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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    FCW's Week 2 Fantasy Outlook (11/9-11/13)

    2x NCAA All-American Mason Parris (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    Week 1 started with a bang, with some surprising dual and tournament results. But that's what makes it fun, right?

    Not if your Fantasy roster is on the losing end of those surprises…..

    Currently, Mason Parris (Mich) leads all Fantasy Wrestlers with 26 Fpts (three pins, two majors), but just two points behind him is redshirting true freshman Joseph Martin from Northwestern. In the Freshman/Sophomore Division at the Michigan State Open, Martin won by pin in four straight matches (all under in 2 minutes).

    Seven redshirts and five "back-ups" are in the Top-33 Overall Fantasy Wrestlers after Week 1. With more tournaments on the horizon in the front end of this season, I expect to see this trend continue.

    Check out the full list of the current Top-33 Fantasy Wrestlers after Week 1, HERE.

    On to Week 2

    70 of the 80 D1 teams will be in action this week in some type of match or another, with 17 of last season's Top-20 Teams competing. A highly competitive week which bodes well for those highly ranked wrestlers you may not have been able to use last week.

    Aside from the typical duals, tri-meets, and tournaments, we have WrangleMania and the pooled round-robin event: Journeymen Classic. The Journeymen Classic is usually pools of three or four wrestlers and gets two or three matches on the day.

    Several tournaments to keep an eye on that will have a lot of D1 competition are: Appalachian State Invite, Bearcat Open, Bison Open, The Battle at The Citadel, Tiger Style Invite, and Cowboy Open.

    Other tournaments, which may have less D1 competition (and thus less opportunities to score fantasy points) are the Grand View Open, Luther College Open, and the Ohio Intercollegiate Open.

    See all upcoming tournaments HERE on WrestleStat.

    Tournament entries continue to update the closer to registration cut-off/day of the event, and we don't want to make an "ass out of u and me" with teams and entries, so be sure to check back and turn those notifications "ON" for our updates and news.

    A reminder of some important rules:

  • Wrestlers entered at a weight must compete at that weight or else their results will not be counted. Wrestlers in the "Floater" spots can compete at ANY weight and accumulate Fantasy points.

  • A wrestler will LOCK on your roster at 12pm ET on the day of their first competition for the week. (refer to the Master Team Schedule, Week 2 Visual, or SHP's Week Preview).

  • Only results against D1 competition (starters, backups, and redshirts) will count towards Fantasy Points.

  • Check your league settings to know how many add/drops are permitted per week.

    Have a question, concern, suggestion, or just want to chat about Fantasy Wrestling? Hit us up on Twitter or head over to the InterMat Forums where we have a Fantasy Wrestling dedicated Forum page!

    Wrestlers I Like This Week

    Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score]
    *organized by tournament name first, then by school name*


    Stevo Poulin (UNCO)- @ Binghamton, Bearcat Open

    Nico Provo (STAN)- Appalachian State Invite

    Braxton Brown (MD)- Tiger Style Invite

    Noah Surtin (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Tristan Lujan (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+7]

    Jack Medley (MICH)- Vs Campbell, Vs North Carolina [+6]

    Blake West (NIU)- Vs Lindenwood [+6]

    Joey Prata (OU)- Buffalo & Lehigh @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+6*]

    Trevor Mastrogiovanni (OKST)- @ Lehigh , @ Bucknell [+6]

    Kysen Terukina (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+5]

    Colton Camacho (PITT)- @ Cleveland State [+4]

    Matt Ramos (PUR)- Vs Rider [+4]

    Dylan Shawver (RUT)- Vs Clarion, Sacred Heart & Arizona State @ WrangleMania [+4]

    Brandon Courtney (ASU)- Vs Rutgers @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+3*]

    Markel Baker (GMU)- Vs Queens [+3]


    Lucas Byrd (ILL)- Tiger Style Invite

    Michael Colaiocco (PENN)- Journeymen Classic

    Rayvon Foley (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+9]

    Daton Fix (OKST)- @ Lehigh , @ Bucknell [+9]

    Wyatt Henson (OU)- Buffalo & Lehigh @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+8*]

    Dylan Ragusin (MICH)- Vs Campbell, Vs North Carolina [+6]

    Josh Jones (GMU)- Vs Queens [+5]

    Roman Bravo-Young (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+5]

    Brody Teske/Cullen Schriever (IOWA)- Vs California Baptist [+4]

    Zach Redding (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+4]

    Bryce West (NIU)- Vs Lindenwood [+4]

    Micky Phillippi (PITT)- @ Cleveland State [+4]

    Michael McGee (ASU)- Vs Rutgers @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+3*]

    Jesse Mendez (OHST)- Vs Virginia Tech [+3]


    Andrew Alirez (UNCO)- @ Binghamton, Bearcat Open

    Kal Miller (MD)- Tiger Style Invite

    Allan Hart (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Sammy Alvarez (RUT)- Vs Clarion, Sacred Heart & Arizona State @ WrangleMania [+13]

    Jordan Hamdan (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+10]

    Ryan Jack (NCST)- Lock Haven & Nebraska @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+6*]

    Casey Swiderski (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+4]

    Javion Jones (NIU)- Vs Lindenwood [+4]

    Cole Matthews (PITT)- @ Cleveland State [+4]

    Beau Bartlett (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+3]

    Parker Filius (PUR)- Vs Rider [+3]


    Jaden Abas (STAN)- Appalachian State Invite

    Anthony Artalona (PENN)- Journeymen Classic

    Dom Demas (CP)- Tiger Style Invite

    Brock Mauller (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Peyton Omania (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+8]

    Quinn Kinner (RID)- @ SIU-Edwardsville, @ Purdue [+7]

    Thomas Deck (ARMY)- Vs Sacred Heart, Nebraska @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+3*]

    Jackson Arrington (NCST)- Lock Haven & Nebraska @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+6*]

    Anthony White (RUT)- Vs Clarion, Sacred Heart & Arizona State @ WrangleMania [+5]

    Max Murin (IOWA)- Vs California Baptist [+4]

    Shayne Van Ness (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+4]

    Brock McMillen (PITT)- @ Cleveland State [+4]

    Kyle Parco (ASU)- Vs Rutgers @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+3*]

    Paniro Johnson (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+3]

    Anthony Cheloni (NIU)- Vs Lindenwood [+3]

    Sammy Sasso (OHST)- Vs Virginia Tech [+3]


    Daniel Cardenas (STAN)- Appalachian State Invite

    Jake Keating (UVA)- Appalachian State Invite

    Doug Zapf (PENN)- Journeymen Classic

    Luka Wick (CP)- Tiger Style Invite

    Jarrett Jacques (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Chase Saldate (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+10]

    Austin O'Connor (UNC)- Vs Campbell, Vs Michigan [+7]

    Josh Humphreys (LEH)- Vs Oklahoma State, Vs Oklahoma [+6]

    Jason Kraisser (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+4]

    Kendall Coleman (PUR)- Vs Rider [+4]

    Cael Valencia (ASU)- Vs Rutgers @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+3*]

    Cobe Siebrecht (IOWA)- Vs California Baptist [+3]

    Anthony Gibson (NIU)- Vs Lindenwood [+3]


    Hunter Garvin (STAN)- Appalachian State Invite

    Shane Griffith (STAN)- Appalachian State Invite

    Lucas Revano (PENN)- Journeymen Classic

    Bryce Hepner (OHST)- Ohio Intercollegiate Open

    Legend Lamer (CP)- Tiger Style Invite

    Danny Braunagel (ILL)- Tiger Style Invite

    Keegan O'Toole (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Cam Amine (MICH)- Vs Campbell, Vs North Carolina [+11]

    Caleb Fish (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+9]

    Dalton Harkins (ARMY)- Vs Sacred Heart, Nebraska @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+6*]

    Garrit Nijenhuis (OU)- Buffalo & Lehigh @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+6*]

    Hunter Mays (RID)- @ SIU-Edwardsville, @ Purdue [+6]

    David Carr (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+4]

    Izzak Olejnik (NIU)- Vs Lindenwood [+3]

    Carson Kharchla (OHST)- Vs Virginia Tech [+3]

    Alex Facundo (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+3]


    Sal Perrine (OHIO)- Appalachian State Invite

    Tyler Eischens (STAN)- Appalachian State Invite

    Phil Conigliaro (HARV)- Journeymen Classic

    Peyton Mocco (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Edmund Ruth (ILL)- Tiger Style Invite

    Dustin Plott (OKST)- @ Lehigh , @ Bucknell [+8]

    DJ Shannon (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+7]

    Michael Labriola (NCST)- Army & NC State @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+7*]

    Clay Lautt (UNC)- Vs Campbell, Vs Michigan [+6]

    Logan Messer (GMU)- Vs Queens [+5]

    Carter Starocci (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+5]

    MJ Gaitan (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+4]

    Luca Augustine (PITT)- @ Cleveland State [+3]

    Mekhi Lewis (VT)- @ Ohio State [+3]


    Adam Kemp (CP)- Tiger Style Invite

    Sean Harman (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Trent Hidlay (NCST)- Lock Haven & Nebraska @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+9*]

    Matt Finesilver (MICH)- Vs Campbell, Vs North Carolina [+7]

    Layne Malczewski (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+7]

    Travis Wittlake (OKST)- @ Lehigh , @ Bucknell [+7]

    Kyle Davis (GMU)- Vs Queens [+5]

    Marcus Coleman (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+5]

    Aaron Brooks (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+5]

    Abe Assad (IOWA)- Vs California Baptist [+3]


    Lou DePrez (BING)- Vs Northern Colorado, Bearcat Open

    Nick Stemmet (STAN)- Appalachian State Invite

    Bernie Truax (CP)- Tiger Style Invite

    Zac Braunagel (ILL)- Tiger Style Invite

    Cameron Caffey (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+11]

    Michael Beard (LEH)- Vs Oklahoma State, Vs Oklahoma [+6]

    Max Shaw (UNC)- Vs Campbell, Vs Michigan [+6]

    Yonger Bastida (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+5]

    Max Dean (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+5]

    Jacob Warner (IOWA)- Vs California Baptist [+4]

    Nino Bonaccorsi (PITT)- @ Cleveland State [+4]

    Kordell Norfleet (ASU)- Vs Rutgers @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+3*]

    Jon List (GMU)- Vs Queens [+3]

    Gavin Hoffman (OHST)- Vs Virginia Tech [+3]


    Yaraslau Slavilouski (HARV)- Journeymen Classic

    Mike Mista (OHST)- Ohio Intercollegiate Open

    Zach Elam (MIZZ)- Tiger Style Invite

    Jaron Smith (MD)- Tiger Style Invite

    Mason Parris (MICH)- Vs Campbell, Vs North Carolina [+10]

    Ryan Vasbinder (MSU)- @ Davidson, @ Presbyterian [+9]

    Anthony Cassioppi (IOWA)- Vs California Baptist [+6]

    Owen Trephan (NCST)- Lock Haven & Nebraska @ WrangleMania + Journeymen Classic* [+6*]

    Cohlton Schultz (ASU)- Vs Rutgers @ WrangleMania, Journeyman Classic* [+4*]

    Sam Schuyler (ISU)- Vs Cal Baptist [+4]

    Greg Kerkvliet (PSU)- Vs Lock Haven [+4]

    Dayton Pitzer (PITT)- @ Cleveland State [+4]
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