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  • Photo: Sam Janicki

    Photo: Sam Janicki

    2022 MatScouts Dynasty Fantasy Wrestling Pre-Draft Preview (Dan Seifring)

    3x NCAA Champion Yianni Diakomihalis (photo courtesy of Sam Janicki; SJanickiPhoto.com)

    The #MatScoutsDynasty League Draft is set for Wednesday October 12, 2022. To get not only the 10 members of this Dynasty League set for the draft, we thought we would share some insights to our rosters for the general public.

    Assessments, Critiques, and Opinions welcomed.

    Next Up - Danny B Mobbin'

    Team Manager: Dan Seifring (@Obrats)

    2022 Regular Season Standings:

    Dual Record: 9-6
    Points For: 1131.5 ,
    Points Against: 969.5 (+162 Difference)

    Total Points: 1131.5

    NCAA Championship:

    124 Team Points (4th Place)

    Two seasons ago, Danny B Mobbin's team hit a setback with the Ivy League canceling winter sports. Despite, this he was able to be #2 in Dual Standings and Total points, but the missing Ivys were one of the main reasons he fell out of the Top-4 at 2021 Nationals. 2022 was supposed to be different, as Dan got all his Ivy Leaguers back, but unfortunately in the first half of the dual season he hit a string of losses which put him behind the 8 ball in the standings.

    Danny B Mobbin' would ultimately go on a six-week win streak in duals to jump all the way up to fifth place in duals and 3rd place in total points.

    Even with four finalists and two of them being champions, the weight of six wrestlers (half his roster) not placing was too much to carry. Add to that, Brayton Lee was injured on February 11th and was ranked 4th by InterMat (and 2nd in the Big Ten at the time of his injury), most likely would have been another AA (8th place would have netted 5.5 team points compared to Jacques' "0") and would have been 3rd Place.

    Leading up to the draft, Danny B Mobbin' traded 197 Max Dean (PSU) and the #7 Overall Pick to Fresh Cakes for 133 Vito Arujau (COR) and the #3 Overall Pick.

    Danny B' Mobbin also accepted a trade of 125 Killian Cardinale (WVU) to Cael Chips for a 4th Round Pick (#31 Overall).

    As it currently sits, Danny B Mobbin' has 6 open roster spots (30 max per team)

    Roster Analysis:

    A well rounded roster that has three returning finalists, and a returning wrestler who was once on Boise State's roster… let that sink in. Yianni is the unquestioned #1 at 149, Pat Glory looks to be in a tier above everyone not named Spencer Lee, but Griffith returns to a reloaded 165 with two newcomers to the weight (Quincy Monday and David Carr).

    The trade with Fresh Cakes for Vito Arujau helps Dan with his 133 spot, though when the trade occurred he was still considered a 125-er. With Sammy Alvarez going up to 141 (and backed up by Olivieri), the lower half of the lineup looks good to go this season.

    However, one question at 141 is "what Sammy Alvarez will we get?" Maybe up a weight we will see the 2020 version of almost upsetting RBY. Maybe the opposite with a weight jump. Time will tell, but maybe a drafted heir to 133/141 wouldn't be bad either as a backup plan.

    While the team is set for a championship run this season, Dan only has one rostered freshman in Cael Valencia. Several sophomores are peppered throughout, but A freshman foundation should be established.

    The upper half of the lineup could use a little bit of a makeover, in that the NCAA qualifiers from 174 to 285 on the roster scored 20 team points combined (11.5 of those points coming from Jonathan Loew and Zach Elam). The return of Demetrius Romero (2021 #2 seed at 174) will help, but this is his last season (I think… who knows anymore). You don't need to be a rocket surgeon to come to the conclusion of "Need More Points" from these upperweights.

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