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  • Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Budapest Ranking Series Event: Day Three Results

    2024 Ranking Series Event - Budapest, Hungary

    Women’s Freestyle 

    55 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Jacarra Winchester (USA) over Karla Godinez Gonzalez (Canada)  7-2

    Bronze Medal Match - Erika Bognar (Hungary) over Mariana Dragutan (Moldova)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Li Deng (China) over Marina Sedneva (Kazakhstan)  Forfeit

    USA Results

    Gold Medal Match - Jacarra Winchester (USA) over Karla Godinez Gonzalez (Canada)  7-2

    Semifinals - Jacarra Winchester (USA) over Mariana Dragutan (Moldova)  11-0

    Quarterfinals - Jacarra Winchester (USA) over Erika Bognar (Hungary)  11-0

    Quarterfinals - Li Deng (China) over Areana Villaescusa (USA)  7-3

    Qualification - Areana Villaescusa (USA) over Vinesh Phogat (India)  Forfeit

    Qualification - Erika Bognar (Hungary) over Alisha Howk (USA)  3-2

    59 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Jennifer Page (USA) over Magdalena Glodek (Poland)  13-11

    Bronze Medal Match - Sangeeta Phogat (India) over Viktoria Borsos (Hungary)  6-2

    USA Results

    Gold Medal Match - Jennifer Page (USA) over Magdalena Glodek (Poland)  13-11

    Semifinals - Jennifer Page (USA) over Viktoria Borsos (Hungary)  11-0

    Round 3 - Sangeeta Phogat (India) over Brenda Reyna (USA)  12-2

    Round 2- Jennifer Page (USA) over Brenda Reyna (USA)  11-0

    Round 1 - Jennifer Page (USA) over Sangeeta Phogat (India)  Fall

    65 kg 

    Gold Medal: Irina Ringaci (Moldova)

    Silver Medal: Kadriye Aksoy (Turkey)

    Bronze Medal: Ekaterina Koshkina (Russia)

    72 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan) over Dalma Caneva (Italy)  3-1

    Bronze Medal Match - Davaanasan Enkh Amar (Mongolia) over Kseniia Burakova (Russia)  11-0

    76 kg 

    Gold Medal Match - Qiandegenchagan (China) over Juan Wang (China)  5-4

    Bronze Medal Match - Yelena Makoyed (USA) over Epp Mae (Estonia)  9-6

    Bronze Medal Match - Genesis Reasco Valdez (Ecuador) over Justina DiStasio (Canada)  6-0

    USA Results

    Bronze Medal Match - Yelena Makoyed (USA) over Epp Mae (Estonia)  9-6

    Repechage - Yelena Makoyed (USA) over Veronika Nyikos (Hungary)  Fall

    Repechage - Genesis Reasco Valdez (Ecuador) over Dymond Guilford (USA)  2-1

    Quarterfinals - Qiandegenchagan (China) over Yelena Makoyed (USA)  12-1

    Round of 16 - Yelena Makoyed (USA) over Kamile Gaucaite (Lithuania)  10-0

    Round of 16 - Juan Wang (China) over Dymond Guilford (USA)  1-1

    Greco Roman

    55 kg 

    Gold Medal Match - Amangali Bekbolatov (Kazakhstan) over Denis Mihai (Romania)  9-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Ramaz Silagava (Georgia) over Yersin Abyir (Kazakhstan)  5-2

    USA Results

    Round 3 - Brady Koontz (USA) over Mahdi Ahadi Zenab (Iran)  4-1

    Round 2 - Yersin Abyir (Kazakhstan) over Brady Koontz (USA)  5-5

    Round 1 - Amangali Bekbolatov (Kazakhstan) over Brady Koontz (USA)  9-0


    60 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Kerem Kamal (Turkey) over Omid Arami (Iran)  8-1

    Bronze Medal Match - Hanjae Chung (South Korea) over Edmond Nazaryan (Bulgaria)  Forfeit

    Bronze Medal Match - Nihat Mammadli (Azerbaijan) over Virgil Bica (Sweden)  10-0

    USA Results

    Round of 16 - Edmond Nazaryan (Bulgaria) over Dalton Roberts (USA)  Fall

    Round of 16 - Erika Torba (Hungary) over Ildar Hafizov (USA)  2-1

    Qualification - Dalton Roberts (USA) over Razvan Arnaut (Romania)  6-3


    63 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Murad Mammadov (Azerbaijan) over Jinwoong Jung (South Korea)  5-1

    Bronze Medal Match - Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) over Justas Petravicius (Lithuania)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Mukhamedali Mamurbek (Kazakhstan) over Aker Schmid Al Obaidi (Austria)  Forfeit

    USA Results

    Repechage - Victor Ciobanu (Moldova) over Xavier Johnson (USA)  Fall

    Quarterfinals - Murad Mammadov (Azerbaijan) over Xavier Johnson (USA)  13-3

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