overtime victory. Now it is their most recent matchup, so has he figured Bolen out, or was it a case of being due? Maybe it's a little of both, as the combined score of all four of their matches is 8-6. That's insane.

    Bottom line is it could very well come down to this match. I'll be watching. Rock Harrison will be freaking out. Jersey Hokie may get banned from Twitter. Thank you to both teams for putting their differences aside and getting it done. This next month is the best time for high school and college wrestling. Soak it all in before the long offseason.

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