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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2024 USAW OTT Last Chance Qualifier MFS Semifinal Results

    Men’s Freestyle Semifinal Results

    57 kg

    Nathan Tomasello over Brandon Courtney  10-0

    Jax Forrest over Josh Rodriguez  13-4


    65 kg

    Bo Bassett over Anthony Ashnault  12-2

    Matt Kolodzik over Henry Porter  11-0


    74 kg

    Vincenzo Joseph over Terrell Barraclough  5-0

    Yahya Thomas over Doug Zapf  2-1


    86 kg

    David McFadden over Aeoden Sinclair  10-0

    Morgan McIntosh over John Gunderson  7-2


    97 kg

    Christian Carroll over Jacob Warner  8-7

    Camden McDanel over Cole Mirasola  7-0


    125 kg

    Jaron Smith over Jordan Wood  Fall 4:35

    Jacob Bullock over Dan Erekson  InjDef

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