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  • Photo: William Bain/UWW

    Photo: William Bain/UWW

    Three Greco-Roman Weights Qualified for 2024 Olympics

    Wednesday marked the first day of the Pan-American Olympic Games Qualifier and Greco-Roman took center stage. At the 2023 World Championships, the United States did not qualify any Greco weights for the Olympics, so they needed all six wrestlers on the day to advance to the finals. A semifinals win earned a quota for that wrestler’s country. 

    When it was all said and done, half of the American contingent was able to win in the semifinals and earn the United States a spot in the Paris Games. 

    The final three wrestlers in the American lineup were the ones who clinched the quotes, Spencer Woods (87 kg), Alan Vera (97 kg), and Cohlton Schultz (130 kg). While the United States is guaranteed a spot in the Olympic Games at those weights, the actual wrestler who represents the country will be determined at the Olympic Team Trials in April. 

    For the weights that were not qualified, there will be a Last Chance Qualifying event in early-May. 

    60 kg 

    Quarterfinals - Kevin DeArmas Rodriguez (Cuba) over Ildar Hafizov  7-3


    67 kg

    Semifinals - Nestor Almanza Evian (Chile) over Alex Sancho  Fall

    Quarterfinals - Alex Sancho over Luis Centeno Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)  4-0


    77 kg

    Semifinals - Jair Cuero Munoz (Colombia) over Kamal Bey  6-4

    Quarterfinals - Kamal Bey over Arsen Julfalakyan (Argentina)  4-2

    87 kg

    Semifinals - Spencer Woods over Daniel Gregorich Hechavarria (Cuba)  6-3

    Quarterfinals - Spencer Woods over Ariel Alfonso (Honduras)  Fall

    97 kg

    Semifinals - Alan Vera over Luillys Perez Mora (Venezuela)  7-1

    Quarterfinals - Alan Vera over Max Madrid De Leon (Panama)  10-0

    130 kg

    Semifinals - Cohlton Schultz over Moises Perez Hellburg (Venezuela)  2-1

    Round Two - Cohlton Schultz over Eduard Soghomonyan (Brazil)  Fall

    Round One - Cohlton Schultz over Jorawar Dhinsa (Canada)  Fall

    Quotas Earned

    60 kg: Venezuela, Cuba

    67 kg: Chile, Ecuador

    77 kg: Colombia, Cuba

    87 kg: USA, Colombia

    97 kg: USA, Honduras

    130 kg: USA, Chile

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