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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2024 Olympic Team Trials Finals Live Results

    Get ready for the final round of wrestling from the 2024 Olympic Team Trials

    The first bout of this session is at 53 kg in women's freestyle with Dom Parrish and Haley Augello. Parrish took the first match and starting this one off with a double leg for two. Augello tries a headlock at the buzzer, but no points - Parrish leads 3-0. A takedown for Parrish extends the lead late....she'll win 5-2 and earns a spot on the 2024 Olympic Team.

    Next up is 87 kg with Peyton Jacobson versus Spencer Woods. Jacobson took the first match. A passivity point for Jacobson results in the only scoring in the opening stanza. Four points for Spencer Woods after passivity and a chance in par terre with a reverse lock. We're going to three matches! 5-2 for Woods in the second. 

    Now we're moving to 62 kg in women's freestyle. Kayla Miracle against Macey Kilty. Miracle took the first match in an exciting contest. With a 1-0 lead in the second, Miracle gets a pair of exposure points - while on the shot clock; to lead 3-0. Kilty adds a point for a reversal. Kilty was in on a takedown for the last :20 seconds of the match. Miracle tied her up and didn't surrender a takedown or exposure points to win, 3-1; however, Kilty's corner has thrown the challenge brick. The original call was confirmed, add a point for Miracle, she'll win 4-1 and is headed to her second consecutive Olympic Games!

    125 kg men's freestyle is up next! Mason Parris and Hayden Zillmer. Parris took match one. It's a 1-0 lead for Parris after a period. Early in the second, Parris extends his lead to 3-0 with a big double leg. Parris spins out of a single leg attempt for a takedown of his own, it's now a 5-0 lead. Zillmer continues to attack, Parris thwarts that attack for another takedown, 7-0 is the lead. 7-0 is the final score for Mason Parris. Parris is going to Paris!

    And now it's 76 kg women's freestyle with Kennedy Blades against Adeline Gray. Blades took the first match. Blades takes an early lead after converting a single leg for a takedown, 2-0. That accounts for the only scoring in the first period - 2-0 Blades going into the second. Blades escapes a tie attempt from Gray to take a 6-2 lead. 1 minute remaining. While Gray was in on a shot, Blades bowls over her for another takedown, 8-2. Gray adds a point for a step-out, 8-3.  That's how the match will end....Kennedy Blades is going to the Olympic Games!

    Match two at 97 kg in Greco-Roman with Joe Rau and Alan Vera. Vera took the first match in the series. Rau will lead at the break 3-0 after getting a passivity point and a takedown from an arm drag. Caution and two from a leg foul...Rau is now up, 6-0. Match number two goes to Joe Rau. 

    Going back to men's freestyle - 97 kg between Kyle Snyder and Isaac Trumble. Snyder won the first bout. Snyder tries a leg attack and is stopped by proceeds to get a step-out to lead 1-0. It's a workman-like 4-0 victory for Snyder. He's headed to the Olympic Games for a third time!

    We're going to women's freestyle 50 kg bout between Sarah Hildebrandt and Audrey Jimenez. Hildebrandt won the first bout of the series. Low leg attack for Hildebrandt who gets on the board first with a takedown, 2-0. Add another takedown for Hildebrandt, 4-0; she leads 6-0 after the first period. Hildebrandt continues to attack and secures another. A single leg for Hildebrandt accounts for another takedown and a 10-0 tech. Hildebrandt is headed to the Olympics for a second time. 

    It's time for the big boys in Greco. 130 kg - Cohlton Schultz and Adam Coon. Schultz took the first match. He'll get on the board first with a passivity point and that's the only scoring in the opening stanza. Now Coon gets a passivity point, but he can't capitalize from par terre. Coon holds a 1-1 lead on criteria. We're going to a third match!

    Let's go to a battle between Nittany Lion WC teammates at 74 kg in men's freestyle. Kyle Dake took the first match over Jason Nolf. The first period ends after a lengthy stoppage after Nolf was inadvertently poked in the eye. Dake leads 1-0. Dake gets another point from a shot clock violation. He leads 2-0. Dake gets another on a step-out, 3-0. A late step-out point for Nolf, but Dake will win it 3-1. He's off to his second Olympic Games. 

    It's the second match between a pair of 2020(1) Olympians at 57 kg in women's freestyle. In match one Helen Maroulis pinned Jacarra Winchester. Maroulis gets on the board quickly with a low single for a takedown. That accounts for the only scoring in the first period. 6-0 is the final for Helen Maroulis. She's the first American to make the Olympic team on three occasions. 

    It's time for a pair of world medalists at 68 kg in women's freestyle. Amit Elor vs Forrest Molinari. Elor won match one. A step-out for Elor accounts for the first point of the match. Another makes it 2-0 after a period. Molinari gets a step out point in the third, but it's not enough. Amit Elor wins 2-1. She's headed to Paris for her first Olympic Games. 

    It's the final match of round two, a NLWC clash between David Taylor and Aaron Brooks. Brooks won the first match. Brooks is on the board first after a caution and one, perhaps hands to the face on Taylor(?). Brooks counters a Taylor shot for a takedown. He leads 3-0. That's how the first period ends, with Brooks in the lead. Taylor gets on the board with under a minute left for a shot clock violation. Brooks escapes a Taylor Takedown attempt for a restart. No more scoring. Aaron Brooks is the winner...3-1 in two straight matches. He'll be our Olympic Team representative at 86 kg!

    We're not done yet! We have five Greco weight classes with third matches required. 

    Starting with 60 kg and Ildar Hafizov and Dalton Roberts. Roberts gets on the board first with a passivity point. Hafizov responds with a takedown of his own. He'll lead 2-1 after one. Roberts throws Hafizov by for a takedown and the lead, 3-2. Roberts takes the match 3-2 and will head to Istanbul to qualify the weight. 

    Now up is 67 kg with Ellis Coleman and Alex Sancho. Sancho has a 2-0 lead after a caution for fleeing. After a passivity call, Coleman with a gut wrench for a 3-2 lead. Coleman hangs on for a 3-2 victory. Coleman will need to go to Istanbul to qualify the weight. 

    An Olympic berth is only the line at 87 kg with Spencer Woods and Payton Jacobson. A passivity call and exposure from a gut wrench puts Jacobson up 3-0 after one period. Jacobson is called for passivity but Woods is unable to convert from par terre, 3-1 Jacobson. Spencer Jacobson holds on.....he wins 3-1 and is headed to Paris for the Olympic Games!

    The penultimate match of the evening. 97 kg with Alan Vera taking on Joe Rau. An arm drag for a takedown, into a gut wrench and Rau is up 4-0. He'll get two more after defending a Vera throw attempt. Once again, Rau stuffs a Vera attempt and counters for a takedown. That makes a tech, 8-0. Rau is an Olympian!

    The tournament will end with the 130 kg Greco matchup between Cohlton Schultz and Adam Coon. Step out Coon is up 1-0. Passivity called on Schultz; Coon gets to work in par terre. He gets a gut wrench to go up 4-0. Schultz cant convert on a passivity call, Coon gets to his feet and hustles for a takedown, 6-1 Coon's lead. That's how it'll end, 6-1 in favor of Adam Coon! Coon is Paris-bound!

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