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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 12/17/2021

    Iowa State head coach Kevin Dresser (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    “Tis the season for giving,” and thus, I wanted to hand out some gifts to those who need them most. I bounced the idea around the office to come up with the perfect gifts for the season.

    John Smith-a new sweater vest. Between that and those warmups, they really aren't big on change in Stillwater. You have a guy who wears a watch on each wrist now; let's see some style spread around.

    Kevin Dresser-bracket sheets. It's nearly Open Season in Ames and if coach Dresser wants to run all his tourneys right down to the Last Chance, he's gonna need some paper.

    Austin DeSanto-open mic. Come on, it's his last year. I need my ADS mic'd up for the rest of the year.

    Corby-some sleep. The guy has been to or seen every dual and every round of every tournament. It's insane. Also does his duties as Stalemates Street League commissioner just as a hobby. Take a nap, Corbs; we get it, you like wrestling.

    FloSports-duct tape.

    Rock Harrison-for every dual to come down to the last match. Rock works best when the stakes are high and ACC Friday Night Duals are right around the corner.

    Cael Sanderson-trademark for his name. With so many of them in high school now, imagine how many Caels are out there who didn't become wrestlers.

    The readers-for me to finish this nonsense and get on with the show.

    Which two teams win the Collegiate duals? @DutrowJim

    I don't think a soul on Earth is picking against Iowa and Penn State, but that doesn't take away from the intriguing matches that we will or might get. Penn State and Cornell is a marquee match any time of the year. Mizzou, NC State, VT, and ASU have some of the most balanced teams in America and, like everyone else, have been stuck primarily in conference duals only since last year. Finally, we can see how they measure up against the big boys.

    Does ASU get a chance to do what they did to PSU two years ago? Does Spencer show up? Does Doug Schwab dog the Brands bros into a match like Tommy Gunn in Rocky V? Let's hope we get some full lineups that are duck-free and maybe start a Christmas tradition of excellent duals where teams are begging to get in to prove themselves against the best.

    Why is the Midwest Classic such a great tournament? @bvillaD2wrestle

    Well, it's the school names, of course. Where else are you going to find names like Gannon and Lander? You've also got Mary, Newman, some guy named William Jewell, they're all gonna be there. All D's matter and the Midwest Classic is the largest tournament in Division II. Follow Bryce as he updates you on his Twitter with all the happenings from his private villa.

    Why don't you play on FFL and is it because you are scared of @PelikanHead @thefantasyfight

    I'll admit I thought about it, but I barely manage my two fantasy teams as it is. Plus, fantasy football, this mailbag gig, cosplaying as Sandor Clegane, it's just been a hectic time. Come next month, I may join and knock PH down to 95th place.

    Should they bump Ferrari to hwt in Stillwater? @JerseyHokie29

    This was obviously thrown around by the fans after the post-Bedlam bedlam that took place and, though it's great for drama, it's about as dumb as it gets. John Smith is the American GOAT; he's not bumping up his National Champion stud to wrestle some dude at heavyweight because they had a tussle in the handshake line. It's just risky. What if there's more heat? What if AJ gets suspended because he throws hands? I'm afraid we're going to have to settle for a Ferrari nine-act celebration complete with three wardrobe changes and fireworks in OK's faces when he wins. Don't be surprised if he rides out on a horse.

    Which upcoming dual has the best chance of having post-match shenanigans? @bananacoffeeman

    Rutgers-Rider and VT-NC State both have extracurricular activity potential, but barring the recent incidents, these things aren't common and I doubt we'll get any more of them. At this point, all my fights need to include Adam Fellers' 17-inch brim or it doesn't even count.

    Did folks fight after duals back in your day? @PelikanHead

    We didn't have duals in my day; we had duels.

    How would Abdulrashid Sadulaev do if he entered the Midlands? @RichardAMann

    The headgear might frustrate him a bit, but I think he makes the podium.

    How often do you wear your Philly Wrestling t-shirt? @WrestlingPhilly

    Wore it to my first visit to the burn doctor!

    Have a good weekend, everyone! Stay safe out there; it looks like things are picking up again in the Covid world and we owe it to each other to do our part so we can get back to normal sometime before some of these seventh-year seniors graduate.

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