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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2022 MatScouts Dynasty Fantasy Wrestling Pre-Draft Preview (Jeff Upson)

    2022 NCAA Finalist Jacob Warner (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    The #MatScoutsDynasty League Draft is set for Wednesday October 12, 2022. To get not only the 10 members of this Dynasty League set for the draft, we thought we would share some insights to our rosters for the general public.

    Assessments, Critiques, and Opinions welcomed.

    Next Up - Team Upson

    Team Manager: Jeff Upson (@PApowerwrestling)

    2022 Regular Season Standings:

    Dual Record: 3-12
    Points For: 615.5 ,
    Points Against: 895.5 (-280 Difference)

    Total Points: 615.5

    NCAA Championship:
    119 Team Points (T-5th Place)

    Going against the reigning champ in the first dual of the season rarely bodes well, and that's what happened here for the start of the 2022 campaign. The final score was 141 to Team Upson's 38 which put his team in a deep hole from the get-go.

    Team Upson would bookend the dual season with four losses to start and four losses to end the regular season, but while the regular season may not have been a success, the postseason team on paper looked extremely competitive. Nine of his starters were seeded #10 or better and six of those nine wrestled to their seed or better. It was the others that unfortunately were unable to make that All-American hurdle and anchored the team down.

    Leading up to the draft, Team Upson agreed to trade the #5 Overall Pick to Cael Chips for 157 Josh Humphreys (LEH) and the #10 Overall Pick.

    As it currently sits, Team Upson has 7 open roster spots (30 max per team).

    Roster Analysis:

    It is the “oldest” this season (with 10 seniors), but Team Upson returns a formidable lineup with some youth in the wings. Flynn will be contending for the starting spot in Blacksburg, and Lachlan McNeil and Luca Augustine will most certainly be the starters for their teams.

    Both 125 and 133 have Seniors with Juniors backing them up who, should one of the Sun Devils go down, would be more than capable to step into starting duties. While 141 and 149 have plenty of time to plan for the future, every weight from 157 up needs immediate attention.

    Humphreys made the bloodround last season and the trade with Cael Chips shores up the weight this season (though Zapf is no Fantasy Wrestling slouch either). Same goes for 197 with returning finalist Warner and former finalist Bonaccorsi and for both of his heavyweights.

    With Wittlake moving up to 184, it leaves Josh Ogunsanya as the lone 165-er. And while Ogunsanya was the #10 Fantasy Wrestler last season at 165, the tougher Columbia schedule this coming season might make it tougher to reach that watermark (let alone the top-25).

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