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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2023 Women's Nationals U20 Final Results

    2023 U20 World Team member Kennedy Blades (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    U20 Women’s Final Results

    50 kg

    1st Place - Audrey Jimenez (TX) over Nyla Valencia (CA) 4-2, 7-0
    3rd Place - Sage Mortimer (UT) over Mia Palumbo (IL) 5-5
    5th Place - Clare Booe (FL) over Ava Bayless (PA) 4:20
    7th Place - Jenavi Alejandro (NV) over Valarie Solorio (PA) InjDef

    53 kg

    1st Place - Katie Gomez (CA) over Alex Szkotnicki (MD) 13-2, 10-0
    3rd Place - Sydney Petzinger (NJ) over Alexis Montes (TX) 13-6
    5th Place - Avery Ashley (TX) over Angelina Vargas (MO) Fall 1:59
    7th Place - Salyna Shotwell (WA) over Juliana Diaz (FL) FFT

    55 kg

    1st Place - Amani Jones (GA) over Belle Foard (VA) 11-1, 12-3
    3rd Place - Ella Jauregui (CA) over Alexandra Waitsman (CA) 7-1
    5th Place - Olivia Moreno (TX) over Elena Ivaldi (CA) FFT
    7th Place - Jenna Beddow (WA) over Carissa Quereshi (CA)

    57 kg

    1st Place - Cristelle Rodriguez (CA) over Shelby Moore (WA) 6-8, 8-5, 10-0
    3rd Place - Sofia Macaluso (NY) over Jennifer Soto (CA) 6-4
    5th Place - Joanna Vanderwood (WA) over Jaclyn Dehney (NH) 10-6
    7th Place - Sara Sterner (CA) over Rose Kaplan (IN) Fall :49

    59 kg

    1st Place - Alexis Janiak (IL) over Sarah Savidge (CO) 11-0, Fall 4:42
    3rd Place - Skye Realin (HI) over Emily Frost (NY) 10-0
    5th Place - Lily Sherer (PA) over Korina Blades (IL) FFT
    7th Place - Charlotte Kouyoumtjian (MN) over Emma Grimm (IA) 10-0

    62 kg

    1st Place - Adaugo Nwachukwu (CA) over SaVannah Cosme (AZ) Fall 3:32, 3:00
    3rd Place - Skylar Hattendorf (NH) over Lilly Luft (IA) Fall 5:44
    5th Place - Haley Vann (OR) over Netavia Wickson (IL) 13-0
    7th Place - Alondra Morales (WA) over Allyssa Johnson (ND) Fall 5:16

    65 kg

    1st Place - Maddie Kubicki (MO) over Ella Schmit (IA) Fall 4:41, Fall 4:46, 13-4
    3rd Place - Reese Larramendy (NV) over Grace Stem (PA) 16-5
    5th Place - Claire DiCugno (WA) over Janida Garcia (CO) MedFFT
    7th Place - Paige Wehrmeister (MO) over Makayla Munoz (NM) 10-0

    68 kg

    1st Place - Isabella Mir (NV) over London Houston (WA) Fall 1:24, 1:54
    3rd Place - Nina Makem (MN) over Katerina Lange (MN) MedFFT
    5th Place - Love Daley (MD) over Liv Wieber (ID) Fall :33
    7th Place - Ruby Rios (WA) over Kaiulani Garcia (CA) Fall 1:29

    72 kg

    1st Place - Amit Elor (CA) over Haley Ward (MO) 10-0, 10-0
    3rd Place - Rose Cassioppi (IL) over Noelle Gaffney (NJ) 10-0
    5th Place - Alexandra Hofrichter (WI) over Stella Steigler (VA) MedFFT
    7th Place - Katelyn Lewis (WI) over Trinity Bouchal (AZ) 3:39

    76 kg

    1st Place - Kennedy Blades (IL) over Kylie Welker (WI) 8-6, Fall 2:22
    3rd Place - Brooklyn Hays (UT) over Sabrina Nauss (MI) 14-11
    5th Place - Lily El-Masri (CA) over Autumn Perez (OR) Fall 2:26
    7th Place - Naomi Simon (IA) over Shenita Lawson (TX) 13-2

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