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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 12/16/2022

    The 2021 Journeymen Collegiate Duals (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    As we head into the midseason finale of the college wrestling season, I have to say it's been quite enjoyable so far and we still have a long way to go. With extended eligibility finally running out and some fresh faces in the mix, I'm excited to see where we go from here. Will someone take control of 141? Does Yianni give it a go in New Orleans fresh off of the World Cup? Does Paniro Johnson beat him and claim the number-one spot at 149? Does Willie survive New Orleans? We will answer all these questions and more in part two of the 2023 college wrestling season! For now, you had some questions of your own and I answered them!

    What's your ideal location for Collegiate Duals 3.0?

    Now, what's the real ideal location that isn't down the street from your house? Fantasy College Wrestling

    Enough with this idea that I don't go to events. Ok, maybe I don't go to events. I just don't like to travel that much and I'm a busy guy around this time. I think the locations being somewhere down south are perfect for this event. Also having it stand alone during the week makes sense. It's the timing of being right before Christmas that doesn't work for me. Plus, I'd have to take days off during our busiest week of work all year. I realize you need all these things to coincide so teams can attend during the holiday break. But what about me, huh? What about Jagger? They should probably make arrangements to have it in Newark in early December so I can attend next time. And send a car service for me.

    If you had your weight class tattooed on your bicep your senior year of high school wrestling, at what age and/or percent weight gain might you regret that decision later in life? Ross Bendik

    Well, if it isn't wrestling's premier artist popping his head out of the studio for a minute to get wacky in the mailbag. What if I told you I haven't gained any weight since I left the shoes on the mat way back when in the middle of the Clinton Administration. How, you ask? I have no idea. Some say it's a fast metabolism. Maybe it's because I've been walking up and down stairs for 25 years because of my job. Maybe it's the smoking. Perhaps the water I drank from the Fountain of Youth in 1987 worked. That being said, I would deeply regret a 135 tattoo on my bicep about five minutes after getting it. Lucky for me, I got a giant back tattoo of Kurt Angle celebrating his 1996 Olympic gold medal win with a broken freakin' neck instead. Now that's timeless. The Macarena tattoo across my stomach didn't age quite as well.

    Earl and InterMat just cleaned up with this year's NWMA awards; what's it like working with Earl specifically, and how much do you get to interact with all the great writers InterMat has assembled these past two years? JP Pearson

    First off, congratulations to Earl on being recognized by his peers for the work he has put in this past year trying to bring you the best coverage from around the world of wrestling. It takes true dedication to pump out the amount of content that he does on his own all while managing numerous people who are spread out all over the country and covering various topics. I have to do one article a week and I struggle with it. It takes a real talent to consistently publish fresh content on a daily basis and we have that with our leader. All I can say is that our working relationship has been a smooth one. He lets me write what I want and rarely do any of my jokes end up on the cutting room floor. I honestly didn't think I would make it past a month doing this and Earl has been patient enough to let me figure it out and find my groove. Still looking for that groove, by the way. Luckily, I get published on the Friday news dump and don't get noticed enough to be told that I suck.

    As far as the rest of the crew is concerned, they think I'm the janitor at Intermat HQ and maybe it's because I keep rummaging through their trash like a weirdo. Hey, a guy has to eat. But seriously, hats off to the entire IM staff for the work they've put in to make this site what it is. It's an honor to be a small part of it and I'm glad we can still win in spite of me. It probably helps that the NWMA never retweets my stuff and likely has no idea I even exist.

    After getting grief from parents, the athletic director, and the bus company about our high school team getting home from a tournament in the wee hours of the morning because of yet another tournament software crash, what will it take for wrestling to get this fixed? Little Pun

    I'm not sure what software crash got you this time, but I suggest just going back to handwritten brackets that are posted in the hallway for all to see. We have become slaves to technology and now our kids are getting home an hour before Bo Bassett wakes up. We can't have this.

    Alright, Jagoffs and Jaggettes! I've wasted enough of your time so adios for now and have a wonderful weekend! Baba Booey, Baba Booey Matt Finesilver, Matt Finesilver. (obligated)

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