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  • Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    Photo: Kadir Caliskan

    2023 Pan-American Championship Results

    2022 World silver medalist Yianni Diakomihalis (photo courtesy of Kadir Caliskan; UWW)

    Men's Freestyle

    57 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Thomas Gilman (USA) over Darian Cruz (Puerto Rico) 10-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Pedro Mejias Rodriguez (Venezuela) over Darthe Capellan (Canada) 10-7

    Bronze Medal Match: Santiago Hernandez Chaveco (Cuba) over Hernan Almendra (Argentina) 8-3

    61 kg

    Gold Medal: Vito Arujau (USA)

    Silver Medal: Joey Silva (Puerto Rico)

    Bronze Medal: Jason Luneau (Canada)

    65 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Yianni Diakomihalis (USA) over Alejandro Valdes Tobier (Cuba) 4-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Agustin Destribates (Argentina) over Sixto Auccapina Pedragas (Peru) 11-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Sebastian Rivera (Puerto Rico) over Albaro Rudecindo Camacho (Dominican Republic) 9-2

    70 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Zain Retherford (USA) over Connor Quinton (Canada) Fall

    Bronze Medal Match: Mauricio Lovera (Argentina) over Vinicius Da Silva Joaquim (Brazil) 6-4

    74 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Kyle Dake (USA) over Franklin Gomez (Puerto Rico) 10-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Cesar Bordeaux Rego Alvan (Brazil) over Anthony Montero Chirinos (Venezuela) 4-2

    Bronze Medal Match: Franklin Maren Castillo (Cuba) over Adam Thomson (Canada) 4-3

    79 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Jordan Burroughs (USA) over Jasmit Phulka (Canada) 10-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Nestor Tafur (Colombia) over Alexander Cusinga Gomez (Peru) 10-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Shane Jones (Puerto Rico) over Victor Hernandez Luna (Mexico) 11-0

    86 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Yurieski Torreblanca (Cuba) over Alexander Moore (Canada) 5-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Mark Hall (USA) over Bruno Nicoletti (Brazil) 11-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Carlos Izquierdo Mendez (Colombia) over Pedro Ceballos Fuentes (Venezuela) 7-6

    92 kg

    Gold Medal: Mike Macchiavello (USA)

    Silver Medal: Jeremy Poirier (Canada)

    Bronze Medal: Luis Villagomez Paredes (Ecuador)

    97 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Kyle Snyder (USA) over Arturo Silot Torres (Cuba) 14-3

    Bronze Medal Match: Nishan Randhawa (Canada) over Ricardo Baez (Argentina) 5-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Luis Perez Sosa (Dominican Republic) over Maxwell Lacey (Costa Rica) Fall

    125 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Dom Bradley (USA) over Jose Diaz Robertti (Venezuela) 2-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Catriel Muriel (Argentina) over Elison Adames Garcia (Dominican Republic) 5-2

    Bronze Medal Match: Aaron Johnson (Jamaica) over Reineris Salas Perez (Cub) MedFFT

    Women's Freestyle

    50 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Sarah Hildebrandt (USA) over Jacqueline Mollocana Eleno (Ecuador) 10-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Patricia Bermudez (Argentina) over Madison Parks (Canada) Fall

    Bronze Medal Match: Yusneylis Guzman Lopez (Cuba) over Thalia Oliveira De Freitas (Brazil) Fall

    53 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Lucia Yepez Guzman (Ecuador) over Bethzabeth Aguello Villegas (Venezuela) 5-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Karla Acosta Martinez (Mexico) over Dom Parrish (USA) 4-2

    Bronze Medal Match: Laura Herin Avila (Cuba) over Thalia Mallqui Peche (Peru) 11-0

    55 kg

    Gold Medal: Diana Weicker (Canada)

    Silver Medal: Alisha Howk (USA)

    Bronze Medal: Adrianny Castillo (Argentina)

    57 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Luisa Valverde Melendres (Ecuador) over Giullia Oliveira (Brazil) 4-2

    Bronze Medal Match: Betzabeth Sarco Colmenarez (Venezuela) over Camila Amarilla (Argentina) Fall

    Bronze Medal Match: Angela Alvarez Martinez (Cuba) over Nes Rodriguez Tirado (Puerto Rico) Fall

    59 kg

    Gold Medal: Xochitil Mota-Pettis (USA)

    Silver Medal: Alexandria Town (Canada)

    Bronze Medal: Jessica N'Derrell (Barbados)

    62 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Ana Godinez Gonzalez (Canada) over Nathali Griman Herrera (Venezuela) Fall

    Bronze Medal Match: Kayla Miracle (USA) over Javiera Roco Pardo (Chile) 10-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Lais Nunes (Brazil) over Katherine Renteria Cuero (Colombia) Fall

    65 kg

    Gold Medal: Mallory Velte (USA)

    Silver Medal: Paula Montoya Garcia (Colombia)

    Bronze Medal: Aleah Nickel (Canada)

    68 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Forrest Molinari (USA) over Ambar Garnica Flores (Mexico) Fall

    Bronze Medal Match: Yanet Sovero Nino (Peru) over Saidy Chavez Figueroa (Honduras) 3-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Hangelen Llanes Echevarria (Cuba) over Soleymi Caraballo Hernandez (Venezuela) 8-3

    72 kg

    Gold Medal: Amit Elor (USA)

    Silver Medal: Luisa Mosquera Parra (Colombia)

    Bronze Medal: Katie Mulkay (Canada)

    76 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Milaimys Marin Potrille (Cuba) over Tatiana Renteria (Colombia) 7-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Genesis Reasco Valdez (Ecuador) over Emelyn Bautista Corcino (Dominican Republic) 11-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Justina DiStasio (Canada) over Maria Acosta (Venezuela) 4-1


    55 kg

    Gold Medal: Dalton Duffield (USA)

    Silver Medal: Jose Rodriguez Hernandez (Mexico)

    Bronze Medal: Axel Rolon (Argentina)

    60 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Dalton Roberts (USA) over Jeremy Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador) 9-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Raiber Rodriguez Orozco (Venezuela) over Alexis Rodriguez Hernandez (Mexico) 7-2

    Bronze Medal Match: Kevin DeArmas Rodriguez (Cuba) over Dicther Toro Castaneda (Colombia) MedFFT

    67 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Luis Orta Sanchez (Cuba) over Nestor Almanaza Truyol (Chile) MedFFT

    Bronze Medal Match: Andres Montano Arroyo (Ecuador) over Edsson Olmos Gutierrez (Mexico) 6-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Julian Horta Acevedo (Colombia) over Enyer Feliciano (Dominican Republic) 9-2

    72 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Justus Scott (USA) over Kenedy Moraes Pedrosa (Brazil) 6-2

    Bronze Medal Match: Jose Varela Garcia (Guatemala) over Jesus Guzman Davila (Peru) 3-1

    77 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Kamal Bey (USA) over Yosvanys Pena Flores (Cuba) 2-1

    Bronze Medal Match: Jair Cuero Munoz (Colombia) over Emmanuel Benitez Casto (Mexico) 6-3

    Bronze Medal Match: Wuileixis Rivas Espinoza (Venezuela) over Luis Centeno Rodriguez (Puerto Rico) MedFFT

    82 kg

    Gold Medal: Spencer Woods (USA)

    Silver Medal: Jose Mosquera Murillo (Colombia)

    Bronze Medal: John Yeats (Canada)

    87 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Daniel Gregorich Hechavarria (Cuba) over Luis Avendano Rojas (Venezuela) MedFFT

    Bronze Medal Match: Carlos Munoz Jaramillo (Colombia) over Ariel Alfonso Rodriguez (Hondurus) 9-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Alan Vera (USA) over Ronisson Brandao Santiago (Brazil) 4-1

    97 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Joe Rau (USA) over Kevin Mejia Castillo (Hondurus) MedFFT

    Bronze Medal Match: Carlos Adames Palmer (Dominican Republic) over Luillys Perez Mora (Venezuela) 9-0

    Bronze Medal Match: Igor Alves de Queiroz (Brazil) over Ricardo Gomez (Argentina) 9-0

    130 kg

    Gold Medal Match: Oscar Pino Hinds (Cuba) over Gino Avila Dilbert (Hondurus) MedFFT

    Bronze Medal Match: Eduard Soghomonyan (Brazil) over Moises Perez Hellburg (Venezuela) 5-3

    Bronze Medal Match: Yasmani Acosta Fernandez (Chile) over Donny Longendyke (USA) 8-0

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