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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2022 MatScouts Dynasty Fantasy Wrestling Pre-Draft Preview (Dysen Gould)

    3x NCAA Champion Spencer Lee (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    2023 #MatScoutsDynasty Pre-Draft Preview

    Team Gould

    The #MatScoutsDynasty League Draft is set for Wednesday October 12, 2022. To get not only the 10 members of this Dynasty League set for the draft, we thought we would share some insights to our rosters for the general public.

    Assessments, Critiques, and Opinions welcomed.

    First up, Team Gould.

    Team Manager: Dysen Gould (@dysgould_2005)

    2022 Regular Season Standings:

    Dual Record: 8-7
    Points For: 674.5
    Points Against: 900 (-225 Difference)

    Total Points: 674.5

    NCAA Championship:
    67.5 Team Points (10th Place)

    Team Gould enters the 2023 season looking to rebound from last season's postseason struggles. Armed with the #1 overall pick in the 2023 Draft, Team Gould was able to trade back a spot with The Incredible Bulks (John Foster) to #2:

    Leading up to the draft, Team Gould agreed to trade #1 Overall Pick and 197 Luke Surber (OKST) to The Incredible Bulks for 157 Austin O'Connor (UNC), 157 Andrew Cerniglia (NAVY), and the #2 Overall Pick.

    As it currently sits, Team Gould has 9 open roster spots (30 max per team).

    Roster Analysis:

    Life after Spencer Lee is going to be scary and hard to replace, but it's got to happen. Eddie Ventresca can hold down the fort for the time being but some back-up help wouldn't be bad. At 285, Wyatt Hendrickson has two years of pins left in him and Trent Hidlay will lock down 184 for the next two as well.

    The trade with The Incredible Bulks sets Team Gould up nicely for the present and future by shifting down one pick and getting a title contender with O'Connor and a proven fantasy placer (Cerniglia) in return.

    While 141 and 165 look to be pretty well set, 133 might need some looking into as well as 197 as these two weights did not perform that well at Nationals last year. 149 is an immediate need as Austin Gomez is the only wrestler rostered, and all of 174 will be graduating after this season leaving both weights unmanned. While this year he should get good points at Nationals from these weights, it would behoove Team Gould to look sooner rather than later for the next starters.

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