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  • Photo: Tony Rotundo

    Photo: Tony Rotundo

    2022 All-Fantasy Wrestling Teams

    4x NCAA All-American Sebastian Rivera (Photo/Tony Rotundo; WrestlersAreWarriors.com)

    Now that the 2022 Season has concluded, every team, every conference, and every site has their "End-of-Season" awards, so why not do the same at #FantasyCollegeWrestling?

    The end of the season leaves us with a lump sum of pure, raw, and uncut data. While we take the time to sift through it, and create that sweet, sweet Fantasy Wrestling content you're itching for, here's a little taste. Just like in 2021, let's see this season's "All-Fantasy Wrestling Teams!"

    The total points scored by these 36 wrestlers came to 2,722, with only 16 of the following 36 wrestlers receiving All-American Honors. Two Champions, two runner-ups, four 3rd placers, and two placers at 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th. There were no 7th place finishers and the only weight to not have an All-American of these three Teams was 197

    Just a reminder of how points were tallied in WrestleStat Leagues:

    The scoring used was Standart Team Scoring across all competitions (+3 for a win by decision, -4 for a loss by Major, etc.)

    Scoring only counted against D1 competition

    Wins via Forfeits (FFT) Injury (INJ) would count as +6 towards a wrestler's point total.

    Wins or Losses by Medical Forfeit (MFF) did not count as + or - towards a wrestler's point total.

    Points were only accumulated only during the regular season.

    First Team All Fantasy Wrestling

    125: Anthony Noto (LHU) 86 Fpts

    133: Daton Fix (OKST) 76 Fpts

    141: Sebastian Rivera (RUT) 108 Fpts

    149: Yianni Diakomihalis (COR) 88 Fpts

    157: Ed Scott (NCST) 82 Fpts

    165: Dean Hamiti (WISC) 93 Fpts

    174: Matt Finesilver (DUKE) 87 Fpts

    184: Trey Munoz (ORST) & Hunter Bolen (VT) 76 Fpts

    197: Lou DePrez (BING) 76 Fpts

    285: Wyatt Hendrickson (AF) 104 Fpts

    Floater 1: Michael McGee 74 Fpts [@ 133]

    Floater 2: David Carr (ISU) 69 Fpts [@ 157]

    The 2023 First Team All Fantasy roster has a lot of flair and scoring power and bested last season's First Team by having one (1) National Champion in its lineup. This lineup scored a whopping 1,019 Fpts this season (and 184 was only counted once). I mean, it helps when you have the season pin leader (Hendrickson) and tech leader (Rivera) on the same team.

    Hendrickson and Rivera were the only wrestlers of the 100 Point Club this season, in comparison to 2020 when there were 10 and three others that were within a Decision win away.

    Daton Fix makes his second consecutive All-Fantasy First Team, but more than doubling his 2021 season output, albeit from a shortened season (29 Fpts).

    Speaking of 184, both Trey Munoz and Hunter Bolen finished the regular season with the exact same stats: 76 Fpts, 23 matches wrestled, with 3.3 PPM (points per match). In fact, both had the same bonus rate of 52.2%. How could I split these two up? If anything, Bolen had six pins compared to Munoz's five. But it's my list, so I say they both make the first team.

    Because of the additional free year, the eligibility breakdown was a little twisted and some wrestlers who might not be technically considered freshmen, were. Not Dean Hamiti, though. The only true freshman to make the First Team (out of four total that make up these three teams) only had one loss (Marinelli) by decision, and only had two matches that were not won by bonus (against Little Rock's Tyler Brennan and Rutgers' Andrew Clark).

    Senior and #1 overall Fantasy Wrestler Sebastian Rivera is the only member of the All-Fantasy First Team without any eligibility left.

    Second Team All Fantasy Wrestling

    125- Brandon Courtney (ASU) 63 Fpts

    133- Rayvon Foley (MSU) 75 Fpts

    141- Grant Willits (ORST) 82 Fpts

    149- Josh Finesilver (DUKE) 78 Fpts

    157- Chase Saldate (MSU) 81 Fpts

    165- Zach Hartman (BUCK) 86 Fpts

    174- Michael O'Malley (DREX) 86 Fpts

    184- Parker Keckeisen (UNI) 74 Fpts

    197- Jaxon Smith (MD) 70 Fpts

    285- Grady Greiss (NAVY) 70 Fpts

    Floater 1- Lucas Byrd (ILL) 69 Fpts [@ 133]

    Floater 2- Peyton Hall (WVU) 69 Fpts [@165]

    At over 100 Fpts less, the 2023 All-Fantasy Second Team amassed a total of 903 Fpts. Captaining the point-total ship for this crew was Mickey O'Malley and his 10 Pins against D1 competition and Zach Hartman with 86 Fpts.

    One of the only two redshirts to make any of the three All-Fantasy teams comes from the University of Maryland with Jaxon Smith. Even though he had six losses on the season, one being by Injury Default (-6 Fpts), he was able to finish as the #25 overall Fantasy Wrestler.

    No member of this roster found themselves in the national finals this year. The highest placing wrestler of the Second Team was Parker Keckeisen, who finished 3rd, followed by Grant Willits, who took home 4th.

    And finally… that's right, folks. It wasn't Gable Steveson, it wasn't Anthony Cassioppi, it wasn't Mason Parris or Greg Kerkvliet, or National Finalist Cohlton Schultz. The second-highest scoring heavyweight was Grady Greiss from Navy, who powered his way through six tournaments and two dual meets to make the Second Team.

    Zach Hartman is the only wrestler in this lineup without eligibility left.

    Third Team All Fantasy Wrestling

    125- Caleb Smith (APP) 63 Fpts

    133- Joshua Koderhandt (NAVY) 75 Fpts

    141- Clay Carlson (SDSU) 82 Fpts

    149- Alex Madrigal (GMU) 66 Fpts

    157- Andrew Cerniglia (NAVY) 80 Fpts

    165- Keegan O'Toole (MIZZ) 79 Fpts

    174- Mekhi Lewis (VT) 68 Fpts

    184- Trent Hidlay (NCST) 69 Fpts

    197- Cameron Caffey (MSU) 67 Fpts

    285- Jordan Wood (LEH) 67 Fpts

    Floater 1- Joey Milano (NCST) 68 Fpts [@ 184]

    Floater 2- Jonathan Loew (COR) 66 Fpts [@ 184]

    Totaling an even 850 Fpts, the 2023 All-Fantasy Third Team ended up having more National Finalists than The Second Team and tying the First Team with two. 2021 Season Top 141 wrestler Clay Carlson leads this pack with 82 Fpts and only four wrestlers had more than 70 Fpts this season.

    The only starter to not qualify and make an All-Fantasy team, unfortunately, fell to Alex Madrigal. Due to an unfortunate injury during the semifinals of the MAC Championships in a match, he was winning and would have secured his berth to the National Tournament, if not for the lack of injury time.

    Jordan Wood and Alex Madrigal have exhausted their eligibility.

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