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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Transfers at the 2023 World Championships

    Saturday is the day that the 2023 World Championships kick off. In college wrestling (and college sports), one of the hottest topics is the transfer portal. This isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon for international wrestling as transfers have been relatively prevalent for some time now. While researching for previews, we’ve looked through the entries and found wrestlers slated to compete at the World Championships who have transferred at some point during their international careers. 

    Those transfers are below and sorted by weight class and style. Each wrestlers has the current country they represent first and their previous country second (first/second). 

    57 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Zelimkhan Abakarov (Albania/Russia)

    Darian Cruz (Puerto Rico/USA)

    Levan Metreveli Vartanov (Spain/Georgia)


    61 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Stevan Micic (Serbia/USA)

    Nikolai Okhlopkov (Romania/Russia)

    Georgii Okorokov (Australia/Russia)

    Joey Silva (Puerto Rico/USA)


    65 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Khamzat Arsamerzouev (France/Azerbaijan)

    Islam Dudaev (Albania/Russia)

    Josh Finesilver (Israel/USA)

    Austin Gomez (Mexico/USA)

    Iszmail Muszukajev (Hungary/Russia)

    Colin Realbuto (Italy/USA)

    Sebastian Rivera (Puerto Rico/USA)

    70 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Victor Voinovich (Serbia/USA)

    74 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Cesar Alvan (Brazil/USA)

    Malik Amine (San Marino/USA)

    Magomedrasul Asluev (Bahrain/Russia)

    Arsalan Budazhapov (Kyrgyzstan/Russia)

    Hetik Cabolov (Serbia/Russia)

    Frank Chamizo (Italy/Cuba)

    Mitch Finesilver (Israel/USA)

    Shane Jones (Puerto Rico/USA)

    Murad Kurammagomedov (Hungary/Russia)

    Tajmuraz Salkazanov (Slovakia/Russia)

    Iakub Shikhdzhamalov (Romania/Russia)

    Anthony Valencia (Mexico/USA)

    Anthony Wesley (Cape Verde/USA)

    79 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Zaur Efendiev (Serbia/Russia)

    Akhsarbek Gulaev (Slovakia/Russia)

    Ahmad Magomedov (North Macedonia/Russia)

    86 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Abubakr Abakarov (Azerbaijan/Russia)

    Myles Amine (San Marino/USA)

    Matt Finesilver (Israel/USA)

    Taimuraz Friev (Spain/Russia)

    Rakhim Magamadov (France/Russia)

    Boris Makoev (Slovakia/Russia)

    Ethan Ramos (Puerto Rico/USA)

    Javrail Shapiev (Uzbekistan/Russia)

    Noel Torres (Mexico/USA)

    92 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Ermak Kardanov (Slovakia/Russia)

    Akhmed Magamaev (Bulgaria/Russia)


    97 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Ahmed Bataev (Bulgaria/Russia)

    Vlagyiszlav Bajcajev (Hungary/Russia)

    Ben Honis (Italy/USA)

    Magomed Ibragimov (Uzbekistan/Russia)

    Max Lacey (Costa Rica/USA)

    Magomedgadji Nurov (North Macedonia/Russia)


    125 kg Men’s Freestyle

    Abraham Conyedo Ruano (Italy/Cuba)

    Giorgi Meshvildishvili (Azerbaijan/Georgia)

    Magomedgadzhi Nurasulov (Serbia/Russia)

    Jonovan Smith (Puerto Rico/USA)

    60 kg Greco-Roman

    Ibrahim Bunduka (Sierra Leone/USA)

    Marat Garipov (Brazil/Kazakhstan)

    Ildar Hafizov (USA/Uzbekistan)


    63 kg Greco-Roman

    Abu Amaev (Bulgaria/Russia)

    Georgi Tibilov (Serbia/Russia)

    67 kg Greco-Roman

    Nestor Almanza (Chile/Cuba)

    72 kg Greco-Roman

    Ali Arsalan (Serbia/Iran)

    Ibrahim Ghanem (France/Egypt)

    Zaur Kabaloev (Italy/Russia)

    82 kg Greco-Roman

    Aker Schmid Al Oabidi (Austria/Iraq)

    Idris Ibaev (Germany/Russia)

    87 kg Greco-Roman

    Alex Bjurberg Kessidis (Sweden/Greece)

    Semen Sergeevich (Bulgaria/Ukraine)

    97 kg Greco-Roman

    Rustam Assakalov (Uzbekistan/Russia)

    Mihail Kajaia (Serbia/Georgia)

    Nikoloz Kakhelashvili (Italy/Georgia)


    130 kg Greco-Roman

    Yasmani Acosta Fernandez (Chile/Cuba)

    Eduard Soghomonyan (Brazil/Armenia)


    50 kg Women’s Freestyle

    Mariya Stadnik (Azerbaijan/Ukraine)


    53 kg Women’s Freestyle

    Sztalvira Orsus (Hungary/Russia)

    57 kg Women’s Freestyle

    Anhelina Lysak (Poland/Ukraine)

    Sandra Paruszewski (Germany/Poland)

    62 kg Women’s Freestyle

    Alexis Gomez (Mexico/USA)

    Elis Manolova (Azerbaijan/Bulgaria)

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