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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    FCW's Weekly Fantasy Outlook (12/7 -12/10)

    The bright lights of Vegas did shine in Week 5, and there was a lot of movement in the Overall Fantasy Wrestler Standings because of it.

    Week 5:

    Despite his shock loss in the first match of the tournament, Nic Bouzakis (OHST) is your Week 5 Fantasy Wrestler with 30 Fpts in eight matches.

    Zach Elam (MIZZ) and Nathan Higley (GMU) both wrestled in their team’s dual(s) and then into their respective tournaments (Cougar Clash and Patriots Open) and finished with 26 Fpts each. However, Elam had a better PPM of 5.20 to Higley’s 4.30.

    Two Oklahoma State Cowboys follow up next in the standings with CKLV champ Izzak Olejnik having 24 Fpts and Dustin Plott with the same. Also having 24 Fots was Garrett Thompson, who has been putting together a great Fantasy 2024 campaign.

    At the bottom of the Top-25, heavyweight Boone McDermott (ORST), tied #25 Carson Kharchla (OHST) but fell to #36 due to PPM (kharchal’s 3.00 compared to McDermott’s 2.30.

    Overall Standings:

    Caleb Henson remains atop the mountain at #1, extending his lead slightly to 66 total Fpts. Trent Hidlay uses a CKLV title to jump up two spots to #2, while despite winning his only match of the week, Peyton Hall (WVU) drops from #2 to #9. Not quite a Maida rankings slip, but still significant.

    To see the FULL Week 5 and the OVERALL #FCW24 Leaderboards, click HERE.

    On to Week 6:

    Another low-key type scoring week ahead, which again will put emphasis on getting the most out of your lineup matches. Only one official D1 tournament on the slate in the Cleveland State Open.

    As usual, entries are still coming in for each of these tournaments, so keep the notifications on for @FantasyD1Wrestl as updates will be posted to the InterMat Forum Fantasy Wrestling Board

    A reminder of some important rules:

    • Wrestlers entered at a weight must compete at that weight or else their results will not be counted. Wrestlers in the “Floater” spots can compete at ANY weight and accumulate Fantasy points.
    • A wrestler will LOCK on your roster at 12pm ET on the day of their first competition for the week (refer to the SHP’s Week Preview).
    • Only results against D1 competition (starters, backups, and redshirts) will count towards Fantasy Points. 

    Check your league settings to know how many add/drops are permitted per week. 


    Wrestlers I Like This Week

    Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score]

    *organized by most potential points to least, then by school alphabetically”:



    Ethan Berginc (ARMY)-  Cleveland State Open

    Eric Barnett (WISC)- @ Drexel, @ Rider [+8]

    Dean Peterson (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+7]

    Pat McKee (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+4]

    Evan Tallmadge (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+4]

    Logan Agin (DUKE)- @ Davidson [+3]

    Drake Ayala (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    Stevo Poulin (UNCO)- Vs West Virginia [+3]



    Dylan Shawver (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+8]

    Braxton Brown (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5]

    Aaron Nagao (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5]

    Cayden Rooks (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4]

    Ryan Crookham (LEH)- @ Oklahoma State [+4]

    Tyler Wells (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+4]

    Brendan Ferretti (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+4]

    Jackson Sichelstiel (DAV)- Vs Duke [+3]

    Dominick Serrano (UNCO)- Vs West Virginia [+3]



    Wyatt Henson (LHU)- Cleveland State Open

    Mitch Moore (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+10]

    Kal Miller (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+6]

    Jordan Titus (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+6]

    Joshua Koderhandt (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+5]

    Beau Bartlett (PSU)- VsHofstra [+5]

    Josh Mason (BLOO)- @ Long Island [+4]

    Danny Fongaro (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4]

    Real Woods (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4]

    Cael Happel (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+4]

    Josh Edmond (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+3]

    Jesse Mendez (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+3]

    McKenzie Bell (RID)- Vs Wisconsin [+3]



    Nick Stonecheck (LHU)- Cleveland State Open

    Ty Watters (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+9]

    Kal Miller (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+6]

    Victor Voinovich (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4]

    Dylan D’Emilio (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+4]

    Tyler Kasak (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+4]

    Tyler McKnight (DAV)- Vs Duke [+3]



    Nate Lukez (ARMY)- Cleveland State Open

    Michael North (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5]

    Jared Franek (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+5]

    Brock Mauller (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+5]

    Levi Haines (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+4]

    Johnny Lovett (CMU)- @ Indiana [+3]

    Michael Blockhus (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3]

    Ryder Downey (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    Peyten Kellar (OHIO)- @ Navy [+3]

    Paddy Gallagher (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+3]



    Beau Mantanona (MICH)- Cleveland State Open

    Dean Hamiti (WISC)- @ Drexel, @ Rider [+9]

    Izzak Olejnik (OKST)- Vs Lehigh, @ Oklahoma [+7]

    Keegan O’Toole (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+5]

    Mitchell Mesenbrink (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5]

    Michael Caliendo (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4]

    Garrett Thompson (OHIO)- @ Navy [+4] * assuming Cerniglia is not wrestling

    Derek Gilcher (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+3]

    Holden Heller (PITT)- @ Ohio State [+3]



    Brody Conley (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+8]

    Carter Starocci (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5]

    Donnell Washington (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4]

    Patrick Kennedy (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+4]

    Peyton Mocco (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+4]

    Tate Picklo (OU)- Vs Oklahoma State [+4]

    Dominic Solis (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+3]

    Andrew Sparks (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3]

    Danny Wask (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+3]

    Carson Kharchla (OHST)- Vs Pittsburgh [+3]



    Seth Shumate (OHST)- Cleveland State Open

    Dustin Plott (OKST)- Vs Lehigh, @ Oklahoma [+8]

    Brian Soldano (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+8]

    Isaiah Salazar (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+5]

    Bernie Truax (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5]

    Roman Rogotzke (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4]

    Clayton Whiting (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+4]

    Parker Keckeisen (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+4]

    Kingsley Menifee (MORG)- Vs Maryland [+3]



    Austin Cooley (WVU)- @ Air Force, @ Northern Colorado [+6]

    Jaxon Smith (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5]

    Rocky Elam (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+5]

    Aaron Brooks (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+5]

    Gabe Sollars (IND)- Vs Central Michigan [+4]

    Garrett Joles (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3]

    Wyatt Voelker (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+3]



    Yaraslau Slavikouski (RUT)- Vs Princeton, Vs Buffalo [+8]

    Wyatt Hendrickson (AF)- Vs West Virginia [+5] *if he wrestles

    Seth Nevills (MARY)- @ Morgan State [+5]

    Zach Elam (MIZZ)- Vs Wyoming [+4]

    Grady Greiss (NAVY)- Vs Ohio [+4]

    Greg Kerkvliet (PSU)- Vs Hofstra [+4]

    Bradley Hill (IOWA)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    Bennett Tabor (MINN)- Vs North Dakota State [+3]

    Jose Valdez (UNI)- Vs Columbia [+3]

    David Szuba (RID)- Vs Wisconsin [+3]

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