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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Get to Know the 2024 U20 World Team

    Since the completion of the U20 World Team Trials, on Saturday afternoon, we’ve spoken at length about the potential of the U20 men’s freestyle team. And for good reason. They have two returning U20 world finalists and six wrestlers that have age-group world medals to their credit. 

    But the men’s freestyle is only one-third of the contingent headed to Spain in early September. The Greco-Roman team was also decided in Ohio and the women’s freestyle squad had already been established in mid-April. Both of those teams have plenty of potential, as well. 

    The women’s freestyle team has three wrestlers with past U20 world team experience and three team members with age-group world medals. 

    It’s no secret that Greco-Roman has lagged behind its freestyle counterparts at all age groups, but this appears to be one of the better American Greco squads recently assembled. Heavyweight Aden Attao anchors the team and has made his third U20 world team. In 2022, he came away with a bronze medal. Counting Attao, there are three wrestlers amongst this year’s contingent that have prior age-group world medals. 

    Below are the three teams. Each wrestler is noted at their respective weight class with their home state featured beside their name - plus their best international credentials. 

    Men’s Freestyle

    57 kg - Luke Lilledahl (Missouri) - 2022 U17 World Champion, 2023 U20 World silver medalist, 2021 U17 World silver medalist

    61 kg - Marcus Blaze (Ohio) - 2023 U17 World Champion

    65 kg - Bo Bassett (Pennsylvania) -  2021 U17 World Champion

    70 kg - PJ Duke (New York) 

    74 kg - Ladarion Lockett (Oklahoma) - 2023 U17 World Champion

    79 kg - Zack Ryder (New York) - 2x U17 World bronze medalist

    86 kg - Josh Barr (Michigan)

    92 kg - Connor Mirasola (Wisconsin) 

    97 kg - Justin Rademacher (Oregon)

    125 kg - Ben Kueter (Iowa) - 2022 U20 World Champion


    55 kg - Isaiah Cortez (California) - 2021 U17 Pan-American gold medalist

    60 kg - Cory Land (Alabama) - 2021 U17 World silver medalist, 2x U17 World Team member

    63 kg - Otto Black (Colorado) - 2021 U17 World Team member (5th place)

    67 kg - Joel Adams (Nebraska) - 2022 U17 World champion, 2023 U20 World Team member

    72 kg - Patrick Brackett (Colorado) 

    77 kg - Aydin Rix-McElhinney (Maine)

    82 kg - Arian Khosravy (California) 

    87 kg - Ryder Rogotzke (Minnesota) - 2021 U17 World Team member

    97 kg - Soren Herzog (Minnesota) 

    130 kg - Aden Attao (Idaho) - 2022 U20 World bronze medalist, 2x U20 World Team member

    Women’s Freestyle 

    50 kg - Anaya Falcon (California)

    53 kg - Brianna Gonzalez (California) - 2021 U17 Pan-American gold medalist

    55 kg - Cristelle Rodriguez (California) - 2019 Cadet World silver medalist, 2023 U20 World Team member

    57 kg - Carissa Qureshi (California) 

    59 kg - Alexis Janiak (Illinois) - 2023 U20 World bronze medalist

    62 kg - Cadence Diduch (Illinois) - 2023 U20 Pan-American gold medalist

    65 kg - Reese Larramendy (Nevada) - 2022 U20 World Team (5th Place)

    68 kg - Caitlyn Davis (South Carolina) 

    72 kg - Jasmine Robinson (Texas) - 2023 U17 World bronze medalist, 2x U17 World Team member

    76 kg - Naomi Simon (Iowa)

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