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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 1/20/2023

    Lehigh 184 lber Tate Samuelson (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Will Oklahoma State be a powerhouse in the near future? Any hope for the Cowboys? OSWC 2022 Stalemates Anonymous Account of the Year

    I think they can still stay near the top. I laid out a plan for them a good while back but that fell apart due to the Ferrari wreck that occurred. Will they get back to the team they were nearly twenty years ago? I don't know. It's not easy to reach that level and sustain it for anyone outside of Happy Valley these days. I still believe they can remain a powerhouse-level team but they're just having an off-year. There's awesome good, young talent there and the emergence of the Stillwater High Junior Wrestling Club is loaded with potential recruits. Plus, you get a year of Sammy Alvarez next year. There's still hope for the Cowboys, sometimes it's provided by a Jersey Guy.

    With the emergence of Power Slap, what D1 program will be the first to field a team? Fantasy College Wrestling

    I'm glad you brought this up and it's not for the reasons you think. I'm going to drop the act for a second and just say how disappointed I am in society when I see stuff like this. Slap fighting on network television. This is where we're at as a society. The powers that be have deemed you to be so simple-minded that they have decided people slapping each other for sport is good enough entertainment for you. Be better. I'm not saying slaps aren't funny. If I'm scrolling Twitter and see a slap, I'll likely chuckle. But this? Come on now. We can do better than that. Shout out to Dana White for promoting the show by slapping his wife in public two weeks earlier. Genius marketing right there.

    Would you rather fight a bear-sized squirrel or 300 squirrel-sized bears and how does that impact the EIWA race at 184? Joe Kania

    I think it has a massive impact on the 184 race. If I fight a squirrel the size of a bear, does that mean the big red bear of Cornell, Jonathan Loew, is healthy? He's been out since early December with no word on a return. With him out of the equation, multiple little bear squirrels will be looking to take his place with Tate Samuelson looking like the favorite. The former Wyoming star has settled in after a rocky start to the season. I guess that will happen when you face Munoz, Wittlake, Brooks, Hidlay, and Romero in the first six weeks of the season. At any rate, give me one giant bear-squirrel and Tate to win the EIWA, the oldest conference in college sports.

    Since you're a New Jersey guy, are you excited about the NFL's PA vs NJ playoff game this weekend? I heard there's a raffle for tickets to the game. Is this true? Kevin McGuigan

    I'm pretty pumped for it. The fact that I'm not actually a fan of either team, yet don't dislike either, means I can relax and watch everyone around me tear each other to shreds. Raffle, you say? I believe the PRTC is giving away two tickets, but you better hold that drawing soon because the game is tomorrow. I hear Mark Hall is playing the National Anthem on his recorder. This guy is at every major Philly sporting event now!

    What's more likely to happen, the top guy at 125/133 loses a match before the NCAA final, or you give up the heaters? Jkos11

    I'll quit cold turkey if someone beats Spencer Lee. If any 125 guys want to see Jagger live a long life, you know what to do.

    What's your pre-mailbag snack? Rachel Gallardo

    Tonight it's a chocolate-covered Rice Krispie treat, but usually, it's oranges.

    I love the small college divisions, I know many push for allowing them into the D1 tournament. I'm not one of those. But how about making it where so many D1 guys must attend opens and compete to be allowed in their conference tournament? How about a D2 vs D3 champs dual the Wednesday before D1? Swayz Happens

    I believe we covered this two weeks ago with a tournament-based points ranking system. A D2-D3 All-Star card could be interesting. The exposure would be nice, but I'm not sure the wrestler would be that into it after a long and grueling season.

    NC State/Virginia Tech. Who wins and why? Earl Smith

    ACC Friday night is back and they are not easing into the schedule, Much like Nascar, we kick off with the biggest event first. Give me State over tech 18-17 on the strength of an Isaac Trumble pin that brings the Pack within two going into heavyweight. We also have Hidlay-Bolen part six to look forward to. Check out their common opponent's page on WrestleStat because it reads like a novel. I won't be able to see it because I'll be at Rutgers getting an honorary degree on Alumni Night so I can't have anyone tweeting results or anything. Can you promise me that? Thanks, I appreciate it. Have a good weekend.

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