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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    FCW's Week 1 Fantasy Outlook (11/4-11/6)

    2022 Pac-12 champion Trey Munoz (photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    By the time you read this, three D1 teams will have competed to kick off the 2023 Wrestling season. That means setting a lineup to win the week.

    A reminder of some important rules:

  • Wrestlers entered at a weight must compete at that weight or else their results will not be counted. Wrestlers in the "Floater" spots can compete at ANY weight and accumulate Fantasy points.
  • A wrestler will LOCK on your roster at 12pm ET on the day of their first competition for the week.
  • Only results against D1 competition (starters, backups, and redshirts) will count towards Fantasy Points.
  • Check your league settings to know how many add/drops are permitted per week.

    On to Week 1:

    65 of the 80 D1 schools will be competing in Weeks 1, and 13 of last season's Top-20 NCAA Teams are in action. The "Meat & Potatoes" of competition starts on Friday with three D1 v D1 duals at 7pm ET.

    The usual staples in Week 1 Opens return with the Michigan State Open & Southeast Open on Saturday and the Clarion Open & Princeton Open on Sunday. Some other Opens to keep an eye on are the Maryville Open, East Stroudsburg Open, and Menlo Open (as well as the Patriot Open, East Stroudsburg Open, and Colorado Mines Open), but there will be limited D1 competition, so Fantasy Points may be hard to come by so set your expectations accordingly. And more importantly, set your lineups accordingly.

    How to Use This Article:

    Going through each matchup of each dual and breaking down entries to weekly tournaments, we list our picks for best matchups and plays for your #FCW lineup to win the week. Be sure to listen to the #FCWpodcast for a more detailed breakdown (listen to 2023 Week 1 HERE).

    Tournament entries continue to update the closer to registration cut-off/day of the event, and we don't want to make an "ass out of u and me" with teams and entries, so be sure to check back and turn those notifications "ON" for our updates and news.

    Have a question, concern, suggestion, or just want to chat about Fantasy Wrestling? Hit us up on Twitter or head over to the InterMat Forums where we have a Fantasy Wrestling dedicated Forum page!

    Wrestlers I Like This Week

    Wrestler (School)- competition for the week [Proj Score]
    *Organized by tournament name first, then by school name*


    Matt Ramos (PUR)- Clarion Open

    Nico Provo (STAN)- Menlo Open

    Blake West (NIU)- Michigan State Open

    Malik Heinselman (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Joey Prata (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Pat Glory (PRIN)- Princeton Open

    Eddie Ventresca (VT)- Southeast Open

    Cooper Flynn (VT)- Southeast Open

    Brandon Kaylor (ORST)- @ Lehigh , Black Knight Scramble [+15]

    Braxton Brown (MD)- Terrapin Duals [+12]

    Eric Barnett (WISC)- Battle in River City [+10]

    Noah Surtin (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+6]

    Antonio Lorenzo (CP)- @ Cal Baptist [+4]

    Jacob Moran (IND)- @ SIU-Edwardsville, Maryville Open [+3]

    Liam Cronin (NEB)- Vs North Dakota State [+3]


    Jackson DiSario (STAN)- Menlo Open

    Lucas Byrd (ILL)- Michigan State Open

    Nic Bouzakis (OHST)- Michigan State Open [Fresh/Soph Division]

    Jesse Mendez (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Wyatt Henson (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Hayden Dury (UVU)- Michigan State Open

    Richie Koehler (RID)- Princeton Open

    Joey Melendez (UNC)- Southeast Open

    Sam Latona (VT)- Southeast Open

    Taylor LaMont (WISC)- Battle in River City [+10]

    Ramazan Attasauov (ISU)- Battle in River City [+4]

    Jack Maida (AMER)-Terrapin Duals [+4]

    Boo Dryden (NEB)- Vs North Dakota State [+4]

    Domenic Zaccone (CAMP)- Battle in River City [+3]


    Joshua Koderhandt (NAVY)- Clarion Open

    Parker Filius (PUR)- Clarion Open

    Mosha Schwartz (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Dylan D'Emilio (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Jordan Decatur (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    McKenzie Bell (RID)- Princeton Open

    Lachlan McNeil (UNC)- Southeast Open

    Matt Kazimir (COL)- Southeast Open

    Josh Mason (BLOO)- Terrapin Duals [+16]

    Thomas Deck (ARMY)- Black Knight Scramble [+11]

    Malyke Hines (LEH)- Vs Oregon State, Vs Sacred Heart [+7]

    Casey Swiderski (ISU)- Battle in River City [+4]

    Shannon Hanna (CAMP)- Battle in River City [+4]

    Lawrence Saenz (CP)- @ Cal Baptist [+3]

    Allan Hart (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+3]


    Brock McMillen (PITT)- Clarion Open

    Jaden Abas (STAN)- Menlo Open

    Hunter Garvin (STAN)- Menlo Open

    Sammy Sasso (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Mitch Moore (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Quinn Kinner (RID)- Princeton Open

    Caleb Henson (VT)- Southeast Open

    Jarod Verkleeren (UVA)- Southeast Open

    Danny Nini (UNC)- Southeast Open

    Austin Gomez (WISC)- Battle in River City [+10]

    Ethen Miller (MD)- Terrapin Duals [+9]

    Brock Mauller (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+6]

    Dom Demas (CP)- @ Cal Baptist [+4]

    John Millner (APP)- @ NC State [+3]

    Graham Rooks (IND)- @ SIU-Edwardsville, Maryville Open [+3]

    Ridge Lovett (NEB)- Vs North Dakota State [+3] **Risky as possible Redshirt


    Kendall Coleman (PUR)- Clarion Open

    Daniel Cardenas (Stan)- Menlo Open

    Paddy Gallagher (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Jacob Butler (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Nathan Lukez (ARMY)- Black Knight Scramble [+11]

    Luka Wick (CP)- @ Cal Baptist [+6]

    Wade Unger (DUKE)- Terrapin Duals [+4]

    Josh Humphreys (LEH)- Vs Oregon State, Vs Sacred Heart [+7]

    Ed Scott (NCST)- Vs Appalachian State [+4]

    Derek Gilcher (IND)- @ SIU-Edwardsville, Maryville Open [+3]

    Jarett Jacques (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+3]


    Shane Griffith (STAN)- Menlo Open

    Carson Kharchla (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Bryce Hepner (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Danny Braunagel (ILL)- Michigan State Open

    Izzak Olejnik (NIU)- Michigan State Open

    Gerrit Nijenhuis (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Hunter Mays (RID)- Princeton Open

    Joshua Ogunsanya (COL)- Southeast Open

    Peyton Hall (WVU)- Southeast Open

    David Carr (ISU)- Battle in River City [+11]

    Dean Hamiti (WISC)- Battle in River City [+7]

    Dalton Harkins (ARMY)- Black Knight Scramble [+6]

    Keegan O'Toole (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+6]

    Legend Lamer (CP)- @ Cal Baptist [+4]

    Matthew Olguin (ORST)- @ Lehigh , Black Knight Scramble [+4]


    Sammy Starr (NAVY)- Clarion Open

    Tyler Eichens (STAN)- Menlo Open

    Edmund Ruth (ILL)- Michigan State Open

    Ethan Smith (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Darrien Roberts (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Clay Lautt (UNC)- Southeast Open

    Mekhi Lewis (VT)- Southeast Open

    Ben Pasuik (ARMY)- Black Knight Scramble [+11]

    Rocky Jordan (CHAT)- Battle in River City [+11]

    Austin Murphy (CAMP)- Battle in River City [+9]

    Aaron Olmos (ORST)- @ Lehigh , Black Knight Scramble [+8]

    Julien Broderson (ISU)- Battle in River City [+5]

    Peyton Mocco (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+4]

    Michael Labriola (NEB)- Vs North Dakota State [+4]


    David Key (NAVY)- Clarion Open

    Reece Heller (PITT)- Clarion Open

    Kaleb Romero (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Grayden Penner (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Gavin Kane (UNC)- Southeast Open

    Trey Munoz (ORST)- @ Lehigh , Black Knight Scramble [+16]

    Matthew Waddell (CHAT)- Battle in River City [+10]

    Marcus Coleman (ISU)- Battle in River City [+10]

    Caleb Hopkins (CAMP)- Battle in River City [+8]

    Sean Harman (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+6]

    Trent Hidlay (NCST)- Vs Appalachian State [+5]

    Donnell Washington (IND)- @ SIU-Edwardsville, Maryville Open [+3]


    Jacob Koser (NAVY)- Clarion Open

    Mac Stout (PITT)- Clarion Open

    Nick Stemmet (STAN)- Menlo Open

    Gavin Hoffman (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Luke Geog (OHST)- Michigan State Open [Fresh/Soph Division]

    Seth Shumate (OHST)- Michigan State Open [Fresh/Soph Division]

    Zach Braunagel (ILL)- Michigan State Open

    Keegan Moore (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Luke Stout (PRIN)- Princeton Open

    Ethan Laird (RID)- Princeton Open

    Max Shaw (UNC)- Southeast Open

    Jaxon Smith (MD)- Terrapin Duals [+13]

    Younger Bastida (ISU)- Battle in River City [+11]

    Michael Beard (LEH)- Vs Oregon State, Vs Sacred Heart [+9]

    Tanner Harvey (ORST)- @ Lehigh , Black Knight Scramble [+8]

    Bernie Truax (CP)- @ Cal Baptist [+5]

    Rocky Elam (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+5]

    Issac Trumble (NCST)- Vs Appalachian State [+4]

    Braxton Amos (WISC)- Battle in River City [+4]


    Grady Griess (NAVY)- Clarion Open

    Jacob Slinger (PITT)- Clarion Open

    Hayden Copass (PUR)- Clarion Open

    Tate Orndorff (OHST)- Michigan State Open

    Mike Mista (OHST)- Michigan State Open [Fresh/Soph Division]

    Nic Feldman (OHST)- Michigan State Open [Fresh/Soph Division] **rumor

    Josh Heindselman (OU)- Michigan State Open

    Travis Stefanik (PRIN)- Princeton Open

    Matthew Cover (PRIN)- Princeton Open

    Hunter Catka (VT)- Southeast Open

    Taye Ghadiali (CAMP)- Battle in River City [+11]

    Trent Hillger (WISC)- Battle in River City [+11]

    Jaron Smith (MD)- Terrapin Duals [+9]

    Nathan Taylor (LEH)- Vs Oregon State, Vs Sacred Heart [+10]

    Zach Elam (MIZZ)- Vs Lindenwood [+4]

    Colton McKiernan (SIUE)- Vs Indiana, Maryville Open [+3]
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