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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2023 Pan-American U20 Championships Final Results

    Men’s Freestyle 

    57 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Luke Lilledahl (USA) over Adrian DeJesus (Puerto Rico)  7-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Treye Trotman (Canada) over Jesus Quintero Montilla (Venezuela)  10-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Esteban Morales Mayancha (Ecuador) over Jaime Perez Castellanos (Guatemala)  10-0


    61 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Nic Bouzakis (USA) over Enrique Herrera Huacre (Peru)  14-4

    Bronze Medal Match - Joao Da Silva Neto (Brazil) over Patrick Rodriguez Quinto (Ecuador)  3-3

    65 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Kannon Webster (USA) over Nathan Hunyady (Canada)  10-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Jacob Brunner (Puerto Rico) over Diego Peraza Aguilar (Mexico)  13-7

    Bronze Medal Match - Jose Benites Vasquez (Peru) over Esteban Alfaro Bravo (Chile)  11-0

    70 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Antrell Taylor (USA) over Julian George (Puerto Rico)  11-1

    Bronze Medal Match - Nathan Rainville (Canada) over Gabriel Da Silva Rodrigues Brito (Brazil)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Cesar Escamilla Menchaca (Mexico) over Joao Maldonado Romero (Paraguay)  10-0

    74 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Mitchell Mesenbrink (USA) over Amaan Gulacha (Canada)  10-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Paulo Goncalves Da Silva (Brazil) over Yael Perez Ake (Mexico)  12-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Tanner Peake (Puerto Rico) over Johan Torres Casallas (Colombia)  10-0

    79 kg 

    Gold Medal Match - Gabe Arnold (USA) over Connor Church (Canada)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Kevin Olavarria Montilla (Puerto Rico) over Darfel Parada Camarco (Venezuela)  10-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Juan Cardozo Ibata (Colombia) over Isaac Tenorio Mosquera (Ecuador)  10-0

    86 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Bennett Berge (USA) over Steven Rodriguez Torreyes (Venezuela)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Kweli Hernandez Maitre (Puerto Rico) over Samir Cabeza Vacilio (Ecuador)  11-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Max Franca Magalhaes (Brazil) over Zaurbek Arsagov (Canada)  Injury Default

    92 kg

    Gold Medal: Jack Darrah (USA)

    Silver Medal: Samuel Pereira (Canada)

    Bronze Medal: Ricardo Gomez (Argentina)

    97 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Camden McDanel (USA) over Alek Ortiz Roman (Puerto Rico)  10-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Kyle Santana Oliveira (Brazil) over Juan Diaz Blanco (Venezuela)  9-7

    125 kg

    Gold Medal: Karanveer Mahil (Canada)

    Silver Medal: Bradley Hill (USA)

    Bronze Medal: Luis de la Rosa Arteaga (Mexico)


    Women’s Freestyle 

    50 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Mia Palumbo (USA) over Maia Cabrera (Argentina)  7-2

    Bronze Medal Match - Serena DiBenedetto (Canada) over Vicky Leon Gomez (Ecuador)  13-2

    Bronze Medal Match - Antuaneth Casusol Casas (Peru) over Leeana Mercado (Puerto Rico)  Fall

    53 kg 

    Gold Medal - Alex Szkotnicki (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Shammilka Miranda Diaz (Puerto Rico)

    Bronze Medal - Emily Dos Santos Ferreira (Brazil)

    55 kg 

    Gold Medal - Belle Foard (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Angie Zea Alvarado (Peru)

    Bronze Medal - Angelica Vicente Gonzalez (Puerto Rico)


    57 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Camila Amarilla (Argentina) over Bertha Rojas Chavez (Mexico)  6-4

    Bronze Medal Match - Tatiana Hurtado Lerma (Colombia) over Shelby Moore (USA)  10-6

    59 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Sarah Savidge (USA) over Leonela Gruezo Ortiz (Ecuador)  12-2

    Bronze Medal Match - Alexa Cuero (Colombia) over Jacqueline Hernandez Gonzalez (El Salvador)  Fall

    62 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Melanie Jimenez Villalba (Mexico) over Mayara Ramos Pereira (Brazil)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Savannah Cosme (USA) over Sheyla Pedragas Moreno (Peru)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Eliana Fuentes Palacios (Ecuador) over Martina Godoy Corvalan (Chile)  Fall

    65 kg

    Gold Medal - Ella Schmit (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Gleymaris Beria Diaz (Venezuela)

    Bronze Medal - Evelyn Orta Gonzalez (Mexico)


    68 kg

    Gold Medal - Nicoll Parrado Osorio (Colombia)

    Bronze Medal - London Houston (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Leticia de Oliveira Gaion Piazza (Brazil)


    72 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Haley Ward (USA) over Paige Maher (Canada)  Fall

    Bronze Medal Match - Karla Castillo Garcia (Venezuela) over Melanie Sanchez Morales (Chile)  6-4


    76 kg

    Gold Medal - Kylie Welker (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Myah Phillips (Canada)

    Bronze Medal - Maria de Almeida Dos Santos (Brazil)


    Men’s Greco-Roman

    55 kg 

    Gold Medal - Robert Estrada (USA) over Abel Sanchez Juarez (Peru)  9-0


    60 kg 

    Gold Medal Match - Jeremy Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador) over Zan Fugitt (USA)  10-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Edwin Allain Miranda (Peru) over Diego Terriquez Ibarra (Mexico)  4-3

    63 kg 

    Gold Medal Match - Landon Drury (USA) over Arnoldo Proboste (Argentina)  10-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Patrick Rodriguez Quinto (Ecuador) over Jaider Brinez Solano (Colombia)  8-0

    67 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Jadon Skellenger (USA) over Alonso Parra Garcia (Colombia)  9-1

    Bronze Medal Match - Marco Fernandez Cubas (Peru) over Gregory Wila Corozo (Ecuador)  11-2

    72 kg 

    Gold Medal Match - Arvin Khosravy (USA) over Nilson Sinisterra Angulo (Colombia)  5-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Franco Gonzalez Palma (Chile) over Joao Maldonado Romero (Paraguay)  9-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Alexis Vargas Ramirez (Mexico) over Oscar Barrios Rochez (Honduras)  FFT

    77 kg

    Gold Medal Match - Derek Matthews (USA) over Darfel Parada Camacho (Venezuela)  8-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Raul Unzueta Torres (Mexico) over Kauan Ferreira Gomes (Brazil)  8-0

    Bronze Medal Match - Dario Cubas Castillo (Peru) over Adrian Maynard (Barbados)  12-2

    82 kg

    Gold Medal - Mikey Altomer (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Christian Medina Nunez (Mexico)

    Bronze Medal - Samir Cabeza Vacilio (Ecuador)

    87 kg

    Gold Medal - Wyatt Voelker (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Brian Ruiz Marin (Venezuela)

    Bronze Medal - Max Franca Magalhaes de Almeida (Brazil)

    97 kg 

    Gold Medal - Juan Diaz Blanco (Venezuela)

    Bronze Medal - Sawyer Bartelt (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Ricardo Gomez (Argentina)


    130 kg

    Gold Medal - Aden Attao (USA)

    Bronze Medal - Jose Ureta Valdivia (Mexico)

    Bronze Medal - Juan Calderon Molina (Ecuador)

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