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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Greco-Roman Seeds for the 2023 World Team Trials

    Sam Jones (right) and Hayden Tuma at the 2023 US Open (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Senior Greco-Roman Tournament Seeding

    55 kg

    1. Dalton Duffield, Army WCAP
    2. Camden Russell, MWC Wrestling Academy/New York AC
    3. Billy Sullivan, Army WCAP
    4. Jacob Cochran, Army WCAP
    5. Tirso Lara, Top Gun WC

    60 kg
    1. Ildar Hafizov, Army WCAP
    2. Leslie Fuenffinger, Army WCAP
    3. Max Black, NMU-National Training Center
    4. Dylan Koontz, Dubuque RTC/Titan Mercury WC
    5. Jonathan Gurule, NMU-National Training Center
    6. Randon Miranda, Rise RTC
    7. Phillip Moomey, Spartan Combat RTC

    63 kg
    1. Sammy Jones, Sunkist Kids WC
    2. Dylan Gregerson, Brunson UVRTC
    3. Xavier Johnson, Army WCAP
    4. Savion Haywood, Iguana WC
    5. Corbin Nirschl, MWC Wrestling Academy/New York AC

    67 kg
    1. Jesse Thielke, Army WCAP
    2. Alejandro Sancho, Army WCAP
    3. Chayse La Joie, California RTC
    4. David Stepanian, New York AC
    5. Joel Adams, The Best Wrestler
    6. Nicholas Leonetti, Suples WC

    72 kg
    1. Patrick Smith, Minnesota Storm
    2. Noah Wachsmuth, New York AC
    3. Jack Ervien, Viking WC
    4. Michael Hooker, Army WCAP

    77 kg
    1. Aliaksandr Kikiniou, California
    2. Payton Jacobson, Sunkist Kids WC
    3. Burke Paddock, New York AC
    4. Jesse Porter, New York AC
    5. RaVaughn Perkins, New York AC

    82 kg
    1. Ben Provisor, New York AC
    2. Andrew Berreyesa, New York AC
    3. Johanner Correa, North Carolina
    4. Tommy Brackett, New York AC
    5. Kendrick Sanders, New York AC
    6. Tyler Cunningham, New York AC
    7. Barrett Stanghill, Minnesota Storm
    8. Ryan Epps, Minnesota

    87 kg
    1. John Stefanowicz, Navy WC
    2. Zachary Braunagel, Illinois RTC/Illini WC
    3. Timothy Young, Army WCAP
    4. Jordan Lara, Texas RTC
    5. Richard Carlson, Minnesota Storm

    97 kg
    1. Nicholas Boykin, Sunkist Kids WC
    2. Christian DuLaney, Minnesota Storm
    3. Brandon Marshall, Big Game WC
    4. Cade Lautt, Tar Heel WC

    130 kg
    1. Adam Coon, Cliff Keen WC/New York AC
    2. Tanner Farmer, New York AC
    3. Donny Longendyke, Minnesota Storm
    4. Brandon Metz, North Dakota
    5. Darryl Aiello, Dubuque RTC

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