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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    FCW's Week 5 Fantasy Outlook (12/1 -12/4)

    Lock Haven 174 lber Tyler Stoltzfus (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Maybe it's fitting that one of the slowest weeks in competition for the season occurred during the week of the most gluttonous holidays. Most of it, a snoozefest. Either by the lack of usual duals and tournaments, or because of the tryptophan. Maybe both.

    That doesn't mean it didn't have its moments. Penn at Iowa lived up to the billing (to me at least), and some fantasy wrestlers made some strides up the leaderboards. Unless you picked up in the transfer portal correctly, chances are your Week 4 scoreboard looked something like mine: a win, 6 Fpts to 3 (take THAT, JR Hewitt!). But there were a few standout stars on the tournament circuit.

    174 Tyler Stoltzfus of Lock Haven went with four straight pins to get the high weekly score of 24 Fpts. Followed by his teammate (and probably practice-partner) 165 Avery Bassett, who himself had three pins for 18 Fpts. Tied for second, with three pins of his own (and a win by MFF), was 184 James Lledo (PITT) and Cornell's 149 JJ Wilson was one point shy with 17 Fpts in five matches.

    In the overall Fantasy Wrestler Standings, 285 Mason Parris (MICH) added a pin to bring his season total to 41 Fpts, but slipped from #1 to #4 thanks to some tourney performances by 149 John Millner (APP) and 157 Peyten Keller (OHIO), both with 45 Fpts but Millner having the better Points-Per-Match of 4.5 to 3.5, respectively. Army's 125 Ethen “the C is Silent” Berginc had 5 matches in Week 3 (18 Fpts) which helped him keep the #3 spot, despite not wrestling in Week 4.

    On to Week 5

    It's Vegas week, which means for another year I get to post a favorite song of mine (with the star of the show, direct from the bar - Dean Martin).

    Of last year's Top-20 Teams, 18 will be in competitions this week as well as 73 of the 80 D1 teams. Most teams will be at CKLV (10 of last season's Top-20 teams and 33 of the D1 teams).

    Cliff Keen Las Vegas has become one of the top tournaments during the regular season, even if some teams decide to Triple-S (Strategically Sit for Seeding) or because of injury or because, who the hell knows why.

    Outside of CKLV, a couple other tournaments to keep an eye on include the Cougar Clash and Patriot Open. Both these tournaments should have a good number of D1 schools participating to allow for a good Fantasy scoring opportunity. Other than the typical duals, The Garden State Grapple (EIWA/Big Ten Challenge) will be throwing down in Taylor Ham country, which will give those selected teams two duals on the day.

    See all upcoming tournaments HERE on WrestleStat.

    Tournament entries continue to update the closer to registration cut-off/day of the event, and we don't want to make an "ass out of u and me" with teams and entries, so be sure to check back and turn those notifications "ON" for our updates and news.

    A reminder of some important rules:

  • Wrestlers entered at a weight must compete at that weight or else their results will not be counted. Wrestlers in the "Floater" spots can compete at ANY weight and accumulate Fantasy points.
  • A wrestler will LOCK on your roster at 12pm ET on the day of their first competition for the week. (refer to the Master Team Schedule, Week 2 Visual, or SHP's Weekly Preview)
  • Only results against D1 competition (starters, backups, and redshirts) will count towards Fantasy Points.
  • Check your league settings to know how many add/drops are permitted per week.

    Have a question, concern, suggestions, or just want to chat about Fantasy Wrestling? Hit us up on Twitter or head over to the InterMat Forums where we have a Fantasy Wrestling dedicated Forum page!

    Be sure to listen to the #FCWpodcast as well for other hidden nuggets and detailed discussion on these wrestlers (and deeper, riskier picks) to help you win the week!

    Wrestlers I Like This Week

    Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score]
    *organized by tournament name first, then by school name*


    Richie Figueroa (ASU)- CKLV

    Michael DeAugustino (NW)- CKLV

    Brandon Kaylor (ORST)- CKLV

    Matt Ramos (PUR)- CKLV

    Anthony Noto (LHU)- Vs Davidson [+5], Patriot Open

    Pat Glory (PRIN)- Garden State Grapple (WISC & MSU) [+7]

    Dylan Shawver/Dean Perterson (RUT)- Garden State Grapple (PENN & DREX) [+7]

    Kysen Terukina (ISU)- @ Iowa [+5]

    Noah Surtin (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+5]

    Ethan Berginc (ARMY)- @ American [+3]

    Carter Bailey (LEH)- Vs Penn State [+3]


    Michael McGee (ASU)- CKLV

    Vito Arujau (COR)- CKLV

    Roman Bravo-Young (PSU)- @ Rider, @ Lehigh [+9]

    Lucas Byrd (ILL)- Vs Pittsburgh, Vs Chattanooga [+7]

    Henry Porter (IND)- Garden State Grapple (BING & DREX) [+7]

    Rayvon Foley (MSU)- Garden State Grapple (BING & PRIN) [+7]

    Cole Rhone (BU)- Patriot Duals [+6]

    Michael Colaiocco (PENN)- Garden State Grapple (RUT & WISC) [+6]

    Daton Fix (OKST)- Vs Minnesota [+4]

    Connor Brown (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+3]


    Vince Cornella (COR)- CKLV

    Brock Hardy (NEB)- CKLV

    Ryan Jack (NCST)- CKLV

    Zach Price (GWU)- Patriot Duals [+7] , Patriot Open

    Sammy Alvarez (RUT)- Garden State Grapple (PENN & DREX) [+8]

    Beau Bartlett (PSU)- @ Rider, @ Lehigh [+7]

    Joseph Zargo (WISC)- Garden State Grapple (PENN & PRIN) [+6]

    Julian Sanchez (ARMY)- @ American [+3]

    Jake Bergeland (MINN)- @ Oklahoma State [+3]

    Cole Matthews (PITT)- @ Illinois [+3]


    John Millner (APP)- CKLV

    Kyle Parco (ASU)- CKLV

    Sammy Sasso (OHST)- CKLV

    James Latona (NAVY)- Patriot Open

    Jarrod Verkleeren (UVA)- @ Queens , @ Campbell [+9]

    Austin Gomez (WISC)- Garden State Grapple (PENN & PRIN) [+7]

    Graham Rooks (IND)- Garden State Grapple (BING & DREX) [+6]

    Brock Mauller (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+4]


    Will Lewan (MICH)- CKLV

    Peyton Robb (NEB)- CKLV

    Ed Scott (NCST)- CKLV

    Paddy Gallagher (OHST)- CKLV

    Clayton Ulrey (VT)- Patriot Open

    Peter Pappas (GMU)- Patriot Duals [+6] , Patriot Open

    Ashton Eyler (LHU)- Vs Davidson [+3], Patriot Open

    Quincy Monday (PRIN)- Garden State Grapple (WISC & MSU) [+7]

    Anthony Artalona (PENN)- Garden State Grapple (RUT & WISC) [+6]

    Nathan Lukez (ARMY)- @ American [+3]

    Josh Humphreys (LEH)- Vs Penn State [+3]

    Brayton Lee (MINN)- @ Oklahoma State [+3]

    Jarrett Jacques (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+3]

    Dazjon Casto (PITT)- @ Illinois [+3]


    Julian Ramirez (COR)- CKLV

    Carson Kharchla (OHST)- CKLV

    Roderick Mosley (GWU)- Patriot Duals [+7] , Patriot Open

    Avery Bassett (LHU)- Vs Davidson [+4], Patriot Open

    Justin McCoy (UVA)- @ Queens, @ Campbell [+10]

    Dean Hamiti (WISC)- Garden State Grapple (PENN & PRIN) [+9]

    Evan Barczak (DREX)- Garden State Grapple (IND & RUT) [+8]

    Caleb Fish (MSU)- Garden State Grapple (BING & PRIN) [+8]

    Dalton Harkins (ARMY)- @ American [+3]

    Keegan O'Toole (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+3]


    Michael Labriola (NEB)- CKLV

    Mekhi Lewis (VT)- CKLV

    Logan Messer (GMU)- Patriot Duals [+8] , Patriot Open

    Tyler Stoltzfus (LHU)- Vs Davidson [+4], Patriot Open

    Carter Starocci (PSU)- @ Rider, @ Lehigh [+9]

    Donnell Washington (IND)- Garden State Grapple (BING & DREX) [+7]

    Edmond Ruth (ILL)- Vs Chattanooga , Vs Pittsburgh [+6]

    Nick Incontrera (PENN)- Garden State Grapple (RUT & WISC) [+6]

    Ben Pasuik (ARMY)- @ American [+3]

    Peyton Mocco (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+3]

    Dustin Plott (OKST)- Vs Minnesota [+3]


    Trent Hidlay (NEB)- CKLV

    Parker Keckeisen (UNI)- CKLV

    Kaleb Romero (OHST)- CKLV

    Trey Munoz (ORST)- CKLV

    Malachi Duvall (GMU)- Patriot Duals [+7] , Patriot Open

    Sam Fisher (VT)- Patriot Open

    Brian Soldano (RUT)- Garden State Grapple (PENN & DREX) [+10]

    Aaron Brooks (PSU)- @ Rider, @ Lehigh [+8]

    Layne Malczewski (MSU)- Garden State Grapple (BING & PRIN) [+7]

    Sahm AbdulRazzaq (ARMY)- @ American [+3]

    Sean Harman/Colton Hawks (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+3]

    Reece Heller (PITT)- @ Illinois [+3]


    Issac Trumble (NCST)- CKLV

    Tanner Sloan (SDSU)- CKLV

    Max Dean (PSU)- @ Rider, @ Lehigh [+6]

    Lou DePrez (BING)- Garden State Grapple (MSU & IND) [+7]

    Tyler Mousaw (VMI)- Vs Duke, Vs Franklin & Marshall [+7]

    Rocky Elam (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+4]

    Nino Bonaccorsi (PITT)- @ Illinois [+3]


    Cohlton Schultz (ASU)- CKLV

    Mason Parris (MICH)- CKLV

    Yaraslau Slavilouski (HARV)- CKLV

    Triston Norris (APP)- Patriot Open

    Issac Reid (LHU)- Vs Davidson [+4], Patriot Open

    Greg Kerkvliet (PSU)- @ Rider, @ Lehigh [+9]

    Joshua Neisenbaum (DUKE)- Vs Franklin & Marshall, @ VMI [+6]

    Trent Hillger (WISC)- Garden State Grapple (PENN & PRIN) [+6]

    Taye Ghadiali (CAMP)- Vs Virginia [+4]

    Anthony Cassioppi (IOWA)- Vs Iowa State [+4]

    Zach Elam (MIZZ)- Vs West Virginia [+3]
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