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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Who's In and Who Needs Quotas for the 2024 Olympics - Greco-Roman

    Greco-Roman was the last discipline to take the stage at the 2023 World Championships and, in turn, the first one that finished. Now that the final medals have been awarded, we have some sort of a picture as to how the 2024 Olympics will look. In addition to winning medals and titles, the wrestlers in Belgrade were also working towards Olympic qualification. 

    At each Olympic weight, five wrestlers locked up Olympic quotas for their respective countries. Countries are the key word as they are tied to the country, not necessarily the wrestler. In most instances, the wrestler who secured the bid will also go to Paris; however, in highly competitive nations with deep talent pools (like the United States), that isn’t necessarily a given. 

    For each weight class, we have a document with wrestlers who have already qualified and the other ways to qualify. Those tournaments are months away at this point. Below each chart are some of the notables that did not earn a quota this week, divided into continents, as that will be their next avenue to solidify Olympic participation. 

    For now, we have only listed wrestlers/countries that participated in the 2023 World Championships. There may be other contenders that didn’t wrestle in Belgrade that will be a factor down the line.

    Wrestlers from Africa haven’t been listed as it doesn’t have the depth, across the board, that other continents feature. 

    Next to each wrestler is a key accomplishment for them, along with their record at the 2023 World Championships. 

    60 kg



    Aslomdzhon Azizov (Tajikistan) - 2022 Asian U23 Silver Medalist; 1-1 @ Worlds

    Manish Kundu (India) - 1-1 @ Worlds

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