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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Jagger's Friday Mailbag - 11/5/2021

    NC State head coach Pat Popoliziio (right) in the 2021 NCAA finals (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Judging by the leaves on the ground, the gray skies, it appears wrestling season is upon us. The last time we started in November, the Washington Nationals were still pouring champagne over each other and we can all agree that feels like a lifetime ago. With a double dose of Olympics and Worlds right into the high school preseason, we've been blessed with plenty of action to feed the virus, but there's nothing like a full college season and this one may go down as one of the most memorable ever. Who makes good on their bonus year and snags a title? Can Cael and company take back the top spot with their four returning champs? What's up with that loaded Cornell team? Does Suriano come back for one more shot at Spencer Lee? Will Big Ten student announcers stop calling them players? How's Pat Pop's plaid suit game coming along? Will I google the names of old coaches who have Opens named after them? Is Wrestling Bookie coming out of hibernation? Are there any Finesilvers left? Fear not, we will find out the answers to all these questions and more over the next four and a half months; yours truly has been dumpster diving looking for every tv I can find. You're damn right I want to watch every match of the Shorty Hitchcock Open! But enough with my questions, you had a few of your own and the Jersey Mike's Jaggerbag is here to answer them.

    The top 3 recruits in the country (and another top-20) are headed to Columbus. The Buckeyes are back, right? @_VestDJ_

    Certainly, the haul of Mendez, Bouzakis, and Feldman will go a long way in getting the Buckeyes out of the bottom of the super programs, but I'm still skeptical on whether it's enough to reach the top. Now, you've got a ton of years of Kharchla left and Sasso will still be around awhile. With the recruits locked up, it would behoove them to now redshirt Gallagher and set up a possible Murderer's Row between 133-165 and a beast HWT as an anchor reminiscent of what Cael had just a few years ago with the Zain to Bo and everyone in between crew.

    But there's your problem. Cael. Brooks, Starocci, and Kerkvliet are bona fide as can be and have more years left than Pete Davidson has girlfriends. I won't even get into all the new blood coming in.

    In other words, I don't think it's quite enough yet.

    Will you be wearing your #PhillyWrestling tee at the UPenn vs. Princeton match on Feb. 12th in Princeton? @WrestlingPhilly

    I feel a Delbarton shirt might be more apropos.

    What dual did you circle first as must-watch when schedules started getting released this year? what duals will you be attending? @PelikanHead

    I try not to look at schedules so every week can be like a mini-Christmas, but with any luck, you may find me at a few Rutgers duals this year yelling stalling at all
    the wrong times and generally being obnoxious like all my fellow Statesmen.

    For laughs: Who is your favorite wrestler personality to follow on Twitter & why?

    For serial: What team is currently outside the Top 10 and finishes inside the Top 5? @SleepyVinny

    Sleepy Vinny wants a sleeper and I'm gonna give him one in Iowa State. With a Carr repeat and a couple of breakout performances, who knows where they can end up when the smoke clears.

    As far as Twitter personalities? I like when BC Laprade gets me pumped for the weekend.

    When you go to a wedding, are you a "Gift Off the Registry" guy or a "Money in the Envelope" guy? @FantasyD1Wrestl

    Hey dum dik, we share a cubicle at Intermat HQ; you could've just asked me this at lunch. But if you must, always money. I'm your drinking buddy, not your interior decorator.

    How much of an impact does RTC have when it comes to recruiting? @MindsetcoachBW

    You'd have to think at this point, it weighs heavily into a kid's decision. Not only are you getting your five years of college, but a near-guaranteed extra five years or so of security and top-notch training with the best wrestlers of the last ten years for your post-college career. Done right, it could end up being the biggest factor in the recruiting game.

    Your fav Tom Petty album. @BulldogTCOB

    With The Heartbreakers, it's Damn the Torpedoes, sans Heartbreakers has to be Full Moon Fever. "me and Del were singin' little runaway."

    Will @oldestgreatest place at the Muskegon Community College Ben McMullen Open? @MichWrestlinRef

    I predict he cuts a bloody swath through every open he can find until he gets his chance for revenge and the Stalemates Street League welterweight strap from Jake Nieman.

    Will Iowa Penn State be worth the admission price? Also, over/under on how many starters Iowa will sit. @PierceStowman

    If you're referring to the Collegiate Duals, it won't be happening there, but the meet still brings plenty of intriguing matches to whet your whistle.
    As far as when it does happen, if you have the opportunity to go and pass on it, I'll tell Jacob Warner you said Queen is overrated and let you handle it.

    Who is the most likely wrestler to go to prison? @BloodroundRTC

    That's a clown question, bro. Enjoy the weekend all! The Timekeepers gave us an extra hour, so use it wisely!

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