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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Final Results from 2023 Senior Nationals

    Men’s Freestyle

    57 kg

    Championship: Spencer Lee over Nico Megaludis  6-2

    3rd Place: Liam Cronin over Daniel DeShazer  5-0

    5th Place: Luke Lilledahl over Josh Rodriguez  4-2

    7th Place: Gary Steen over Brandon Courtney  FFT


    65 kg

    Championship: Andrew Alirez over Beau Bartlett  8-0

    3rd Place: Joey McKenna over Seth Gross  5-2

    5th Place: Austin DeSanto over Alec Pantaleo  9-6

    7th Place: Ian Parker over Aden Valencia  Injury Default

    74 kg

    Championship: Quincy Monday over Alex Marinelli  14-2

    3rd Place: Alex Facundo over Jarrett Jacques  6-4

    5th Place: Tyler Berger over Terrell Barraclough  10-0

    7th Place: Joey Lavallee over Joseph Sealey  Fall 4:14

    86 kg 

    Championship: Alex Dieringer over Mark Hall  8-0

    3rd Place: Max Dean over Connor Mirasola  8-4

    5th Place: Evan Wick over David McFadden  Injury Default

    7th Place: Taylor Lujan over Marcus Coleman  Forfeit

    97 kg

    Championship: Kollin Moore over Nate Jackson  12-2

    3rd Place: Jay Aiello over Eric Schultz  9-4

    5th Place: Tony Cassioppi over Jacob Warner  11-0

    7th Place: Tyrie Houghton over Louie DePrez  Forfeit

    125 kg

    Championship: Dom Bradley over Christian Lance  2-1

    3rd Place: Gary Traub over Demetrius Thomas  8-5

    5th Place: Trent Hillger over Sam Schuyler  8-0

    7th Place: Jacob Bullock over Dan Erekson  FFT

    Women’s Freestyle

    50 kg

    Championship: Sage Mortimer over Samara Chavez  12-10

    3rd Place: Kendra Ryan over Kaelani Shufeldt  4-4

    5th Place: Mia Palumbo over Erin Golston  FFT

    7th Place: Nina Pham over Aleeah Gould  FFT

    53 kg

    Championship: Vayle Baker over Katie Gomez  5-2

    3rd Place: Haley Augello over Areana Villaescusa  3-2

    5th Place: Sydney Petzinger over Ella Jauregui  12-5

    7th Place: Clare Booe over Lauren Mason  Injury Default


    57 kg

    Championship: Amanda Martinez over Alex Hedrick  4-1

    3rd Place: Shelby Moore over Cristelle Rodriguez  Injury Default

    5th Place: Cameron Guerin over Belle Foard  Fall 3:34

    7th Place: Carolina Moreno over Bridgette Duty  Injury Default

    62 kg

    Championship: Jacarra Winchester over Ashlynn Ortega  Fall 5:35

    3rd Place: Aine Drury over Maya Letona  6-4

    5th Place: SaVannah Cosme over Lexie Basham  9-6

    7th Place: Skylar Hattendorf over Andrea Schlabach  5-1

    68 kg

    Championship: Mallory Velte over Cheyenne Bowman  Forfeit

    3rd Place: Alara Boyd over Solin Piearcy  Forfeit

    5th Place: Kaylynn Albrecht over Marilyn Garcia  11-0

    7th Place: Liv Wieber over Jackie Cataline  Forfeit

    76 kg

    Championship: Precious Wieser over Marlynne Deede  Fall 3:36

    3rd Place: Skylar Grote over Brooklyn Hays  10-0

    5th Place: Rose Cassioppi over Tiffani Baublitz  3-1

    7th Place: Love Daley over Cara Broadus  Fall :57


    Greco Roman

    60 kg

    1st Place: Hayden Tuma over Max Black  9-0

    3rd Place: Dylan Gregerson over Taylor LaMont  Forfeit

    5th Place: Randon Miranda/Sammy Jones  Double Forfeit

    7th Place: Dylan Koontz over Brady Koontz  Forfeit

    Championship: Max Nowry over Hayden Tuma  Forfeit

    67 kg

    Championship: Alejandro Sancho over Peyton Omania  7-6

    3rd Place: Robert Perez III over David Stepanian  Forfeit

    5th Place: Patrick Smith over Duncan Nelson  6-3

    7th Place: Xavier Johnson/Justus Scott Double Forfeit


    77 kg

    1st Place: Benji Peak over Payton Jacobson  1-1

    3rd Place: Danny Braunagel over Aliaksandr Kikiniou  Forfeit

    5th Place: Aydin Rix McElhinney over RaVaughn Perkins  Forfeit

    7th Place: Tyler Eischens over Riley Briggs  Forfeit

    Championship: Kamal Bey over Benji Peak  Fall :50

    87 kg

    Championship: Spencer Woods over Mahmoud Sebie  11-3

    3rd Place: Richard Carlson over Zac Braunagel  8-5

    5th Place: Terrence Zaleski over John Stefanowicz  Forfeit

    7th Place: Tommy Brackett over Andrew Berreyesa  3-2

    97 kg

    Championship: Alan Vera over Joe Rau  12-5

    3rd Place: Tate Orndorff over Nick Boykin  Forfeit

    5th Place: Michael Altomer over Christian DuLaney  13-10

    7th Place: Orry Elor over MacAron Kukowski  5-2

    130 kg

    1st Place: Adam Coon over Courtney Freeman  16-6

    3rd Place: Aden Attao over Donny Longendyke  6-3

    5th Place: Michael Rogers over West Cathcart  Forfeit

    7th Place: Kaleb Reeves over Donovan King  Forfeit

    Championship: Cohlton Schultz over Adam Coon  4-1

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