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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    FCW's Week 14 Fantasy Outlook (2/1-2/4)

    Two remaining weeks of Fantasy Regular Season competition. If you’re not doing a carry-over league, you might need to start dropping those highly ranked names for guys who are going to be guaranteed wrestling rather than seed-protecting.

    Through 13 weeks, we have two wrestlers who have separated themselves from the rest of the wrestling pack in 285 Taye Ghadiali (CAMP) and 141 Wyatt Henson (LHU). Both have 97 Fpts on the season and are #1 and #2 respectively based on their PPM. 149 Caleb Henson, who has been in the tops of the Overall Season rankings this year, comes in at #3 just one point above 197 Stephen Buchanan.

    See the current Top-25 Overall Season Fantasy Wrestler Standings HERE.

    For this week, there are three main tournaments to keep an eye on: Edinboro Open, Greyhound Open, and Missouri Valley Open. 

    As usual, entries are still coming in for each of these tournaments, so keep the notifications on for @FantasyD1Wrestl as updates will be posted to the InterMat Forum Fantasy Wrestling Board.

    A reminder of some important rules:

    • Wrestlers entered at a weight must compete at that weight or else their results will not be counted. Wrestlers in the “Floater” spots can compete at ANY weight and accumulate Fantasy points.
    • A wrestler will LOCK on your roster at 12pm ET on the day of their first competition for the week (refer to the SHP’s Week Preview).
    • Only results against D1 competition (starters, backups, and redshirts) will count towards Fantasy Points. 
    • Check your league settings to know how many add/drops are permitted per week. 

    Wrestlers I Like This Week

    Wrestler (School)- competition for the week  [Proj Score]

    *organized by most potential points to least, then by school alphabetically”:



    Pat McKee (MINN)- Vs Maryland, Vs Northwestern  [+10]

    Anthony Noto (LHU)- Vs Clarion, @ Navy  [+8]

    Jack Maida (AMER)- Vs Drexel, Vs Morgan State  [+7]

    Brayden Palmer (CHAT)-  Vs The Citadel, @ Gardner-Webb  [+7]

    Tyler Klinsky (RID)- @ Drexel, @ George Mason  [+7]

    Jore Volk (WYO)- Vs South Dakota State, Vs North Dakota State  [+7]

    Anthony Molton (CAMP)- Vs Appalachian State, Vs Gardner-Webb  [+6]

    Caleb Smith (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+4]

    Blake West (NIU)- @ Buffalo  [+4]

    Braeden Davis (PSU)- Vs Ohio State  [+4]

    Kysen Terukina (ISU)- Vs West Virginia  [+3]

    Colton Camacho (PITT)- @ Duke  [+3]

    Nico Provo (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+3]

    Cooper Flynn (VT)- @ Virginia  [+3]


    Michael Colaiocco (PENN)- @ Brown, @ Harvard  [+8]

    Blake Boarman (CHAT)-  Vs The Citadel, @ Gardner-Webb  [+7]

    Daton Fix (OKST)- Vs Arizona State, @ Missouri  [+6]

    Mason Leiphart (F&M)- Vs Long Island  [+5]

    Vince Santaniello (PITT)- @ Duke  [+5]

    Vito Arujau (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

    Evan Frost (ISU)- Vs West Virginia  [+4]

    Ryan Crookham (LEH)- @ Army  [+4]

    Julian Farber (UNI)- Vs West Virginia  [+4]

    Dom LaJoie (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+4]

    Hunter Leake (CBU)- @ Air Force  [+3]

    Jacob Van Dee (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+3]

    Kai Orine (NCST)- Vs North Carolina  [+3]

    Sam Latona (VT)- @ Virginia  [+3]



    Wyatt Henson (LHU)- Vs Clarion, @ Navy  [+7]

    CJ Composto (PENN)- @ Brown, @ Harvard  [+7}

    Tagen Jamison (OKST)- Vs Arizona State, @ Missouri  [+6]

    Cole Matthews (PITT)- @ Duke  [+5]

    Brock Hardy (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+4]

    Jason Miranda (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+4]

    Vince Cornella (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+3]

    Malyke Hines (LEH)- @ Army  [+3]

    Tom Crook (VT)- @ Virginia  [+3]



    Kannon Webster (ILL)- Greyhound Open

    Cody Bond (APP)- @ Campbell, Vs VMI  [+7]

    Noah Castillo (CHAT)-  Vs The Citadel, @ Gardner-Webb  [+7]

    Joseph Zargo (WISC)- Vs Northwestern, @ Purdue  [+7]

    Nicholas Stonecheck (LHU)- Vs Clarion, @ Navy  [+6]

    Dylan D’Emilio (OHST)- @ Penn State, @ Rutgers  [+6]

    Ridge Lovett (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+5]

    Matthew Williams (ARMY)- Vs Lehigh  [+4]

    Chance Lamer (CP)- @ Little Rock [+4]

    Finn Solomon  (PITT)- @ Duke  [+4]

    Jaden Abas (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+4]

    Ethan Fernandez (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+3]

    Jackson Arrington (NCST)- Vs North Carolina  [+3]


    Tommy Askey (APP)- @ Campbell, Vs VMI  [+7]

    Jacori Teemer (ASU)- @ Oklahoma State, Vs Oregon State  [+6]

    Michael Blockhus (MINN)- Vs Maryland, Vs Northwestern  [+6]

    Lucas Revano (PENN)- @ Brown, @ Harvard  [+6]

    Daniel Cardenas (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+6]

    Ed Scott (NCST)- Vs North Carolina  [+5]

    Meyer Shapiro (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

    Cody Chittum (ISU)- Vs West Virginia  [+3]

    Peyton Robb (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+3]

    Levi Haines (PSU)- Vs Ohio State  [+3]


    Dean Hamiti (WISC)- Vs Northwestern, @ Purdue  [+8]

    Caleb Fish (MSU)- @ Illinois, @ Indiana  [+6]

    Julian Ramirez (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

    Mitchell Mesenbrink (PSU)- Vs Ohio State  [+4]

    Holden Heller (PITT)- @ Duke  [+4]

    Hunter Garvin (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+4]

    Giano Petrucelli (AF)- Vs California Baptist  [+3]

    David Carr (ISU)- Vs West Virginia  [+3]

    Keegan O’Toole (MIZZ)- Vs Oklahoma State  [+3]

    Antrell Taylor (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+3]

    Derek Fields (NCST)- Vs North Carolina  [+3]

    Joseph Bianchi (LR)- Vs Cal Poly  [+3]


    Sean Harman (MIZZ)-  Missouri Valley Open  (Flex)

    Max Maylor (WISC)- Vs Northwestern, @ Purdue  [+7]

    Lennox Wolak (COL)- @ Cornell, Vs Bucknell  [+6]

    Edmond Ruth (ILL)- Vs Michigan State, @Nebraska  [+6]

    Carter Starocci (PSU)- Vs Ohio State  [+4]

    Luca Augustine (PITT)- @ Duke  [+4]

    Lorenzo Norman (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+4]

    Ben Pasuik (ARMY)- Vs Lehigh  [+3]

    John Worthing (CLAR)- @ Lock Haven  [+3]

    Donnell Washington (IND)- @ Indiana  [+3]

    Mekhi Lewis (VT)- @ Virginia  [+3]



    Caleb Hopkins (CAMP)- Vs Appalachian State, Vs Gardner-Webb  [+7]

    Isaiah Salazar (MINN)- Vs Maryland, Vs Northwestern  [+7]

    Dustin Plott (OKST)- Vs Arizona State, @ Missouri  [+7]

    Chris Foca (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

    Parker Keckeisen (UNI)- Vs West Virginia  [+4]

    Trey Munoz (ORST)- @ Arizona State [+4]

    Reece Heller (PITT)- @ Duke  [+4]

    Jack Darrah (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+4]

    Sam Wolf (AF)- Vs California Baptist  [+3]

    Cameron Pine (CLAR)- @ Lock Haven  [+3]

    James Conway (F&M)- Vs Long Island  [+3]

    Will Feldkamp (ISU)- Vs West Virginia  [+3]

    Tristan Wells (LR)- @ Cal Poly  [+3]

    Lenny Pinto (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+3]

    Bernie Truax (PSU)- Vs Ohio State  [+3]

    Dakota Howard (VT)- @ Virginia  [+3]



    Luke Stout (PRIN)- @ Harvard, @ Brown  [+9]

    Levi Hopkins (CAMP)- Vs Appalachian State, Vs Gardner-Webb  [+7]

    Michael Beard (LEH)- @ Army  [+5]

    Stephen Little (LR)- @ Cal Poly  [+5]

    Nick Stemmet (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+5]

    Sam Mitchell (BUFF)- Vs Northern Illinois  [+4]

    Jacob Cardenas (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

    Silas Allred (NEB)- Vs Illinois  [+4]

    Trent Hidlay (NCST)- Vs North Carolina  [+4]

    Aaron Brooks (PSU)- Vs Ohio State  [+4]

    Mac Stout (PITT)- @ Duke  [+4]

    Justin Rademacher (ORST)- @ Arizona State [+3]

    Andy Smith (VT)- @ Virginia  [+3]



    Keaton Kluever (HOF)- Edinboro Open

    Taye Ghadiali (CAMP)- Vs Appalachian State, Vs Gardner-Webb  [+9]

    William Jarrell (AMER)- Vs Drexel, Vs Morgan State  [+7]

    Wyatt Hendrickson (AF)- Vs California Baptist  [+6]

    Lewis Fernandes (COR)- Vs Columbia  [+4]

    Yonger Bastida (ISU)- Vs West Virginia  [+4]

    Nathan Taylor (LEH)- @ Army  [+4]

    Connor Barket (DUKE)- Vs Pittsburgh  [+3]

    Owen Trephan (NCST)- Vs North Carolina  [+3]

    Greg Kerkvliet (PSU)- Vs Ohio State  [+3]

    Peter Ming (STAN)- Vs CSU Bakersfield  [+3]

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